Stuff Made Here

Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here

I've been building things for as long as I can remember. It all started when my dad exposed me to plastic model building and soldering when I was around 4 years old. That set me on a path to building increasingly complex things and becoming an engineer. My goal is to do the same for as many people as possible by exposing them to the joy of engineering, fabricating and creating things out of nothing. If I'm lucky a few people may become engineers, which would be great for the world. Engineering is awesome.

  • Mohammed Seif
    Mohammed Seif

    To be honest its no fun in it

  • Tiago

    I wish I had 1/100th of the knowledge this guy has.

  • bu kwok
    bu kwok

    looks like a turntable arm.

  • Devon Lassiter
    Devon Lassiter

    I can still miss do not doubt my skills of failing at everything in anything I can fail harder than anyone that is the one thing I'm good at failing g****** it you cannot take this away from me

  • Robert Hadley
    Robert Hadley

    Yeah I was there for Aliens... Circular glass player. Drop down evenly. Directional pressure. You can use larger glasses. Irregular glasses. Filled with different liquids. Due to the computer mechanics involved you can apply smooth pressure. A hum that even Dolphins could appreciate. I know actual digital equipment can do this. Achieving this in a physical manner is still a further step.

  • Matthew Radford
    Matthew Radford

    Ok…. Awesome as expected… but… and I hate to ask….. what machine do the frisbee manufacturers use to test and rate their products?…. Sorry in advance… if it turns out you made a new mouse trap… 👍

  • Ayam K. Razy
    Ayam K. Razy

    We are better than robots, we made them... I mean you made them, only you are better than robots😐

  • ShaedTheMoron

    Machining is like hoarding except with one you can pump out multiple parts to make something else for making more things.

  • Percentile

    I feel like a moron watching this

  • Marivi Rallos
    Marivi Rallos

    I dare you to say a Japanese word as you use that thing

  • Brobot109

    his wife's acting skills are so good, that i actually want to strangle her 🥰🥰


    Dont do it at home but i can do it outside 😂😂😂

  • Colin Burke
    Colin Burke

    The most resilient cuck in the world! I mean that lovingly

  • NightwindArcher

    I feel like he's wasting his potential. So intelligent. So hard working. And wasting all that talent on a pointless pool trick? If you focused these talents on things that would help the human race overall would be better. BTW, I completely expect to be attacked in the comments for my unpopular opinion, but it's the brutal truth.

  • L Turner
    L Turner

    It's crazy how ahead of its time the Kinect was. It's still used for security cameras in Newark airport.

  • Alexé Sloan
    Alexé Sloan

    Mucho interest in buying them

  • Richard Rockwell
    Richard Rockwell

    Our clubs go to 11. Most blokes will be playing at 10, but where can you go from there? Nowhere. These go to 11.

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh

    I miss those hands explaining me all the stuff

  • ParkslionsCWU

    When he said don’t look up degloving he wasn’t kidding

  • Rylan Ford
    Rylan Ford

    I'd make it my goal to try and not make it in

  • Edie Watson
    Edie Watson

    i play disc golf too

  • xxDark Horse
    xxDark Horse

    You can figure out all that stuff? Dang, you're smart.

  • Toby Raspin
    Toby Raspin

    So after watching this and being very impressed with what you achieved would it be possible to develop some sort of glasses that would show you the trajectory of the balls when playing your shots

  • rukundo joseph
    rukundo joseph

    Try some corner threes

  • Robert Flood
    Robert Flood

    Put English on the ball and it’ll miss

  • The Atlarchy
    The Atlarchy

    "If your kid wins, do you win?" As a parent? Yes... not at pool tho xD

  • blog boi
    blog boi

    13:55 NOT THE CAMERA

  • Alaska-L

    Unwanted haircut is assault

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    Yes the journey is way more interesting than the result

  • Thomas Doyle
    Thomas Doyle

    holy geek billiard player