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Several years ago I built a CNC machine. It's been having some flood coolant system issues so I decided to cut out the heart of the coolant system and build it stronger. In this video I show how I did that.
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Tools that I use in this video + recurring favorites:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Coolant tank + pump:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:

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  • Breaking Taps
    Breaking Taps

    "My initial reaction was to just move the plug to a non-GFCI outlet". A man of my own heart. Great stuff, looking forward to more!

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko

      @bananas stuff ​ Giant Fucking Coolie Impaler

    • Trevor M
      Trevor M

      Ok I have to be that guy. The expression is “a man after my own heart” a man of my own heart means nothing

    • iLikeWaffles

      @niter43 neutral, not ground

    • Kris Klekosky
      Kris Klekosky

      @Dexie Here it is 120/240 but when measured it is often around 125/250.

  • Charles Christianson
    Charles Christianson

    Gotta love how he just glosses over the fact that he made his own CNC machine. It's no big deal....

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      @Josh Young where do i hate anyone?

    • Triston Clark
      Triston Clark

      @Josh Young I'm a construction worker/welder/3d designer so actually cutting a 2x4 is easy for me but u got it o yea I guess I cudve been close to a child when I posted the comment tho I probably was 18 still had the same job though

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @TheSupremeOne oh, I guess we've gotten into it before. Well, let's continue that. My point, which you apparently missed yourself, still stands- that using a kit is a false comparison to designing your own mod.

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @Big Smoke he's just happy with how it turned out. Don't be a hater, your inadequacy is showing

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @Triston Clark uh... I admire him too, but his elaborate builds are definitely more difficult for him than cutting a 2x4 is for the layperson. Unless you're literally a child, in which case nevermind, I mean no offense.

  • Ian Belgarde
    Ian Belgarde

    As a professional welder of 10 years specializing in sheet metal and TIG, I can honestly say this is acceptable work. You managed the heat well, added rod when and where you needed to, and you ended up with a professional looking product. Well done, and dont let hot rod showoffs with their ridiculous setups discourage you.

    • Eragonawesome

      @Ronen Ronen got real "mad scientist but nice" vibes

    • Ronen Ronen
      Ronen Ronen

      Discourage him? lol Look at his setup from his recent video. If someone gets discouraged its probably them. This guy is insane (In a very good way)

  • Balu

    I'd add another "loose" filter (with a handle or something) on top of the fixed one to get a majority of the chips out by just lifting the filter.

    • Tiffany Sandmeier
      Tiffany Sandmeier

      I was wondering why not have a filter basket, so that the chips can be easily cleared out. When he stuck his hand in the chips, I was afraid that they were sharp and he would cut himself.

    • Deckzwabber

      Maybe the filter from a dishwasher with a few modifications?

    • Assassinlexx

      @aqibi2000 Here is your link That you asked for. Industry uses this just a bigger scale.

    • aqibi2000

      @Assassinlexx can you send me a link to a magnet that works for Aluminium? I’ll wait till you defy the laws of physics

    • Assassinlexx

      A large magnet that picks up those really fine chips in suspension in the coolant.

  • just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic

    I know this guy is like in his 20’s, but i cant help thinking how he’s gonna be the BEST grandpa of all time. Just imagine all the cool shit he’s gonna make and do for his grandkids when they spend the weekend at his place.

    • Duckygamez

      @Bloodstreak_OG XD that’s amazing

    • Bloodstreak_OG

      Imagine being his grandkids, like "Grandpa, science fairs coming up. Mom said to come to you" *two weeks later the kid brings in a working rocket*

  • Galaxanz

    "This video is getting a little long" - Don't you dare talk like that - make your videos as long as possible haha! They're intensely fascinating. Mind blowing.

    • Dogan Tosun
      Dogan Tosun

      100%. I dont even build Any thing but its amazing

    • Dylan B
      Dylan B

      It’s almost like he keeps it at the perfect length to stay interesting the whole video.

    • Jivvi

      I know right? Could have at least stretched it out to 20 minutes.

    • Leo Valdez
      Leo Valdez


    • Scotty1286

      @Ivan Adriazola this is my 2nd or third

  • Raymond Link
    Raymond Link

    I love how in-depth your videos go. There are very few ITmores engineers who show the technicalities of their build like you do. Never lose that!!

  • JD

    Me: proud of showing off a wooden box with janky corners that I try to pass as a cabinet to my friends. What did you do? Shane: I just made a CNC, no biggie... Me: ohhh.... A shop tour video would be awesome.

    • Sarcastitone

      @gupiwa I was thinking about this, yeah, it looks impressive to anybody who either doesn't know what a CNC is or hasn't built many things in their life. A CNC really is just a mill that moves and sprays coolant

    • Áron Sztojka
      Áron Sztojka

      Building a CNC router or even mill is surely a big project, but it's not a complicated or creative one. You get lots of busywork and research to do, but it's all been done before and described step by step numerous times.

    • Braxton H
      Braxton H

      One is out now

    • gupiwa

      He didn't make a "Computer Numerical Control", he built a metal box with legs to hold the mill that he bought. He does plenty of impressive stuff, no need to attribute store bought stuff to him as well.

  • Flosoph

    Man who thought he'd spilled all coolant spills last additional bit of coolant he didn't even know he still had.

    • Kaiser Karl Heinrich III
      Kaiser Karl Heinrich III

      wtf is my man talmbout

    • moth

      I had a stroke reading this

    • Prestyn Emmick
      Prestyn Emmick

      The amount of redundancy in your comment hurts my head.

    • Slim Nate
      Slim Nate

      Highly underrated comment

    • Jay Berry
      Jay Berry

      He likes to be thorough...

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen

    i love the pen plotter, we use something simmilar on our 4k fiber laser for certain parts by etching some bend lines. one thing that has worked well for us is to use a solid line to denote a bend in one direction and a dashed line to denote a bend the other direction, helps reduce mistakes!

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost

      @Supermouse The Rodent I would guess that origami used it first, but they could still be independent inventions. It's really not that hard to come up with.

    • Supermouse The Rodent
      Supermouse The Rodent

      That's origami 'notation', cool to see it gets used for sheet metal! Mountain folds and valley folds... Wonder which application came first or if they're independent inventions.

    • Axodus

      @Daniel Allen I was making a joke :P

    • Daniel Allen
      Daniel Allen

      @Axodus not if you follow the rules by which you program the lines or dashes... solid is up, dashed is down. 100% accurate

    • Axodus

      Well, you still have a 50% chance of getting it right without the dashed line system.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    I love how he approaches massive problems. "I was worried about holding on to the coolant tank so I didn't spill any coolant. But I already dropped the tank, so that's just one less thing to worry about." Incredible.

  • tyler krug
    tyler krug

    It doesn't matter how well, you weld, there will always be some "professional" welder, who could've done a better job blind folded. What ever works, works

  • Matthew Croft
    Matthew Croft

    as someone who spent two years maintaining cnc mills, this video speaks to me on a deep level

  • v8 fastback
    v8 fastback

    What would be cool is having an auxiliary hose, or a quick disconnect on the sprayer, to allow you to periodically rinse and flush chips from the enclosure and components of the machine.

  • Juan Carlos del Rio
    Juan Carlos del Rio

    This is my 10th video in 2 days, its pure engineering porn. Thank you for all you do, you remind me why I became an engineer in the first place. If I don't go back to engineering one day, this is something to aspire to.

  • Илья Николаевич
    Илья Николаевич

    Cool upgrade. You can add a coarse stiff mesh over the fine mesh to protect it from mechanical damage. A gap of 15-20 mm would be sufficient between the two. It can be held in place with magnets to make it easier to access for cleaning and revision.

  • CodeF53

    I really enjoy both your new and old content. I would love see some more stuff like this in the future

  • John Howard
    John Howard

    “If it wants to flow sideways it has to go back up a vertical wall, which it can’t do”. Buddy it’s 2020. Prepare yourself.

    • dylan holland
      dylan holland


    • lies damnlies
      lies damnlies

      @hedgehog3180 Sounds like software engineering.

    • hedgehog3180

      @lies damnlies evolution is the laziest engineer ever, willing to go to enormous lengths to avoid having to just fix an issue.

    • hedgehog3180

      Through the power of Van Der Waals forces everything is possible.

    • JustAKomiFan

      *We have unlearned so much I’m not surprise that gravity gets Uninvented*

  • Barbeqdbrwniez

    Wow! Your videos are always so amazing. Completely mesmerizing and I don't even understand most of it but you explain it so well and with such a dry humor spread perfectly throughout. 12/10. I'm curious, how do you go about cleaning all of those metal chips out of the CNC machine?

  • Jackal1412

    This was a fascinating problem and process to watch you work through! I think the welding was fine BTW :)

  • Bo Brewer
    Bo Brewer

    This is my 1st video of yours. Love how you get to the point without telling us about the weather or how your cat is doing! You also explain well for those of us who do not have your incredible sill level. I am now a new subscriber!

  • Fr0s1Byte

    Watching you explain each step through your process is so valuable. Seeing you casually fix and upgrade stuff around your shop is so inspiring and really helps consolidate stuff. Cant thank you enough!

  • Trey Camp
    Trey Camp

    Great job! I love how you take time to improve your tools and figure out all the little details! it's what makes things worth talking about.

  • Felix from Nebraska
    Felix from Nebraska

    I really love your project tenacity, Shane. You always include these setbacks in your videos, and I appreciate that. I took some programming back in the early '70s; I never made that my career field and always wondered why. Anyway, I digress. Thanks for always including the mistakes that are made in your videos. It gives us a better idea of the processes that you go through to create your project. You always give a glimpse into your systematic brain. I sure wish I was better at math and science. Thanks for sharing. Felix

  • Durbin Haas
    Durbin Haas

    I'm in the process of building my own mill after watching your videos, thanks for the inspiration!

  • OddSketch

    As an engineer who specializes in press brakes, I find your pen plotter to be an interesting short cut. Now to convince my company that it's a good idea haha.

    • OddSketch

      @Dayton M yeah, modern pressbrakes almost feel like cheating dont they? The ones we use even display a cad model of the part in the machine to help ensure you dont put it in wrong.

    • Dayton M
      Dayton M

      Im an engineer that specializes in sheet metal. Most of my parts are laser cut so i just have our guys laser etch the bend lines. Modern press brakes shouldnt need bend lines but theyre helpful for verification

    • 2sixstreet

      Instead of the pen, why not just laser a small notch at each side of the bend line?

    • OddSketch

      @Props! C h a n n e l I work for ironform

    • Props! C h a n n e l
      Props! C h a n n e l

      @OddSketch Hey, where do you work?

  • ricardo

    You could add a removable primary catch filter to easy the cleanout process 😉 very nice project 👌

  • Wade Overlie
    Wade Overlie

    Love all your stuff. On this, I know you spent a lot of time on it but I wonder if a primary drain chamber with a removeable catch basin that spills into a secondary pump chamber might be easier to maintain. Thanks for your great and inspiring work! PS: one more mill would be a great addition ; )

  • Joseph Wagner
    Joseph Wagner

    Great video! I would like to know more about how you initially built your CNC. The DIY stuff I see online never includes an enclosure or coolant.

  • Furhad Nasserjah
    Furhad Nasserjah

    Man you’re something special, so crazy smart! You’re videos are always so amazing to watch and it inspires me to keep building stuff to one day be even half as smart as you man! Keep it up!!

  • glennpitcairn

    You should do a basic "intro to machining" video just a little bit about how you got into it, how you make it work in an apartment with an estimated budget and some tips for viewers that want to start with this type of home projects. Love the vids!

    • Lasket

      @Ryan Dispecki Why u gotta steal the top comment like that

    • Ryan Dispecki
      Ryan Dispecki

      Gotta love how he just glosses over the fact that he made his own CNC machine. It's no big deal....

  • Krassas

    Hi! I love your videos!! I have a suggestion. If you make the frame and the screen of the filter in V shape pointing downward, then is less possible to clog, the chips goes to the lower spot and the sides stays clear the most of the time at least. Plus you have more screen surface. And even more you can use an overflow about an inch or so higher than the filter. This way only the coolant can travel through if the screen clog completely and the chips stays in the bottom of the cabin but then you may put more coolant in the tank than you put now. I hope that makes sense 😊

  • Jeff Tsalote
    Jeff Tsalote

    Love the spot welder! That's a cool and very handy thing to have.

  • tom irvine
    tom irvine

    i could watch you work for hours and i honestly can say i have. your channel is amazing, i love the content, keep it coming.

  • Hexsa peddy
    Hexsa peddy

    I am in love with your videos, watching them all, and I’m sad I’m almost done! I Can’t wait to see more. every video so creative and smart, amazing

  • Vice Chief
    Vice Chief

    Please do more detailed videos on your sheet metal processes! Spot welding, the marker trick, and your press brake setups!!!

    • cristian salles
      cristian salles

      @Stuff Made Here yeah it's boting for u and whe like to se u sufer kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Nah, just kidding, whe like things like these

    • Charlene Woods
      Charlene Woods

      As an engineer who specializes in press brakes, I find your pen plotter to be an interesting short cut. Now to convince my company that it's a good idea haha.

    • kurt Mora
      kurt Mora

      Don't know if you know or if it matters, but at 17:28 you can see a motor shifting around a bit in the top left corner. That may mess with tolerances or just wear something out prematurely. Like, so he can see.

    • Ryan Dispecki
      Ryan Dispecki

      2:04 scare the living crap out of me

    • Mark Fryer
      Mark Fryer

      @Pete F Good comment. I as a Carpenter/maintenance welder, use ITmores as a skills learning resource in all manner of things, so even though I learned spot welding at Secondary School and I sometimes have to fabricate/modify things in sheet metal, I will still happily sit and watch the video. Sometimes, someone will do something and I will be like, Hello what happened there? It comes in handy at work and at home. If you have seen something done, the idea hangs around and can provide a Get Out of Jail Card moment.

  • RedstonePotato

    I’ve seen this video 3 times and this is my forth. I love how perfected this machine design is for all circumstances. A lot of people would beg to be able to get one of these

  • Michał Halczuk
    Michał Halczuk

    As for spills and similar, I highly recommend vacuum washer or what we call in Poland washing vacuum. You can use it both for carpets and floors for washing and for cleaning any leaks. New one cost me less then 100$ but it was really with it.

  • kandkmotorsports

    Love your videos! Keep it up and THANKS for taking the time!

  • Steven Sorensen
    Steven Sorensen

    I would love some more details on your home made CNC! Mainly what did you use for you linear rails. Keep up the good work!

  • nermalsturf

    I just love his calm, cool, humble dry humor. His soothing voice helps too.

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen

    Rivnuts truly are a great invention. I can't count how many times I've used them in projects. Great video as always!

  • Alexander Sean
    Alexander Sean

    I would watch any length of video made by you. Your work is fascinating and I rarely enjoy youtube as much as I do when im in the middle of one of your projects. Take your time, enjoy your craft, your audience is here and ready for whatever you have time to create!

  • Nick Barrett
    Nick Barrett

    Did you consider coating the collection system you made in the video with some type of wax to decrease μ in frictional force to really get the aqueous soln cookin down that ramp? Also, did you consider using a Zinc screen or charging the screen to help pull some of the debris out of soln to help protect the filter?

  • Travis Norton
    Travis Norton

    I would recommend scotch brite pads instead of the mesh or over top of it, they’re cheap, won’t get punctured from a tool and allow the coolant to pass freely while holding the chips. We use them at our shop for filters on lathes and knife grinders

  • Travis Gallagher
    Travis Gallagher

    Would love to see that screen filter be held with magnets instead of bolts. Also, I love this channel and I think that spot welder is super cool

  • Merigold

    My 2 cents: You should add an sealant/gasket between the mesh-assembly and the funnel. Or you should have invested in seamless rivet nuts…

  • SovietandScotsman

    This is so unbelievably over-engineered and significantly more complicated than it needed to be... I love it.

    • Azure

      @SovietandScotsman He was worried about leakage, im afraid the man has no welding skill and two triangles welded together at their sides is significantly more prone to leakage as the weld breaks down to wear and tear than a sheet of metal just bent. That and he wanted to move his motor out of the way of the coolant not have the coolant just flow over it

    • SovietandScotsman

      @No Could've just done 2 pairs of triangles and connected everything together with a circle so the pump was at the lowest point, and then put a domed mesh over it so it would stop the chips from getting in while allowing the coolant to go up and over any clogs that may happen. Wouldn't have taken much work, but I assume there was some reason why it was done like this, but I'm not sure why...

    • No

      SovietandScotsman Was it really? CNC machines are inherently complicated, this man built a homemade one :P

  • Vickie Sanders
    Vickie Sanders

    "My initial reaction was to just move the plug to a non-GFCI outlet". A man of my own heart. Great stuff, looking forward to more!

  • Chris Manning
    Chris Manning

    Your channel is insane, man. You set the bar so high for other content creators.

  • Nicholas Rose
    Nicholas Rose

    You are the most understated yet monumental genius ever to walk this earth!!! I can’t wait to see what else you make. And I love how you describe building a **custom-made** drain tub for your **custom-made** CNC machine with the same nonchalance I would bring to bear if I made a video on how to tie shoelaces How do you do that?!?!?!? 🤪

  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C.

    Your channel makes me remember all the manufacturing processes and techniques I have long forgotten.

  • Additive Manufactuing
    Additive Manufactuing

    Why havent i found this channel earlier, can't wait to see more. +1 sub!

    • Ed Ed
      Ed Ed

      @Francisco Roxas he didnt hack ITmores, he built his own small ITmores to fit into the small apartment next to the desk.

    • Francisco Roxas
      Francisco Roxas

      6 months after starting out he's already at 1.3 mil ... he probably hacked ITmores and gave himself a bunch of subscribers

    • Panz3r

      @Mrcaffinebean 120k subs in about two months, that's insane considering he was unknown before. Really like all of his videos

    • Mrcaffinebean

      William Arvidsson I thought the same thing and then I realized it’s a brand new channel!

    • xiasonic

      yes, this channel really high quality. i love it

  • Stratobrick

    I love the detail and time you put in your vids

  • Bugsydor

    Loved the "This Old Tony" pastiche. The improvement to the cooling system was pretty neat, too.

  • El Rey
    El Rey

    When tig welding, remember to get comfy and bring the tungsten to you.

  • Harley Chesney
    Harley Chesney

    I definitely need that angle tool! Love your channel.

  • Wildomaar

    Wish you had more videos, just so satisfying to watch for someone who took drafting at a trade school! Really brings back some good memories!

  • Kyle Brumsworth
    Kyle Brumsworth

    Easily my new favorite content creator! Love all your projects!

  • Jeff

    A good addition to your new coolant system would be a corkscrew that pushes the shavings off of the filter and maybe into a bucket, maybe with an upward slope so that you don't lose coolant.

  • Ezekiel

    Love your content bro. You can fine tune your RivNut setting tool by increasing/decreasing the amount of threads that are available to screw the RivNut onto during installation. It shouldn't be that hard to set... I've stripped the threads out before. Learned the hard way.

    • denis loginowski
      denis loginowski

      I was thinking the same thing, what usually works for me is to adjust the collar such that the mandrill is flush with the tip of the rivnut when the handles are about 30-35 degrees apart. Then you can just bottom out the tool and get the perfect rivnut. Obviously depends on material thickness and rivnut grip range, but that's a good place to start.

  • CS

    "A grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain't. " -AvE

    • You Liked That
      You Liked That


    • Captain_Coleslaw

      Omfg, I LITERALLY just paused the video to comment this at 8 minutes, and saw your comment! Great minds think alike!

    • Nestor Moctezuma
      Nestor Moctezuma

      @Sus reviews tools by disassembling them or taking them to failure. Peeking under the skirt to see just how well it’s built. None of that feels god in the hands stuff. Funny as hell, made daré maintain my own tools, replacing brushes and chucks instead of putting them in the bin.

    • DesertFernweh

      @Sus He is the greatest Canadian treasure since Celine Dion and Tim Hortons.

  • Alexander Elderhorst
    Alexander Elderhorst

    wow, rivnuts are cool, and that spot welder is something I've never seen before either yes this is what I was thinking, not "why would you ignore the outlet saying it could kill you" or "exactly grinding had lots of hot metal shrapnel why the heck does dad grind without face protection other than his reading glasses?!?"

  • Declan Lawford-Wickham
    Declan Lawford-Wickham

    Please do more detailed videos on your sheet metal processes! Spot welding, the marker trick, and your press brake setups!!!

  • Hui Lin Chen
    Hui Lin Chen

    Please do more detailed videos on your sheet metal processes! Spot welding, the marker trick, and your press brake setups!!!

  • Hexx Bombastus
    Hexx Bombastus

    Jackstands are incredibly useful for holding up tanks that you're trying to separate from structures that are too large for you to reach around.

  • grayduster

    One thing you could also do to guard against really fine chips is perhaps to install a dam into your coolant tank, with the drain falling into one side of the coolant tank, the dam (vertical divider) stopping the fine chips from flowing towards the pump, and the coolant overflowing the top of the dam into the pump side. Hopefully never needed!

    • eric

      @Ethan Doran ASCII diagram skills on point there, nice one :D

    • Ethan Doran
      Ethan Doran

      after it falls down into the box have a vertical wall like so -----------------------\ \ | so the coolant flows over here \-----------| and metal collects here

    • Marco Delos Santos
      Marco Delos Santos

      Chips still fly everywhere tho

  • Garret Lizotte
    Garret Lizotte

    Watching this one again for entertainment! I must congratulate you for the leaps and bound you have made in video quality in just 10 months after this video was uploaded!

  • Sigi Baes
    Sigi Baes

    Please do more of these DIY machine builds!

  • Tech DIYer
    Tech DIYer

    You should make a video on how to build your own CNC Machine... The spot welding was actually quite interesting. ive never seen it before, love your videos!!

  • pete brooks
    pete brooks

    The POV is a great way to follow your work. Inspiring creativity! Cheers!

  • Benjamin Phillips
    Benjamin Phillips

    Its funny how calm he is and how he can laugh at his own mistakes Thats a true worker

  • Nicholas Lindner
    Nicholas Lindner

    Consider backstepping for welding thin, or otherwise heat-sensitive materials. Definitely helps keep the heat and warping manageable while maintaining a reasonable time frame

  • Peter Panda
    Peter Panda

    I can’t get enough of your videos, thank you! Please keep posting!

  • Marian Cosma
    Marian Cosma

    Maybe it will help with your sheet metal designs in the future, make some small "V" notches where you want your parts to align or just use the "Father and Mother" approach. Cool videos, keep them comming :)

  • Rick Seiden
    Rick Seiden

    When you took out the last bolt and the tub dropped all over, I was reminded of a time where I removed bolts without thinking about it and faced the consequences. I was fixing the garage door, which had a snapped cable on one side and was slanted at about a 5 degree angle, jamming it. I proceeded to take the nuts out of the plate holding the cable to the side still attached to the spring. When that last bolt came out, the plate flew up right into my face. It hit the right lens of my glasses, throwing it into the bridge of my nose, leaving a small bruise on the bridge of my noise. It then slid over my brow leaving a gash that cost me three or four stiches. If I weren't wearing glasses, I most likely would have lost an eye. I leave the garage door repairs to the pros now.

  • bob bob
    bob bob

    very nice! fixing backend problems are always nice also i'd think handling metal shavings is dangerous coz i reckon it could easily cut you? does this just not happen?

  • tyler krug
    tyler krug

    I think the metal bender is great! It got the job done just well.

  • RoryJay O
    RoryJay O

    I’m way late from video upload time, but it is interesting to see you do upgrade builds and stuff like with this and also the pen plasma cutter attachment

  • justin hetricck
    justin hetricck

    That looks a lot like a oil pan for a car. A few adjustments and you can start making custom oil pans for cars. Love your channel. Just a observation from a car guy.

    • Jerald Lifsey
      Jerald Lifsey

      Cleetus McFarland just broke the oil pan on Ruby

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W.

      @Mark Fryer another application that hasn't been mentioned (directly, someone said a larger pan but not why) would be if someone is adding additional parts that require oil. Such as upgrading/adding a new turbo or supercharger :)

    • since1876

      I didn't even consider the fact that his garage could literally make custom car parts. But that's absolutely something he could do. And the plans for a lot of parts might even be on the internet, especially mustangs, corvettes, firebirds, and all the other special cars that people seem to really care about.

    • S. Stewart
      S. Stewart

      @Mark Fryer Or if you're having to replace one on a very rare engine where there aren't many parts available. He did an excellent job fabricating that pan, by the way

    • lemster101

      @Mark Fryer As Koby said, could be a fitment issue. Could be the have a bigger oil capacity, better flow or just replacing an existing broken one.