Auto-aiming bow vs. FLYING targets
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I've been dreaming about making an automatic archery bow for a long time. I finally made it. I hope you like it!

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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    A big thanks to everyone who supports these projects on Patreon. Your help enables me to do things like spending six weeks developing an auto aiming bow... if you'd like to chip in and get access to some behind the scenes stuff, check out


      wow kool but i need something i can go hunting with

    • SpiritSlayer


    • Becky A
      Becky A

      This is awesome

    • Pencil Grinder27
      Pencil Grinder27

      Yes…He is the one…

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming

    This is absolutely incredible

    • It'sYou'reNotYour

      @thatravendude Hell ya, and Jorge would be highly impressed with this stuff. I'm sure he would have some awesome ideas to contribute as well. ... And of course make it more dangerous, since this is the sling-shot channel. haha

    • thatravendude

      @It'sYou'reNotYour 100 percent The Slingshot Channel collaboration wold be amazing. As good as LPL one

    • Quick Scope
      Quick Scope

      @macthelost go fix some of your cardboard airplanes and on the way learn how the comments sections work

    • truckjumperdude

      @Jona7Fer this has nothing to do with this


    I'm also impressed by how many skills your wife has. You have built so many things specifically because your wife is good at something you didn't learn, which is fascinating and really entertaining.

    • Tomi Ivaswort
      Tomi Ivaswort

      If I think about it, I need a girlfriend very fast, so I can build stuff she can do good

  • Ivy Giebe
    Ivy Giebe

    I am so insanely jealous of the fact that you have 8 optitrack cameras. Those things are so expensive and so useful

    • CreatingAlong

      That is what happens when you help to engineer one of the most popular enterprise 3d printers on the market.

    • CJ Schmitt
      CJ Schmitt

      @Ivy Giebe right, why spend the time when the work is already done for you....learn to focus on things important (which isn't making cameras that already exist)

    • Ivy Giebe
      Ivy Giebe

      @Erick Lestrange well yeah they're just cameras but making sytem this accurate would require an insane amount of work. They advertise being accurate within +/- 0.1mm

    • Erick Lestrange
      Erick Lestrange

      there arent any magical sensors, they probably are just cameras with a lot of trained images with that little ball. so u should be able to make them with any camera and AI software. you cant even pump up the resolution cause they would slow the algorithms so the only real difference they can have is the light rings

    • brimstone on steam
      brimstone on steam

      @Excali Gaming "any Hollywood actor is a poor pleb even vs a 1m sub channel." Maybe you should think before writing bs like that.

  • Joshua Champion
    Joshua Champion

    You should mount a range finder to smart glasses that track where you're looking so you can use the system in any environment.

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang

    I missed two videos and finally got time to come back for them. This is so freaking amazing, Shane. And your wife is too, awesome archery skill!

  • Silor FPV
    Silor FPV

    "The Aimbow" legendary bow +100% accuracy - user takes 15hp facial dmg per shot

    • CJ Schmitt
      CJ Schmitt

      @MyNameIs you are though! The problem lies in that you wrote this comment.

    • ThisCommonSink :T
      ThisCommonSink :T

      The Autobow [+] Arrows Automatically fly towards the head of any Target in a 3 Degree Cone [+] Automatically fires [+] Projectiles Travel 20% Faster [-] Has to be fully charged in Order to fire [-] -5 Health per Shot [-] 15% Less Movement speed [-] 5% Additional deploy time [~] Modified version of the "Fortified Compound" built by the Engineer for the Sniper in his free time. Although living by the quote "Professionals have Standards" he can make minor exceptions

    • IdkHonestly

      @Colinouille It's just the lucksman

    • Buphido

      (Only works if several tracking cameras are installed in the surroundings)

  • Insanegame27

    I’d love to see a version that uses the Autoloader that JeorgSprave made that functions as its own standalone unit (parallax targetfinders integrated to the bow instead of mounted to an interior).

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson

    You could probably sell one of these that works on a stand to a bow company. I’m a bowhunter not an engineer, but this is pretty freakin cool. Not practical, but certainly cool.

  • Vix_Arilynn

    This is really cool!!! I love that he can only use it in his basement or wherever those cameras are set up. It’s like having the most op gun in an fps but you can only use it without 10 feet of your teams spawn. Awesome!

  • unfa🇺🇦

    The fact that your wife is able to hit such a tiny target flying so fast is just insane. And the amount of engineering that was required to emulate that, just shows how amazing her skills are. Though I must say - when the autobow finally hit a moving target - it felt really great to watch, after witnessing your struggle.

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I can't think of a ITmoresr who I look forward to more. This was incredible!

    • Cheesemanwithcheese

      Now make it with redstone

    • Mohammed Ali
      Mohammed Ali

      Oh no 😳

    • Hudson O'Doherty
      Hudson O'Doherty

      “ it’s quite simple really “

    • Alexis Arellano
      Alexis Arellano

      Mumbo make this in minecraft

    • Revali's Gale is now ready
      Revali's Gale is now ready

      YOOOOO fancy seein you here Mumbo

  • Red Fox Warrior
    Red Fox Warrior

    I took archery as a kid, so this was really fun to watch, and see a different, and far more complex way of doing archery. I bet you could've programed to compensate for the "archer's paradox" issue, but by the way you looked and sounded about it, I think you did the next best thing.😁

  • Sebastian H.
    Sebastian H.

    Nice video! I know these projects take an enormous amount of time an are super labor intensive but, is there a chance we are going to see a version 2 of this thing in the near future? 🙃

  • saecremai

    I love this video so much! The idea and the execution are all amazing, good job!

  • PsychoKnot13

    Good for you using duck duck go! And great video! Always so entertaining and mind blowing that you’re able to engineer all the things you make


    “I’m trying really hard not to punch myself, but I punch myself.” Sooo good!

    • Lag Seeing
      Lag Seeing

      read this at the same time that he said it

    • Iain Jenkins
      Iain Jenkins

      If he knew how to shoot properly he'd be fine

    • DaVinci

      @𝖀𝖓𝖐𝖜𝖓 muslim

    • RedPine 20
      RedPine 20

      It was really funny watching the wife pull it. She knew enough about archery to know what physics would do when the bow released the string.

  • C M
    C M

    I love what you do, I have been watching your videos for quite a while now and you keep impressing me. I can not wait to see how you change the world. I love your hard work and determination, keep up the great work.

  • Nightime_34

    Love what you make, keep up the good work :)

  • Raymond Hawkins
    Raymond Hawkins

    I hope you do make the version 2! This is really cool!

  • ace lafit
    ace lafit

    Awesome project. I wonder if there is a chance to implement the archers paradox into the code to get the recurve bow work.

    • Erick Lestrange
      Erick Lestrange

      yes definitely, with ai there should be. this kind of thing is "ai scientific paper material" by the way, not something someone would crack for a youtube video

  • hobasocka

    Can we acknowledge that this man is perfectly capable of becoming Iron Man.

    • Medium D Speaks
      Medium D Speaks

      @Carl iron man only came out 13 years ago from this video. If he's 35 he would've been 22. Totally could still be Iron Man

    • Lupus Regina Beta
      Lupus Regina Beta


    • Keplok79

      Now all we need are people capable of being the rest of the avengers

    • Gatya

      i mean he just became hawkeye

    • Eli321p

      More like Hawk eye

  • Cursed fish tanx
    Cursed fish tanx

    Awesome video as always. I'm half a year behind on watching your uploads so this might sound weird but I wanted to say congrats to you two on the baby. I believe you will both be great parents!

  • Aheront

    I’d love to see a version that uses the Autoloader that JeorgSprave made that functions as its own standalone unit (parallax targetfinders integrated to the bow instead of mounted to an interior).

  • cryzz0n

    As I watched this, I almost fell out of my chair cracking up, and I immediately subscribed. As an old, former software engineer, who provided well for his family for 35 years as an embedded software engineer at Bell Labs and other fascinating places; and, whom his friends and family told him, would never get an interesting job pursuing super boring degrees in mathematics, I love how you encourage young people with wit, humor, and marvelous inventions. At the end of my career I decided to teach Adult Ed to those needing a high school diploma or GED and it was a wonderful, life affirming experience for me. Most of my jokes didn’t land as well as yours; however, it was always wonderful to see students eyes light up in their awakening to science, math, and writing; and see many head off in a positive vector. I remember I got so excited when the Arduino and Raspberry PIs came out, and nobody could seemingly understand why. After about ten cool inventions for my grandkids I think they all get it. Look forward to watching your videos.

  • Guido Horvall
    Guido Horvall

    I use to do some archery with an old fiberglass recurve. I like compounds more that said this has to be the coolest rig I've seen. Kinda reminds me of the movie aliens except with a 🏹 not a huge 🔫. Seriously great video I'm a fan for sure..

  • colinfurze

    Absolutely brilliant.

    • Roger o' Thornhill
      Roger o' Thornhill

      @Adam Griffin tf man let him get out of his tunnel once in a while

    • davidseifferleinfilm

      This means a lot

    • SpiritSlayer


    • Nick Bumpus
      Nick Bumpus


    • Mooseus11

      Oh my god mumbo and Colin

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Love your work Shane! Reckon you could build a dart gun which can be programmed to hit any score? I can't fathom the challenges behind building something like that

  • KL6.7

    This is insane!! I really want to see a full robot drawing the bow and everything

  • Daniel Whitfield
    Daniel Whitfield

    first time seeing your content and I am very interested in what other gems I can find, great work with the bow it looks amazing

  • mecra

    this is kind of insanely cool. I'm jealous of your abilities.

  • Keegan Chidowe
    Keegan Chidowe

    This guy makes me want to be an engineer. I can only imagine the positive impact these videos have on young kids around the world

    • J.

      Yeah. same hehe, I love young kids ..

    • Snotrot

      @ausboss If you choose to study engineering, just know that you won't have time to play games anymore. :D

    • yehya1234 l
      yehya1234 l

      I am a kid and I want that shit that's awesome 👌

    • tiagolimao16

      yeah, this guy and Mark Robber

    • vk45 de
      vk45 de

      Naw dude, the coding, building, and failing are like 99.99% of this.

  • Derek Wallace
    Derek Wallace

    I just want to say I am appreciating this video because you show all the struggles. I can't tell you how many times something simple has gone awry. Leaves me feeling attacked almost, like how can I be this unlucky? I think I just need more reminders that I am not alone in this struggle. (By no means are the things you are doing considered simple, but you made the calculations to ensure your success...and failure anyway. Refreshing, thanks.)

  • Matthew Christner
    Matthew Christner

    Wow, you really inspire me to become an electrical engineer when I'm older (I'm 12) because of the fact that you can make almost anything that pops into your mind. Thank you SMH.

  • treck87

    Ok....but can it account for a target at a distance, taking into account gravity and wind? It is really cool for close up shots though.

  • Paradoxical

    “He’s not hacking, he’s just really good at the game” The guy: 11:50

  • Brandon McKune
    Brandon McKune

    As an archer myself, I will tell you that you will get more accuracy out of that compound bow with a drop away rest than the force inducing whisker biscuit. Try that first. In addition, even with a compound bow you cannot get away from the archer's paradox. Spine to tip weight to bow draw weight absolutely matters. Hit me up if you want to discuss - software engineer who has a complete obsession with archery. Love the vids.

    • Flighty Avian
      Flighty Avian

      @Jona7Fer Nice to know. But anyways.

    • admacdo2009

      @Brandon McKune Which is absolutely NOT archers paradox.

    • Brandon McKune
      Brandon McKune

      @admacdo2009 I’m actually talking about the flex and oscillation of the arrow shaft during flight.

    • Brandon McKune
      Brandon McKune

      @MyLonewolf25 Substantially maybe not. He’s trying to hit a Lego Apple (size of an aspirin) consistently. I’m not aware of any tournament compound bow archers that use whisker biscuits. They introduce forces that make your shooting less deterministic.

  • James Goddard
    James Goddard

    Wow that's incredible. Well done 👍

  • Skoodlesnoodle

    Now do one with the cameras and a miniaturized system for calculating it attached to the gauntlet and you will have a useable hunting tool. Though for hunting deer the movement will need to be gently staggered.

  • James Moorman
    James Moorman

    This makes me think about creating a robot with auto-deploying mini/micro/nano drones to do the camera work.

  • Maxifire 32
    Maxifire 32

    imagine going to war with that and everyone being like "he's using aimbot!"

  • Jesse Doescher
    Jesse Doescher

    To turn this into a Mark Rober quote: "I'm not that good at archery, but I am good at Engineering, so that means I'm actually really good at archery."

    • The Cubic Log
      The Cubic Log

      @ModernReapers no, I don't put myself down like that I could make something like this if I put tons of time and dedication into it anyone can do it... it's called science

    • RustyDust101

      @Daedalus Creative Totally get that. Ever heard of nock points (sorry, possible bad translation from German) on your cheek, or rather your jaw line? Or a slightly bent elbow? Or draw length? Or arrow flexing? Or... the list goes on and on and on.

    • G6A

      @Santiago Ferrari it isn't, he just probably would need quite a lot of time and perhaps a different approach

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi

      Well in a way making it into a aim bot machine that even corrects your mistakes

    • Per Westermark
      Per Westermark

      @Radix 53 Lots of engineers can do a self-aiming robot. The main question is how long it takes and how expensive. Engineering is on one hand a question of iterations, where a better engineer has a faster convergence on the iterations. And on the other hand, it's a question of ability to think outside the box. Which means either magnificent failures. Or big gains by doing something cheaper or smaller or faster than when going the traditional way. Anyway - it's silly with thread debates arguing if person x can or can not do something similar. It isn't that far from "mu dad has a bigger..."

  • Kasper Christensen
    Kasper Christensen

    I think the end result/weapon would actually become _too_ precise if you combined the skills of this guy with those of Joerg Sprave's Instant Legolas ;)

  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    You kill me every time! Nonstop laughs with brilliance blended in.

  • Dr. Unventor
    Dr. Unventor

    I find it crazy how fast and slow computers can do stuff and this channel is living proof of it!

  • You_can't_stop_the_love!

    I love how the second Lego man looked legitimately terrified, like he saw what had happened to the first one 🤣

  • MrCheese

    This whole channel in a nutshell: “I’m bad at anything skill based , but I’m good at engineering, which actually means I’m actually really good at anything skill based.”

    • WJS

      @TotalAsshole Yeah we're the only animals in existence that can just pick something up, toss it at something else and have a good chance at hitting. Some other primates throw things but their aim is _terrible._

    • Yung Wolfo
      Yung Wolfo

      Dex:0 Int:10

    • oui

      @Zachary Torrance sussy baka

    • Matthew Wu
      Matthew Wu

      Humanity in one quote:

    • Jeremiah Rosa
      Jeremiah Rosa

      That’s a mark rober quote

  • Milan Kagu
    Milan Kagu

    Wow, this channel is the most amazing thing discovered on ITmores in the last year!

  • ltmesq

    I watch a lot of ITmores and honestly this guy is one of the funniest out there

  • M HR
    M HR

    i love how you include "the family" - Very wholesome content + 2000iq quality!


    If you had used a bow with a draw length that suited you, you could've drawn it back further and not have been punching yourself. Also, maybe a beeper to indicate when it would release? Dunno how hard that'd be to incorporate, though.

  • GartenFallneX

    As an internationally competing archer, I am triggered on so many levels. But as a tech nerd, I am so impressed by your ingenuity and your problemsolving skills!

    • GartenFallneX

      @Anthony C that's the entire foundation of being triggered. Something you cant do anything about. If I could, I wouldnt be triggered.

    • Ali Khan
      Ali Khan

      Watching him hit himself in the face because of the poor form is so funny

    • Anthony C
      Anthony C

      The fact that someone actually gets "Triggered" over something they don't have control over is entertaining. 😁

    • John Ryder
      John Ryder

      Also a casual archer - so much hurt could have been avoided. Lol

    • KrisTheKat

      Any level of archers would be triggered by him

  • KiloTon

    Loved how you kept punching yourself in the face and still showed us the footage. Much respect

  • Tim

    You should try it out against archer professional, to see if the aim-bot actually beats humans or if not.

  • Mike Robertson
    Mike Robertson

    As a long time bow shooter this has to be my favorite video yet

  • Robo Floto
    Robo Floto

    would be cool to mount some of those fancy cameras to some autonomous drones that would follow you around so this could work anywhere

  • Jon Bar
    Jon Bar

    He actually builds stuff that most people would shoot down at the hypothesis.

    • I need no channel youtube!
      I need no channel youtube!

      @Kommentator Correct. The problem here is made up of the tracking, the ballistic compuiter program, and the automatically aimig system (and the harness for it, which to me looks like an off the shelf camera stabilizer). And the tracking was indeed off the shelf.

    • Kommentator

      @I need no channel youtube! All true, but only an issue when trying to turn this into a product which can be used in the real world. My point isn't that this would be easy or hard, but that this is a mostly unrelated problem. The bow shown in this video doesn't care how the tracking is done. The cool part is the auto-aim. Imagine combining this with @JoergSprave 's auto legolas. Actually Joerg tried to convince @StuffMadeHere to do this, but he declined (for good reason).

    • I need no channel youtube!
      I need no channel youtube!

      @Kommentator Tracking is indeed the hard, and as yet unsolved part of this challange, which is why you dont see smartgums irl. Target tracking is impossible to implement on an individual scale in a practical manner. It is however possible with large infrared sensors, and is in fact in common use in most vehicle based weapons, and has been for years.

    • I need no channel youtube!
      I need no channel youtube!

      @Kommentator Object recognition is incredibly computationally taxing, albiet finally possible via AI. There is good reason real word tracking systems either use something very high contrast (the balls in this example, massive heat signitures, radar returns in emlty air or sonar in ocean etc.) Or they require the target to be manually designated via a specialised marker, usually a laser.

    • I need no channel youtube!
      I need no channel youtube!

      This is basically a ballistics compuiter. Things like this were already on warships in ww1. Granted, those ususally abstracted the problem down to two dimenaions, but they were also mechanical, and had to track via viaual instruments and manual coordinage input.

  • Miyako プリン
    Miyako プリン

    Awesome~ I'm completely shocked with no looking thing. Looks like you are in RPG game in other channel I saw a man made a skeletal support who can carry a big sword and swing it with a tons of weight

  • Roland Zurillo
    Roland Zurillo

    Love watching your videos twice, the humor is priceless

  • Dashed

    This bow is amazing, it only needs an auto reload feature..

  • M. sawmill
    M. sawmill

    Nice!! I believe you are the weak part of the equation. Your arm is constantly moving/floating, in reaction to the servos, making the processor process a wider range of info to calculate every scan. If it was mounted on a stand, I believe your shot group will be +/- 0.100". Just my thoughts. Thanks for the vids!!!

  • Galaguy 4018
    Galaguy 4018

    The thing that not many people think about is how much effort he puts into his videos, engineering channels have it hard on ITmores compared to react channels and gaming channels. Congrats on making it this far

    • Andy Leftwich
      Andy Leftwich

      Haha 420 likes

    • WeeberDeeper

      Also helps that he builds insane shit that requires big brain

    • Jefferson Mayfield
      Jefferson Mayfield

      Glad you summed it all up for us with that brilliant comment

    • mpmann

      I get pissed when I cant get a piece of wood line up on a project.... fuck all the coding and mechanical shit lol

    • Harsh Manohar
      Harsh Manohar

      The thing is everything he makes also goes on his CV. He is a ITmoresr but he is an Engineer first. He can get a gig anywhere if he gets to build something awesome.

  • Romano Böllermann
    Romano Böllermann

    I just love your wife’s humor and energy!

  • Christopher Schrope
    Christopher Schrope

    This is so awesome! Have you tried a drop away rest?

  • jacob nehs
    jacob nehs

    You never fail to amaze me!

  • Kraig Egger
    Kraig Egger

    Every video is great. No fluff here. He is legit technical master and their sarcasm n humor r subtle but perfect.

  • Iskywalker725

    Killing the microcontroller was actually a strategic move by the bow, eliminating the target by stopping it from being launched.

    • Iskywalker725

      @Marci124 haha

    • Marci124

      It figured out the only winning move: not to play.

  • uguzg uzfgvuzjh
    uguzg uzfgvuzjh

    I already had this idea, however without motors, i rather wanted to have a signal that tells me when i'm aiming at the bullseye.. but interesting solution as well!

  • Tanner Kittelson
    Tanner Kittelson

    In the time he took to make this he probably could’ve just gotten really good at archery 😂

  • Ephesians511

    As an archer I really dig this!

  • KOBRA KING Ukraine
    KOBRA KING Ukraine

    this was the first video I watched from this channel it was on my recommended list so I watched it and I really thing for all the work he went through he should have more subs

  • Niccolò Fattori
    Niccolò Fattori

    Now we just need a collab with Joerg Sprave down at the Slingshot Channel, and we'll have the full-auto, rubber-powered machine gun crossbow turret with auto aim that we've always wanted.

    • Steffen Segovia Helbo
      Steffen Segovia Helbo

      just here because I would love to see a collaboration with Joerg Sprave and stuff made here :)

    • Snowflakes


    • Timothy Pryor
      Timothy Pryor

      He did a reaction video. So I know he would love a collaboration.

    • Caleb Stiles
      Caleb Stiles


    • K la4
      K la4

      Yes, please.

  • Vincent Zi
    Vincent Zi

    you might as well make it for a crossbow, VR Goggles and a countdown timer for manual release, real view rendering

  • Mon Ami
    Mon Ami

    Do you have any open source releases for any coding projects you've worked on? I'm sure people could learn a ton from even your throw-away projects.

  • Jan Laan
    Jan Laan

    I'm pretty sure that weapons where computers pull the trigger are super illegal :p Anyway, awesome build!

  • DonnierDarko223

    I really love how enthusiastic your wife is. She seems like a true bundle of energy.

  • Operation Elderscrolls
    Operation Elderscrolls

    Next project be like: “it really bugged me that I couldn’t buy a ticket to Mars, so I just built a rocket myself.”

    • E-Racer

      @Gonun astronaut farmer lol

    • The Lord Jesus
      The Lord Jesus

      “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell-and great was its fall.” Matthew 7:24‭-‬27

    • András Bíró
      András Bíró

      That's a different guy. That's practically the origin story of SpaceX.

    • Gonun

      @Lucas van Hout Not just probably, he tried to buy a Russian ICBM to launch some plants to Mars, but they wouldn't sell to him. So he built his own rockets.

    • Lucas van Hout
      Lucas van Hout

      -Elon musk Probably

  • Banana Shenanigans
    Banana Shenanigans

    for me this puts in perspective how insane the human brain is, I practiced clay pigeon shooting for a good few years and got ok at it, but i never did any kind of calculations beyond counting down yet was still able to get a good hit ratio

    • Fu Manchu
      Fu Manchu

      That's why we are at the top of the food chain on our little planet :)

  • Noah Lawson
    Noah Lawson

    I absolutely love the buildup at 8:50 🤣

  • -MB-Mephisto

    imagine how op this would be with a gun :O