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Welcome to my shop. Today we'll be designing and building nine different ball bearing launching catapults. Why? Other than being a lot of fun, the catapults are the perfect vehicle to show you all of my major tools, how they work, and why I have them. I had fun making these, I hope you enjoy them too.
The tools used in the video (some links are affiliate links):
Autodesk inventor: www.autodesk.com/products/inv...
Center punch: amzn.to/3jmc0w9
Bandsaw: www.harborfreight.com/10-amp-...
Drill press: www.northerntool.com/shop/too...
Fractional drills: amzn.to/2SyM7Oz
Number drills: amzn.to/3x8zbxS
Belt sander: www.harborfreight.com/1-in-x-...
Vise: amzn.to/3w7QuxM
Corded drill: www.ebay.com/itm/384234059608
Rusty chisel: www.ebay.com/itm/174606926159
Form 3: bit.ly/form-3-printer
Fuse 1: bit.ly/fuse-1-printer
Form wash: formlabs.com/store/form-wash/
Work at Formlabs!: bit.ly/formlabs-jobs
Tormach 24R: hubs.ly/H0rSZY60
Plastic nail gun: amzn.to/3hkpTYT
Horizontal bandsaw: www.grizzly.com/products/g0613
Mini mill: www.micromark.com/Milling-Mac...
Knee mill: www.precisionmatthews.com/sho...
Kurt vise: amzn.to/3qGJqr2
Tormach 1100mx hubs.ly/H0rSZsq0
microARC 4th axis: tormach.com/microarc-4-4th-ax...
Bondhus drivers: amzn.to/3qyPb9U
SMW mod vise: saundersmachineworks.com/prod...
SMW tooling plate: saundersmachineworks.com/prod...
Thermal camera: amzn.to/3dJkBFJ
Hypertherm powermax 45xp: www.hypertherm.com/en-US/hype...
Tormach 1300PL hubs.ly/H0HZ8-y0
Die grinder: amzn.to/3dsOGsV
Angle grinder: amzn.to/3AcKtmI
Vulcan protig 200: ACCESS DENIED
Hobart welding helmet: amzn.to/3hxZ9Vh
Rhinocart: amzn.to/3A8hVe9
Ring roller: www.harborfreight.com/gear-dr...
Optitrack cameras: www.optitrack.com
Sheet metal bender: www.grizzly.com/products/t10718
Metal dust collector: www.grizzly.com/products/t28798
Downdraft: amzn.to/2UGAk1m
First aid station: amzn.to/3qFSso3
Eye wash station: amzn.to/3js26Jo
Turniquet: amzn.to/3dppkw3
Chest seal: amzn.to/3626Eym
Skin stapler: amzn.to/3vZi805
J&J dermabond: www.jnjmedicaldevices.com/en-...
Safetec burn spray: amzn.to/3dqwVKA
Spot welder: www.harborfreight.com/240v-sp...
Laser cutter (Save $500!) glowforge.com/stuffmadehere
Laser cutter fume filter: shop.glowforge.com/products/g...
Mini lathe (G0768): www.grizzly.com/products/g0768
Lathe: www.precisionmatthews.com/sho...
Router table: www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-Uni...
Mini plane: www.homedepot.com/p/Buck-Bros...
Planer (dewalt 735): amzn.to/2UPCXhz
Compound miter saw: amzn.to/3vZCndP
Jointer: www.grizzly.com/products/g0813
Dust collector: www.grizzly.com/products/g0860

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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    A big thanks to everyone who supports me on Patreon. Not only does it help make projects like this possible, they've been great to bounce ideas off for projects. Check out patreon.com/stuffmadehere if you're interested in directly supporting these projects. I'm planning to post more details on these launchers at my second channel if you're interested: tinyurl.com/smhtoo

    • Robert Hadley
      Robert Hadley

      I've come down to this. A downward motion using a circular movement. It would definitely take that perfect differential downward movement. Take a slightly spiral downward spring. Put a ballistic gel on mathematical points, and press down on a glass filled with water. I recommended this to Wintergarten. Make sure you distribute oil for proper friction. I think I saw something like this in Las Vegas. I thought of this idea years before. I am willing to share, this is my invention. It takes a mechanism to achieve. I've thought of a specific spiral that might make this possible. Pressure is everything. You got it If you can use it. It will take computer controlled.

    • Deek burns
      Deek burns

      I'd really appreciate your help with an invention

    • SpiritSlayer


    • Jeff Howey
      Jeff Howey

      Op I[ok] ]]h

    • mens jansen
      mens jansen


  • TimeBucks

    he casually recommend people to build a CNC

    • SketchSlayer

      But also recommends buying a laser cutter that costs so much he can give you half a grand discount.... I would feel safer taking the willy osman school of DIY.

    • sasan rad
      sasan rad

      @Abdul Furqaan عبدالفرقان

    • Midaspl

      IDK, for me the hardest part would be owning enough of space for it 😅

    • glitchkiller872

      I casually build!.!.!.!. NOTHING!!!!!!

    • Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
      Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.

      Repent to Jesus Christ! “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬ G

  • M. Sierra
    M. Sierra

    Me: "Oh man, he is such an amazing engineer... Well at least I'm a professional programmer, so I guess I'm at least good at something." Him: "Ah yah and by the way I'm the guy who wrote the support structure algorithm of the Formlabs SLS printers"

    • Trent Tagestad
      Trent Tagestad


    • 究極のバッファロー

      @Antony slaughter *formlabs

    • Antony slaughter
      Antony slaughter

      Yeah he is among the original employees of fprmlabs

  • TheEngineeringFamily

    Great video! I loved it!

    • Puginator 16
      Puginator 16

      it tasted good too! like cheese favourite video by stuff made here!

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson

    I love the way you explain how everything works. I'm a big "how" person so it is very satisfying

    • kylaxial

      ​@Anonymous Approximation the first major instance of that for me was when they gave us the quadratic formula, and told us it worked, but not how or why it worked. I did recognize how bits and pieces of the quadratic formula work so far, but I don't know the full picture yet. they recently just gave us "synthetic division" which somehow works, but I have no idea how.

    • Gabriel Johnson
      Gabriel Johnson

      @Anonymous Approximation that right there is the difference between schooling and education.

    • Anonymous Approximation
      Anonymous Approximation

      @Gabriel Johnson I've always been a "slow" learner back in school for this exact reason; they'd tell us what, but never how or why. Yet, once I grasp it (through no help from the school), it's the equivalent of common knowledge for how easy it is to call up.

    • Gabriel Johnson
      Gabriel Johnson

      @Anonymous Approximation same here! If I understand both, I retain the information better, and I understand how it can be applied more broadly, rather than only understanding its relevance in a specific 1:1 scenario

    • Anonymous Approximation
      Anonymous Approximation

      I'm a big "how" and "why" person. If neither of those is explained, my information retention goes 'fwoop', out the window. I love this guy, because his "why" is "to see if it'll work" and he always explains his "how". More than can be said about most people when I ask for either explanation.

  • PsychoticWolfie

    This would take a lot of maker-ITmoresrs like a whole year to do, and each of these projects would take its own video. The production quality of both your videos and your builds is insane, and your machines are all absolute units! Idk how you do it all, and pack so much content into each video! Incredible

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    What a fun idea to tour the studio and showcase all your fun tools - great work man


      @seife41 you are the problem.

    • pvic

      I _LOVE_ the concept behind this! what an innovative and cool way to do it!

    • FederalMaul

      Hello Checkmark

  • Ryan Yates
    Ryan Yates

    It's hard to watch this channel and not get sad that I could never be smart enough to do these things. He sees the world in such an amazing way, he's able to process information incredibly. I feel like nothing.

  • Joseph Spencer
    Joseph Spencer

    "Computer controlled computerized numerical control machines are amazing." Agreed. Great video very interesting.

    • Tilen

      Been searching for this comment

  • Mytheroxium

    I love the engineering behind every thing you make, it's soo satisfying to see something go through many steps to work as intended. I hope I can be am engineer that can do stuff like this too one day

  • GoldenAce57

    13:27 You can tell how proud he is of his plasma cutter. The music and the build up, this man gets excited for engineering, and I love it.

  • Myriad Tech Repair
    Myriad Tech Repair

    I love how he casually brushes over the fact that he was partly responsible for one of the best known resin printers.

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      Yeah lol

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @Clayton Coe we all know that bruh

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @Nikita K it's towards the beginning, just watch until you see it ffs

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @jesse warr tf is what?

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      Plot twist: he's not even being humble, it's just not even particularly high on his list of accomplishments Kidding obviously lol but it's easy to imagine that one day that will be true

  • William Stanley
    William Stanley

    I love the relationship you two have. That's a big reason I watch is the vibe you two have together. It's awesome to see super sweet genuine people. It a good example for others.

  • Mubbasher Khanzada
    Mubbasher Khanzada

    You are a real-life Macgyver, and, you are very funny. Thank you for creating fantastic videos that stimulate creativity. Kudos also to your longanimous wife for her patience and keeping up with you :)

  • WJS

    I've always really liked the trebuchet, it's interesting seeing what is basically the principle of leverage applied in reverse.

  • Mr Tea
    Mr Tea

    Im curious how long each of these projects take? Its so nice to see how complex, fascinating and fun mechanical engineering can be especially mixed with the technology of CAD and 3D printing. Shane is a genius and i cant wait to see what the future holds for his videos and channel

  • Nerdforge

    This is the most over engineered shop tour I have ever seen. Love it

    • Declan C
      Declan C

      This dudes middle name is over engineered

    • Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
      Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.

      Repent to Jesus Christ! “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬ H

    • Wojtek


    • Galaxy_World


    • Marty

      Ever heard of oversimplifyed? This is overengineered

  • Jeremy Eckert
    Jeremy Eckert

    Shout out to micro center for supporting one of the most impressive ITmores’s out there

  • WarHammer885

    You should make a video building the improvements you’d thought of for the different catapults and see how much better they can be

  • DavidN242

    Your wife is so unintentionally hilarious 😂 I love her humor

    • Angela Hsiao
      Angela Hsiao

      Unintentional? She’s definitely doing it on purpose

  • Karolis Jurevicius
    Karolis Jurevicius

    Impressive workshop! I love it. Reminds my university workshop. I used all the tools plus vacuum forming and ureal for model making, I wish I could afford to have them at home. You are right about the safety, I've seen fingertips chopped off, hair pulled in, and a variety of injuries inflicted by flying metal and wood pieces. Goggles are a must!

  • Senih Okuyucu
    Senih Okuyucu

    Hey man, quick tip about the first aid kit: could I recommend you install it at knee height? In case you lose the ability to stand in an injury, a first aid kit at knee cap height will allow you to use it while sitting down. Great video!

    • PeenyYT

      @Ariff WM the defibrillator is for people to use for the people having heart troubles

    • Kanal Frump
      Kanal Frump

      the obvious solution is to have a shop robot that can carry the first aid kit to any point in the shop.

    • Jan Stankiewicz
      Jan Stankiewicz

      ironically, this comment is too low to be seen.

    • L Pharmer
      L Pharmer

      Ah so that’s why the first aid kits in places are often weirdly low, sooo the first aid kits on a high above the head shelf at my job are probably not great huh

    • Smile More
      Smile More

      @Chris Fontaine you should be practicing with everything. Well almost everything in case of a real emergency.

  • Toomo

    9:25 Awesome use of drawer slides as a CNC door sliders. I worked at a slide rail manufacturer and believe it or not, we also did this in our shop

  • fisbuar

    By the way, they found on crossbows, that the closer to the tip of the Bow part, the thinner it is the harder the crossbow will shoot, as those limbs move at incredible speeds.. One way is to make it a triangle shape, but you can also use twists in the spring, to reduce drag the further out you get.

  • Neil Boughton
    Neil Boughton

    Loving the machines and your clever use of them.

  • Elmoe boi
    Elmoe boi

    This needs to be shown in shop/robotics classes. I used alot of these tools just for a different classes all taught by the same teacher. This would be perfect for all those classes as an interesting way to get a rundown

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Did you hide a rubber band in the laser one?

    • Jacob F
      Jacob F

      @iwantitpaintedblack Organic rubber, yes. There is also rubber made as a petroleum product. the rubber used in gum is likely organic rubber, yes gum is just flavored rubber.

    • iwantitpaintedblack

      Doesnt Rubber come from wood? haha

    • Magnus Liljeqvist
      Magnus Liljeqvist

      @Baldski just trolling or what are you base that on? If so, he's so good at faking that nobody noticed it during all years on Mythbusters, ILM or on the tested channel and so on. People states the weirdest stuff on internet haha.

    • Rabinson Rai
      Rabinson Rai

      @Samridh Tuladhar k kura ho esto.

    • Jacob F
      Jacob F

      @Baldski Look up his tested channel lol he isnt

  • Dreauxbeat

    Amazing video!! Learned a lot and so entertaining at the same time

  • Joe Pinzone
    Joe Pinzone

    Oh man, I love the explanation of the tools! I totally want this when I build a garage, so the descriptions about them was really helpful too!

  • Thicky Juice
    Thicky Juice

    His power supply company: “HE’S A MENACE TO THE ENTIRE CITY!”

  • Clifford Williams
    Clifford Williams

    You are quickly becoming my favorite ITmoresr! I just love your wife and how she responds to your unique creations!

  • Cody Saunders
    Cody Saunders

    I feel like a single-celled organism watching this video.

    • Robert Hadley
      Robert Hadley

      @Peter Nicholsonu Um, I'm a dude. But, women? Without them eggs... no further humans. Thems how them babies made. Learn how life is ugly created. The tubes is possible. But, believe it or not, we are no different than others of God's creatures. I am not religious. I do believe in a creator. I tend to call her mom.

    • Robert Hadley
      Robert Hadley

      Sorry if I'm butting in. I always reference The Moody Blues. Always will. "We are one. We are all our same. And life is just a simple game." There are a billion bodies in "our Earth." And a quadrillion when we look outside. That's just from our personal point of view.

    • Peter Nicholsonu
      Peter Nicholsonu

      Ever had the chance to learn how a single cell organism is constructed? No machinist nor man of this mans ability can ever develop one.

    • Hiredmuderer13

      Yes so true

    • The Zackast
      The Zackast

      I feel like an underfunded single-celled organism watching this

  • SpiRe

    If I had a shop like you I'd never leave it! So cool! You're one smart cookie! Love watching your videos! Thank you for sharing! You rock.

  • Robin Donnolly
    Robin Donnolly

    You're great, Stuff. Thank you for the intelligent, fun, detailed content.

  • daniel vitolo
    daniel vitolo

    You have your own highly successful ITmores channel. You get the best free tools! You get to make awesome “toys” all day long and you make crazy money doing all this. Looks like you got a great wife and hopefully some kiddies soon! Congrats brother! Your living it up big 👏 KIU!!!

  • Zachary McCormick
    Zachary McCormick

    Your shop is incredible. I hope to be able to afford the luxury of working in a personal home shop that is even half as amazing as yours. As an mech engr student I love watching your videos to see how the courses/labs I take translate into designing cool products! Thanks for your contribution of engineering to ITmores!

  • SeanHodgins

    I shouldn't have watched this, I just want to buy more tools now.

    • Jesse Jackson
      Jesse Jackson

      You had to watch this to want more tools???

    • Rahul Shanbhag
      Rahul Shanbhag

      Tools that I don't need..

    • Erick the goat guy
      Erick the goat guy

      you have a youtube channel too. use your cloud to get free tools. if a company won't get your tools, they ain't worth your time anyways. you don't want cheap tools that they can't even afford a cheap advertising budget.

    • jakes2020

      Do it

    • cooperised

      Can't *ever* have too many tools. Fact.

  • Random By Design
    Random By Design

    Thank you for taking his around your workshop I love the way your wife always scores you and the way you come across is amazing couple keep up the marvelous work, I just wish there was a similar place

  • Zak Burki
    Zak Burki

    this dude is the best. I wish my physics classes at university were this much fun.

  • Joe O
    Joe O

    over the long term, my garage will look like this. For now I am just at the "light woodworking and 3d printing" phase. but a little at a time.. imma get there.


    Great video. I am not an inventor, however, I watch other products and think of flaws, speed, and upgrades. As I watched your demonstration of the sheet metal catapult or crossbow I had an idea for you, Instead of using so many leaf springs, spot weld about 3 of the springs together. In this manner, they work together with no friction. Another idea is to make the spring different lengths similar to the method used on car leaf springs.

  • Felix Biggs
    Felix Biggs

    Hey @Stuffmadehere, speaking as an emergency responder (and a finger amputee, fun fact) you should take your tourniquet out of the plastic wrapper and preset it. If you have an injury that’s bad enough to need a tourniquet, odds are you will have blood on your hands and adrenaline shakes, which mess with fine motor control. Having to tear open the plastic bag would be difficult and waste valuable “I don’t want to lose more blood” time. Infection is the least of your worries at that point, so the bag serves no useful purpose. You may also consider practicing with it at some point to see how fast you can place it properly. My whole family loves your channel and the family friendly content. Thanks for all your amazing videos!

    • Felix Biggs
      Felix Biggs

      @Daniel Torres usually the bright red violently spurting blood is a reliable indicator, but anything that refuses to stop bleeding despite considerable pressure and bandages needs a tourniquet until medical professionals can stitch you up properly... or just clean up the mess after you die cause you didn’t apply a tourniquet...

    • Yari Icke
      Yari Icke

      ​@Daniel Torres Fingers can be interlaced and squeezed to cut of most of the circulation to them. However, getting the patient to do that when they're (most likely) panicked is a whole other story. And yes, finding information via an official source would be better seeing as medical practices differ from country to country.

    • Dragos Dumitrache
      Dragos Dumitrache

      @Daniel Torres "we tourniquet limbs, not wounds" said an emergency first responder at some point. So if you'd have a big bad cut on your arm you should tourniquet close to your shoulder. My way of responding to an amputated finger would be: shirt off put around the finger and squeeze my fist as hard as I can with the affected finger in it, box/travel mug full of ice with the finger in it and rush to the hospital while calling/having someone call to announce. (I didn't had an amputated anything, but I've been hit by cars 2 times, once both my bones near the ankle broken clean punching through the skin and muscle, while being conscious all the time until I went to operation, so I know that because of the adrenaline you feel no pain in those situations..)

    • Daniel Torres
      Daniel Torres

      @Lumens too lazy, I’ll figure it out when it happens, i don’t even own a tourniquet

    • Lumens

      @Daniel Torres you should seek professional hands on medical training from competent medical instructors. A ITmores comments section is not the place

  • Slim Sqde
    Slim Sqde

    this video really made me apreciate how advanced the technology is in the tools we use everyday, sometimes i forget

  • UniCat

    Dude, you are awesome. Imagine if a team of you gathered in the same room. Try building a car or a space ship!

  • Aaron Symons
    Aaron Symons

    Nice video, and cool setup! By the way, burn spray is awesome! I used to work as a chef and it came in very handy. Instant pain relief and no blisters! :D

  • Nomad On The Run
    Nomad On The Run

    Just brilliant. Love your videos they are well prepared and very comprehensible. Well done.

  • BCpov

    Knows each of his precision machines intimately... but can't get his wife in focus 🙂 I kid! Thanks for the tour Shane!

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      did NOT expect to de you here

    • Paul

      I think his wife is always out of focus as a prank.

    • ZeMichael Atnafu
      ZeMichael Atnafu

      Axel! You are not sick!!

    • Alex Tuthill
      Alex Tuthill

      What's up checkmark

    • Jaume

      Not even himself at times (in front of first aid kit)

  • Slick Tuckers
    Slick Tuckers

    Loved what you were googling when taking about the design of the CNC catapult!! Made me laugh, but perfectly valid question!

  • william gray
    william gray

    Awesome stuff man I would give anything to have a fraction of the equipment you have

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    jake burch

    I’m an ME student at Virginia Tech and I love your channel man. It’s awesome to see a skilled engineer at work and I find this to be super informative man

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    Robert Schnobert

    Sheet metal and spot welders! I love the combo, it's so boring and efficient. 🌈

  • Alexandre Chappel
    Alexandre Chappel

    Can we be friends? 🤓 This was such a great take on a shop tour! The 3d printed one would be a fun challange to make fully 3d printed with no assembly, just compliant joints :)

    • cavemanvi

      ive been following this dude since before he restored a straight razor hahah

    • Dinosaur


    • Capti Capti
      Capti Capti

      He commented on your video about the big ass camera stand! I would call that true friendship.

    • BrokenDinosaur

      Best two crafters on ITmores!

  • AllenH718

    Awesome set up.. has to be over 350k worth of machines. Love the channel and all the machines you are able to make and the creativity is 9000 level type 👌 👏 👍

    • AllenH718

      Correct that. . More like half a mill

  • Foolish3art

    Your channel is outstanding. It’s educational, inspiring and family friendly. I have a really good time watching and I’m a cynical 25 year old.

  • Paularized

    I’d love to see a version of the box that tracks eye movement and only releases when someone looks in the box. The challenge could be that all the person has to do is not look in the box but the simple command of saying not to do something makes it harder not to do as time goes on. Same idea as telling someone not to think about elephants which is then impossible to not do.

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    First time I saw a video by you but every machine of yours makes me shiver. Subbed!

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    Nils Tillander

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      Literally a Dragon

      @Alexander the greater I am so confused about all this Christian conversion spam that has been kicking around lately.

  • Donald Hitman
    Donald Hitman

    I think argon works more by displacing oxygen to prevent oxidation. I used to work with large amounts in annealing of steel wire and had a leak once that almost suffocated me.

  • Bobby Will Mac
    Bobby Will Mac

    I've been sitting here for about 2 days watching these videos and I'm completely amazed on this dudes genius level. My brain doesn't work like his and I'm super depressed about it. Smh I need some of those limitless pills!!!

  • C W
    C W

    If I could give your videos two thumbs up I would. Entertaining, educational and inspiring.

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    Samyak Tiwari

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  • ඉසුරු සඳරුවන්
    ඉසුරු සඳරුවන්

    i hope you'll build an arc reactor some day like tony stark.. its amazing how knowledgeable you are yeah.. such a genius!

  • kbahrami346

    LockPickingLawyer channel pointed me to you. I am so impressed with your creativity as well as your video production quality. Plus you have a great comedy rhythm. That last part sold me; I'm a subscriber now. As a fellow mechanical engineer I love what you do (and feel a tad inadequate...lol). Thanks for the laughs man!

  • Stephen Weisser
    Stephen Weisser

    The pipe-a-pault is quite the little gizmo. I think if it was optimized as you intended it could sell an easy couple thousand units a year.

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    Date Vape

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    The way he incorporates his wife into his videos and projects is simply adorable!

    • Dennis Dekalo
      Dennis Dekalo

      @steveman1982 I was looking for this comment. I can't believe she is not impressed by all the cool things he makes haha.. maybe she got used to it

    • Stickie Dmin
      Stickie Dmin

      @Mark Fryer I couldn't tell you homie. No idea. I *_can_* tell you however, that in the eighteen or so hours since posting my last comment, I've told at least twelve other people that something or other "needs more chooch." Sure, right *_now_* they're looking at me like I'm crazy, but they'll come around.

    • Mark Fryer
      Mark Fryer

      @Stickie Dmin Needs more chooch? Does this mean that they watch Ave?

    • Stickie Dmin
      Stickie Dmin

      @steveman1982 Through that however, we now know about "Needs more chooch." Feels important.

    • steveman1982

      Her unimpressedness is soul shattering though, poor guy :D

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    Q Davis

    This guy continually impresses me with his vast knowledge of tools, computing, coding, calculations, technology, etc. Another excellent video!

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    Joshua Young

    Love the channel and what you make! The child reference at the end got me thinking… are you expecting? Dunno why that came to me but hey I still love the Chan! And you’re wife is amazing I love the relationship you to have in the shop!! She needs her owne channel!!

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      Magnum Brahms

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    • ScarfBandit

      @Jimmyboy in the context of writing a resin support generating algorithm for a slicer, something generally hardware agnostic, I would consider it software. Either way, it's close enough that correcting me on it just comes across as pretentious.

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