Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day
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The previous explosive bat was cool, but it wasn't setting any records. I set out to design a bat that could beat Babe Ruth's home run record of 575 feet. The engineering was intense but the results are spectacular. Aside from attempts on the record, you can also look forward to some awesome high speed footage of the bat in action and a special guest.
This video could not have been made without the help of Destin from Smarter Every Day. Not only did he provide the high speed camera, he also shared all his footage from testing the bat. He made a more in depth video on what happens when this this bat goes boom. Check it out!
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I was using body armor from bodyarmordirect.com , it's good quality and made in the USA.

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    Stuff Made Here

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    • FJ S
      FJ S

      After looking at your design + physics involved. Why not increase the weight of the bat so when you swing it and it fires, more force is transferred to the ball and less kick backwards? Food for thought.

    • Jordan Layfield
      Jordan Layfield

      I got my niece this 6 months ago. I cannot recommend this highly enough for toddlers and small children.

    • Rick OldDirty Sanchez
      Rick OldDirty Sanchez

      You sir are the type of person the socialists don't want, but the world needs more of.

    • Rick OldDirty Sanchez
      Rick OldDirty Sanchez

      Put this system into a Fallout 3 / Fallout New Vegas Super Sledge. Yes, it has to look exactly like one of those, not the rocket powered one as that's already been done.

    • KingNero963

      What is that app called that he is using

  • Blender Guru
    Blender Guru

    Duuuude. The amount of work this took is inspiring. Massive respect for continuing till you got the desired outcome.

    • BlindProphet

      All those days of work just to stop looking for the ball after a couple of hours.

    • Doktor Fluuf
      Doktor Fluuf

      Its the donut guy!

    • Bagingo Springo
      Bagingo Springo

      Insane. That math was like umm...I'm fucking stupid lmao

    • Pasquale Thene
      Pasquale Thene


    • Dont click on the
      Dont click on the "about" section

      Donut man is here

  • Powerate

    "Don't do this at home." Like I'm gonna have any of the tools he is using at my disposal.

    • SLEEP

      Well someone did actually try it at home, technically.

    • soulgodsnippa

      umm i looked up degloved and i dont think anyone would try it yall should look it up to.

    • misguidedsaint 3
      misguidedsaint 3

      I have a lathe. That’s basically all that would help with these things

    • Kevin Cotto
      Kevin Cotto

      Lmao!! So tru

    • k k
      k k

      @idervan dacosta they are noobs

  • Arestes

    I have just started to get into your ITmores channel and I’m captivated. Excellent demonstration of engineering with practical application, though the application itself may not be overly practical. More power and exposure to you, my dude.

  • Mynameiskfcu

    I like how he always has something on the top monitor this one it was “how to deal with failure and pick yourself back up” and on the 2 locks it was “why does my dog bark at the door bell”

  • john red
    john red

    first video I've seen with this guy.this dude has so much patience making all these parts again and again.

  • Iavor Hristov
    Iavor Hristov

    "Double-barrel, 50 cal baseball bat" - most american thing ever

    • Nothing Realy
      Nothing Realy

      A 50 cal is different from a 50 BMG or 50 ae

    • doge guillotine the 5th👑
      doge guillotine the 5th👑

      I thought that aswell!

    • Darkerbear_

      With a hamburger

    • Gnome Talk
      Gnome Talk


    • Capt.Reefer


  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto

    I'm just wondering how the heck. Someone could actually be this smart. Like this is amazing engineer skills.

  • Grzeczny Pan
    Grzeczny Pan

    Wow, so impressing, so inspiring, so cool. Thank you.

  • Bruce Palmer
    Bruce Palmer

    Just discovered your channel at 6am in the morning, before my first cup of coffee. By 6:30am I am subscribed and hitting that bell. Your video and your presentation style come across as informative and genuine. I look forward to watching all of your videos with my friends, family, and my youngest nephew. Cheers 😁.

  • Conan Dombroski
    Conan Dombroski

    The disparity between the bat swing speed and the ball speed after the launch was seriously comical. I was LOL after almost ever real-time shot.

  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    Would you like to see an even stronger version of this bat hit by a supersonic pitch from @smartereveryday's baseball cannon while spinning on the mad batter? I sure would...

    • Big Rig
      Big Rig

      @64M1NG Researching the Big Bang is like researching Santa Claus' sleigh physics.

    • railey nash
      railey nash


    • reso recording
      reso recording

      Pin the comment

    • TheGoldengamer


    • carl laney
      carl laney

      The Ezee swingless golf is very similar. Check out Rick shiels golf Chanel for the videos of him using it! Pretty awesome!

  • Montana Made
    Montana Made

    I live the fact that after all the fails, you’re wearing a Binford Tools t-shirt!! Well no wonder you had failures, duh! 🤣. Actually this was really fun to watch! Love the collaboration with Dusty, er… Destin.

  • Lullabye

    “My new bat is so much easier to load than my old one” Brand new sentence

  • Wayne Gilchrist
    Wayne Gilchrist

    I'm thinking that for all your hard work you have earned a break. A, "shroom break"! Well maybe not but I must say your tenacity deserves a shout-out; most definitely enjoyed the video. Perhaps a golf club version would be somewhat easier but where science is concerned, never rely on your assumptions!

  • Jirka Šáda
    Jirka Šáda

    This engieneering is insane and very interesting to watch, makes you realize how much science has to be put into ordinary thisngs we use everyday, like bridges and really tall building e.g., salute to all the engieneers out there

  • Tyler Druskoff
    Tyler Druskoff

    Massive respect to the guy who swung a bat so hard the guy who’s trying to copy him needs .50cal blanks and welded and machined metal

    • Jake G
      Jake G

      @Siscon nope, he was babe ruth, just used hot dogs and beer

    • ?!?!?!?!?!?! L_?
      ?!?!?!?!?!?! L_?

      A super young David Ortiz allegedly hit multiple 600+ while playing with the Mariners during home run derbys

    • Dungeons and dragons Homebrew
      Dungeons and dragons Homebrew

      The funny part is that he’s not even using .50 cal blanks those look like 9mm but there to short

    • Ryan Byrne
      Ryan Byrne

      @LGND Furious 2 x .27 cartridges do not equal thw energy of a .50. Not gonna do the math now but the area is far smaller, and the amount of powder is far less.

    • I’mActually Not a furry
      I’mActually Not a furry

      Only .27 cal blanks still a fair bit of power but a baseball bat swing is VERY powerful also hitting a ball far is dependent on other things not just power but like if the bat is dented or something idk much about baseball. Though you should know that melee weapons are much more dangerous than you may think a bat swing is very powerful and not to be underestimated

  • Maurice Wagner
    Maurice Wagner

    A Proximity Sensor in the Front would be awesome! You could hook it up to a Arduino or something and fire as soon as the target is in range

  • Matt Man
    Matt Man

    Devine is a great guy! love the work! keep it up!

  • A-A-Ron Browser
    A-A-Ron Browser

    Man, shout out to that first design. That looks like it took a lot of work

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    I really wish I could do what you do build awesome stuff it amazes me !!!!

  • Syndicate

    Now do it with a 50.Caliber round! ..for science of course 😈

    • misguidedsaint 3
      misguidedsaint 3

      .50 action express would work well

    • smack sam
      smack sam


    • Huy Max
      Huy Max

      @Rabijeel That’s sound cool af but I’m uneducated with all this stuff, do you mind explaining how it would work in more details?

    • Jake Grube
      Jake Grube

      @scaelp caliber is the diameter of the projectile, it has nothing to do with the weight of the projectile which is commonly measured in grains in the us

    • Ethan Monks
      Ethan Monks


  • Sawyer Novak
    Sawyer Novak

    you could use different blanks that have a more reactive and explosive powder. so basically a bigger boom for a further hit.

  • TacticalBBQSauce

    Ah a true engineer, always missing obvious problems 😉


    This is amazing, but I think you need to be using your genius mind to be creating something for the world. Truly incredible young man

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly

    Make the reloading faster and fix the stop rod issue it would be an amazing melee weapon

  • GreatGabriel11

    He hit that ball so far it reached the render distance limit and de-spawned

    • Brian McDaniel
      Brian McDaniel

      For some crazy reason I actually understand what he had said.

    • Maxwell H.
      Maxwell H.

      Gamer moment

    • Vanitas369

      Sound theory

    • Chicago Patriots
      Chicago Patriots

      How many people really understand your comment????

    • Luke


  • The Better Jacob
    The Better Jacob

    Now imagine a professional baseball player using that bat. I know its probably never gonna happen but that would be epic

  • PatPeezy06

    Wow 1st video I ever watched of yours. The world needs more stuff like this. Thanks. Please make the golf club

  • Rigoberto Perez
    Rigoberto Perez

    I give you props bro I couldn't have the patience to do what you do

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    At this point it might've been easier to just build a robot that could hit a baseball twice as far as the record distance

  • DireBowser

    Imagine him playing in the big leagues and he says: "Hold on, I'm reloading!"

    • One L O B S T E R
      One L O B S T E R

      That’s how it works in American schools

    • Enrique Matias
      Enrique Matias


    • pumkinface1

      That doesn't make any sense

    • Gollop Entertainment
      Gollop Entertainment

      Starts screaming like it’s cod “RELOADING!”

    • ShadowCast YT
      ShadowCast YT

      @CTNC you could walk him

  • Ky Ward
    Ky Ward

    Can’t believe i just now found your channel this is awesome! I’m definitely subscribing

  • Michael Arnold
    Michael Arnold

    as an electrician with many close calls, thank you for your diligence in safety

  • Terra grimm
    Terra grimm

    Gotta love the "how to deal with failure and pick yourself back up" above the new design

  • Matt Broughton
    Matt Broughton

    “The first and most important is how do I keep this thing from exploding in my face..” yep seems pretty important 😆 Also, this much engineering and using explosives to try to and beat something a human once did using only muscles.. and steroids 🤣

  • Quint BUILDs
    Quint BUILDs

    I literally checked your channel YESTERDAY to see if you'd posted anything new and wondered what you've been doing this whole time. I got my answer... 👍

    • IamOrdinaryhere

      "I hope he hasn't been slacking on making that bat"

    • Quint BUILDs
      Quint BUILDs

      @Ronan Grant doesn't always work. People report not receiving notifications for days, even when the bell icon is selected.

    • gameboys

      Thanks for the warning about degloving but too late. I knew even before this video

    • Lars Ulrock
      Lars Ulrock

      Me too!

  • Brandon Bogisch
    Brandon Bogisch

    This is insanely awesome. I wish I was this smart

  • Spitz Ok
    Spitz Ok

    9:40 had me dying laughing 🤣

  • André van Reenen
    André van Reenen

    Such powerful stuff. Great video again. Just wondering why not put a GPS-tracker in the ball.

  • Antiwoke

    Love it when he tells people not to try this at home. Almost everything he does on this channel is so much work and planning with such little pay off it's crazy. I'm sure he's learning a lot but when compared with other engineering channels so much of the stuff he makes is way too over engeneered and is pretty much useless.

    • Richard Powell
      Richard Powell

      Well trying to do this stuff would likely lead to serious injury, regardless of how successful it was. Good to see a safety warning, but if it's legal, so people will copy what they see despite warnings.

  • Oxidize

    This guy is a genius

    • Kerbodynamic X
      Kerbodynamic X

      This guy is an engineer with focus, dedication and sheer f*cking will.

    • b flex
      b flex

      @Artic Bedwars ..sorry 145 is easily genius..most people barely have 120..just by you making that statement ..I would say yours is the latter..

    • b flex
      b flex

      ..easily..beyond 160+..

    • Sanz Rich
      Sanz Rich

      He learned it somewhere else

  • Xo_starboyy

    I’m so glad you had mentioned to do all 3, because I definitely want to see that video. Please.

  • Beau -tiful
    Beau -tiful

    Can wait for you to make a gun that breaks every rule of war at once.

  • dmcfar

    At about 4:40 my initial thought was "have the rising pistons uncover gas ports on either side to reduce the pressure felt on the whole assembly." At 11:00, I found out that wasn't enough.

  • animedrummerboy

    I would love to see this with like an mlb player or at least a minors/college player

  • I did a thing
    I did a thing

    How many rifle rounds did the guy that hit the original MLB record have in his arms?

    • Terrarian 543
      Terrarian 543

      @TrashMobile what did you do?

    • Scott Ford
      Scott Ford

      @JustAnotherLetsPlay if you’re not interested in ingenuity and engineering (you know, the whole point of this video..) then why are you even watching this?? Juxtaposing this project and real baseball players though; why? What’s your point? You know he doesn’t plan on MLB adopting these bats, right? He also doesn’t intend to get drafted, sign a contract or be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Maybe you’d be better off getting a Big Mac and watching some Sports Center. Good talk.

    • Vincent King
      Vincent King

      30 - 90cc of delicious steroids.

    • Xxray88jlxX

      You mean cycle rounds 😅

  • tetrisaurousRex

    So, I was walking down the road on a sunny day Connecticut, minding my own business, and all of a sudden… bam a baseball just falls in front of me. It was smokey and looked like it got pulverized. Needless to say, I was wondering where it came from and after watching this video I think I have an idea where it came from

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam

    To me just you working that tablet like that was impressive in itself lol. Your a smart dude. Imagine what would happen if someone got hit with the bat oh gosh lol

  • Cuttin Up
    Cuttin Up

    Old, but good for you man! Hope a lot of success for you!

  • IDGAF Productions
    IDGAF Productions

    Imagine if Scout's Bat in TF2 was that powerful.

  • cubfan135

    About turning the bat into a golf club: There is a commercially available golf club that uses the exact same principle you use here with the bat. You load in a certain number of blank shells and the ball will fly different distances depending on how many are loaded. It's primarily used by those with disabilities in moving their arms and allows them to still play golf. It's remarkably consistent in terms of accuracy and distance from what I've seen.

    • Raining4rain

      hey cub

    • Ace of Blackjack
      Ace of Blackjack

      Huh, you seem rich.

    • Earthenfist

      I first learned about it when looking up airline flying rules, and noticed "Automatic golf clubs" on the list of restricted items. I was like... "What?" and found out about the wonderful world of gunpowder-powered golfing aides.

    • RealityVids0

      Wow... Cuban??

    • Sweet J
      Sweet J

      Blocked and reported

  • MetaJook

    "Don't try this at home" I don't think many people have the technical skills to even attempt this. Great vid! 🤙

  • Todd on Two
    Todd on Two

    Everything about this video was incredible. Instant fan.

  • Rockport1911

    Amazing work! its also amazing the forces these balls can withstand...

    • T Tree
      T Tree

      Didn't even think about that. Those baseballs can really take a hit.

  • Zach Blakee
    Zach Blakee

    Love it! I would like to see a golf club 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Leonardo Rodriguez-Cuba
    Leonardo Rodriguez-Cuba

    Imagine breaking into his house and you hear: “honey get the gun bat”

    • Charles Calvin
      Charles Calvin


    • Twenty Øne Rice
      Twenty Øne Rice

      “Sandra, get the baseball gun!”

    • Gondor

      And then a second voice "Which one of them?"

    • Hector Gomez
      Hector Gomez

      @Rory Gun-bAT, I like it.

    • Rory

      puts a new spin on "gat"

  • Mark Spohrleder
    Mark Spohrleder

    Awesome video, just subscribed. Can't believe I've never seen this channel until now

  • ninjaswordtothehead

    It blows my mind that anyone ever hit a 575 ft. home run, even with steroids or something. The fact that it takes a regular guy explosives to get there speaks volumes.


    I love how you incorporated a direct impingement gas system ... very similar to auto loading firearms

    • Meme Shack
      Meme Shack

      it's much easier than creating your own system from scratch lol

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    Definitely need to make a golf club version

  • Sloppy Mechanics
    Sloppy Mechanics

    What is the delta over your average human non assisted hit distance per cartridge? Like 100+ft per shell Btw please keep doing this series till it goes into orbit

    • Danny Kim
      Danny Kim

      @Joel 556 99

    • PhattyMo

      Mott,how would you add a Chinese spinny-boi to this bat? Is there already a tune in the cabinet,for this bad boy?

    • Henry Neufeld
      Henry Neufeld

      @Dominic Martinez "About turning the bat into a golf club: There is a commercially available golf club that uses the exact same principle you use here with the bat. You load in a certain number of blank shells and the ball will fly different distances depending on how many are loaded. It's primarily used by those with disabilities in moving their arms and allows them to still play golf. It's remarkably consistent in terms of accuracy and distance from what I've seen."

    • Dominic Martinez
      Dominic Martinez

      The relationship between shells and distance is non-linear since velocity is proportional to the square root of energy, and that's also ignoring air resistance and other energy losses. It doesn't really make sense to give a distance value per shell.

    • noapparentfunction

      @Lesco Brandon y'know, the moon sorta looks like a baseball… 🤔

  • luis rivera
    luis rivera

    I would have tried hydraulic fluid along with the springs to dampen the force, allowing the fluid to flow out thru vents..

  • Thresher

    If you ever try for a V3 i have a tiny suggestion that may give you marginally more power output. Instead of an inverted T for the gases use a J shape instead. The smoother transition should result in more power output.

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    Cool stuff, I found this channel through SED. Is there a way to put some metal in the ball so it can be found by a metal detector? I did sub.

  • Chris Abraham
    Chris Abraham

    They have a firing golf club years ago in .25 cal, someone in Texas made it for an old boy who couldn't swing a club properly. The guy didnt swing the club, he held the club in front of the ball and fired it statically.

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Thank you for letting me visit and letting me TIG weld a bit. Some thoughts moving forward... I think the performance of the explosive bat design might be HELPED by the mad batter, but HURT by the supersonic cannon. The Mad Batter relies on squish and rebound, so my theory is that a higher pitching velocity would help normal bats.... but I think higher pitching velocities might actually perform worse with the explosive bat design. I'm thinking this because of the way we saw the bat initially slow down at impact.

    • Donovan Shea
      Donovan Shea


    • Torpedomtb

      You are probably correct, the distance of people hitting the ball is not related to the speed of the ball incoming. It is the energy put into the ball by the batter. Also metal bats transfer energy better than wooden. That is why Major League do not use metal bats as the energy transfer would increase distance and they would need to increase the wall for outfields to define a home run and baseball is a ton about tradition. Kinda like why F1, Indy and NASCAR put limits on engines is to keep it competitive. I think a fast pitch pitching machine that is close to real pitcher speed and get a college ball or minor league ball player to swing the bat to provide the technique that would go farther in gains I think

    • Ricardo Pesenti
      Ricardo Pesenti

      Hey Destin. You guys should try to shoot a baseball with your cannon against the fully loaded bat! Maybe from a few hundred meters away, to not instantly destroy the ball^^

    • jays0909

      @Jttv Who are you referring too? I don't see where the original commenter on this thread said he is just starting out . Also he has 10 million subscribers which is in an incredible accomplishment . He did edit his comment though

    • Rick James
      Rick James

      I was gonna comment on how nice those welds looked 😂 dem crescents

  • Chazz S
    Chazz S

    I’m going to take a guess and say maybe this guy went to MIT, a very smart guy and a great video

  • CommonSense77

    Does the pathing for gas effect efficiency? I mean would a taper inside the channel accelerate the gas and increase the velocity? I realise this would increase the stress but that area seems to be easily modified and increased in size.

  • th3 Catalyst 13
    th3 Catalyst 13

    Amazing work man, go for the golf club! Watch your toes though...

  • nick murg
    nick murg

    Imagine doing this explosive bat on the spinning baseball bat machine! LOL

  • YouGoProBaseball

    Let’s get this stick in some pros hands and see what they could do 😳⚾️💥 Great video!

    • Mark

      @SeriousHex hhyyyyyuuuuiii @o

    • Mark

      @DasVERMiT mjnnjjjjkllllokk

    • Mark

      @DasVERMiT 9uhhhhhh

    • Mark

      @YouGoProBaseball nnjmll

  • ballz deep
    ballz deep

    Thanks for bringing back real fun education

  • Tha_MassageManSpeaks

    I love his attitude. It’s almost better than the bat. Keep it up bro

  • Ugandan knuckles
    Ugandan knuckles

    What If you made the recoil springs longer making it have way more time to slow down, and have some sort of brush or sandpaper like friction part to help with the slow down.

  • Kent Beitel
    Kent Beitel

    Wow this is amazing!! You deserve more views and subscribers!

  • Jack Larson
    Jack Larson

    This guy’s purchase history must look so suspicious, he’s got bullets, body armor, and several baseball bats.

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones

      @Rob Schilke yeah we know its just a joke

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones

      Image? I meant ipad lol

    • The Lobens
      The Lobens


    • Rob Schilke
      Rob Schilke

      Blanks are not bullets.

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones

      As well as an image and many basket balls

  • Leo EP
    Leo EP

    Your video sets a new standard for the word “Superbadass” 🤙🏾 What software you use for 3D cad/cam?

  • Spruce Wayne
    Spruce Wayne

    Now I want to see this installed into the front of a Battering ram! blow a door open!

  • Adam La Russa
    Adam La Russa

    Did you consider using a hydraulic stopping system instead of the springs?