Is an automatic golf club cheating?
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I wanted to see if I could make myself a better golfer by combining robotic engineering and golf. The result is a robotic club that senses your swing and corrects your shot for distance. It should be possible to correct for slice and hook with some hardware and software upgrades. It also has a cool mode where it can be any iron so no need to carry eleven clubs.
All hail our our robot overlords. I'm looking forward to gen 2 and doing more science on how good a robot really can make you.
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I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing:
Parts used in this build:
Practice green:
Basement driving net:
This driver gave its life for the cause:
Battery pack:
Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:
Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)

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  • Matthias Wandel
    Matthias Wandel

    wow, the amount of work that went into this! The failed attempt is really interesting too. I would also need to correct for club length and missing the ball entirely!

    • Luis Dias
      Luis Dias

      @Stuff Made Here would also be easier to predict where will it hit the ball if you have a special ball which tells the club where it is at, or a camera at the club that can see the ball.

    • Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen

      @Stuff Made Here Keeping the club long during the swing and shortening it just before hitting the ground should also increase the hit force quite a lot.

    • Ken Krupowies
      Ken Krupowies

      @Stuff Made Here Make a telescoping club to better simulate all the different clubs. Then go to Nike with it!

    • Olli K
      Olli K

      @Stuff Made Here "Wife Mode 2": changes the shaft length as she swings...

    • TheRussell747

      @Stuff Made Here also you could add a putting mode that puts the club head at a vertical

  • Valentino Calderon
    Valentino Calderon

    "The reason that it hadn't been working.. is because.. I had a 1 instead of a 4..." I felt that.

    • Jordan Peper
      Jordan Peper

      Debugging in a nutshell

    • Jonathan Brooks
      Jonathan Brooks

      This is how I feel every day doing sound programming in Linux "Oh, I was using bits per sample rather than bytes per sample. Only took me a week of debugging to figure out"

    • bénjiø _
      bénjiø _

      @sumi that's exactly it

    • sumi

      @spaceduck413 It's also really hard to explain to non-programmers.... "I fixed it! It only took me three days!" "You changed one line of code in three days....?" "Yes?!"

  • Andrés Felipe Martínez M
    Andrés Felipe Martínez M

    Out of all the geeky people in youtube, this guy is totally in another level, and I am considering SED, Veritasium, even Adam Savage and Mark Rober. He has such a comprehensive understanding (and skills) in engineering; mechanical, electronics and systems all together. Amazing

    • M. Adrian
      M. Adrian

      @Bable631 Pretty sure he didnt made a Plasma sword hold in place by a magnetic field

    • BleedingRaindrops

      Destin even openly admits that this guy is smarter than him

    • Ligido Bastian
      Ligido Bastian

      I said it once before. He's the true definition of being an engineer.

    • Calvin Grant
      Calvin Grant

      Basically just modified a plasma cutter to fit into a different case. Cool, but not the same level of engineering

    • Danny Thompson
      Danny Thompson

      Agreed. This dude is the smartest of the smart..

  • Tran Chan Phong
    Tran Chan Phong

    Wife: "Is this another prank?" You: No of course not sets club to "wife mode"

    • griffithd05


    • Jaroshock Tesla
      Jaroshock Tesla

      Yep that’s the joke congrats

    • Gwynedd Boom
      Gwynedd Boom

      Wife mode’s no joke you know?

    • Ron Kellison
      Ron Kellison

      this guy has decided that engineering is better than sex. Or meals, laundry or all the other things that happen when he's creating for 20 hours a day.

    • Ignas Merkelis
      Ignas Merkelis

      i guess we all know what this guy is gonna build next ....

  • burgersnchips

    Once you have the final mods in place I'd love to see a "(semi?) pro-golfer" vs "amateur with tech" battle

    • Cameron Ritchie
      Cameron Ritchie

      Rick Shiels with his manual adjustable iron vs Shane with his auto adjusting iron.

  • TallFishermanJ

    Build a skateboard that helps eliminate the learning process of doing tricks.

    • flex worshipper
      flex worshipper

      @Ryan's Random Shop was gonna say that

    • Dungeons And Dragons
      Dungeons And Dragons

      Make a skateboard that helps eliminate you. Oh wait that’s a normal skateboard

    • Yasser Hussaini
      Yasser Hussaini

      Yep that would be awesome!

    • Todd P
      Todd P

      @Skrrr Bababa uhhhh have you been watching this guy? yes it will.

    • Lewi Yonas
      Lewi Yonas

      That’s not gonna be possible

  • Chitran Chakrabortty
    Chitran Chakrabortty

    Man, how smart can a person be, Shane makes me feel like an absolute monkë

    • Drake

      Don't be rasist

    • Jaroshock Tesla
      Jaroshock Tesla

      nothing wrong with being a monkë. monkë is superior species

    • JefftheDoggo 7
      JefftheDoggo 7

      reject humanity, return to monkë

  • notahotshot

    "So no strength advantage." Why you gotta take away her advantage like that?

    • Ben Konosky
      Ben Konosky

      It's a good thing he has so much burn cream in his shop.

    • Piotr Woźnica
      Piotr Woźnica

      The BURN

    • wolfarmour


    • Samuel Young
      Samuel Young


    • TEOcraft_

      that hit close to home

  • Peter Tilly
    Peter Tilly

    I think it would be cool to see a trombone that always plays precisely in tune. There are lots of slides to play around with. Maybe it could also detect the chord to play in tune there. The main difficulty would be making sure all the engineering itself doesn’t change the tonal quality.

  • Maxwell Edison
    Maxwell Edison

    Love this guy, not just the ingenuity and engineering, but the dry humour and that top monitor that's always so meta. The production value is great too, and i love the gags, baking Wife Mode into projects etc. Can't wait for another vid!

  • Kevin Nieto
    Kevin Nieto

    This man turns science words into English that I can understand

    • BoogeyTime

      Google translate for nerds

    • Jared Pineiro
      Jared Pineiro

      Dats no man. A wizard he be!!!!

    • nul

      @isxact Wow you sure dunked that 12 year old

    • Miguel Ferrer
      Miguel Ferrer

      Angry4rtichoke get an hour of golf lesson

    • MaxxyN00B

      Good for you

  • Barry Wood
    Barry Wood

    Just the fact of having one golf club that replaces all the golf clubs should make this guy a millionare!

    • Greg Martin
      Greg Martin

      Already exists, and it’s illegal for play. Just like the balls that always go straight, or the wedges with special grooves. The USGA and RA frown on anything that makes golf easier for bad players.

  • DIY Wizard
    DIY Wizard

    Thank you so much again for this great video (ok I know its over one year old) ;) I think it is so important that you explain everything you do so easily, so young people can see that a lot of basic physics knowledge lies in such a project! And also thank you for that part with the USB driver, because this is exactly what every maker faces on his Project!!!! One simple thing that yould work takes you a real big bunch of time to fix - and at the end its one worng hex-Number, I dont know how often I had such issues that frustrated me so badly. I think its very important for people to see, that theses issues belong to the process and must be showed by experts like you! So THANKT YOU!!!! btw I cant find your announced music Project :(

  • Reyla Sharp
    Reyla Sharp

    Recommend using rigid tubing with an accumulator for hydraulic models. Rigid tubing can also be used as the club shaft. Double walled tubing could be used to minimize the shaft profile.

  • Caden Guy
    Caden Guy

    Just a quick tip, when doing your back swing, try not to bend your left arm as much as that will help you hit the ball more consistently.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    this guy is going to make a billion dollars off one of these inventions sold off to a major company someday

    • monkeymanwasd123

      @KernalMustang you would love talking to physics students or engineering students

    • monkeymanwasd123

      @KernalMustang the tech has been developed like 100 times over, you could google how to do this stuff

    • monkeymanwasd123

      @Flame 29 for a singular product?

    • KernalMustang

      @monkeymanwasd123 You really don't understand just how intelligent this dude is. He probably has offers for 3-month contracts at 100k piling up. The tech he develops is insane. The man is pretty much superhuman.

    • guardianeifie

      One club that can be every iron in your bag at once is great. A bag full of golf clubs is heavy, and even if you have a golf cart you still have to load and unload it from the car into the golf cart. Even without the computerized stuff that could be considered cheating, being able to carry 3-4 clubs instead of more than a dozen clubs is something golfers would definitely want.

  • James Schenken
    James Schenken

    I like your approach and design. The earliest such club (without automation ) was made in the 1930's with later ones made by "super Stick in the 1950's, Walking Sticks, and Divnick ( who currently sells them. Great work to get the ability to adjust mid-swing.

  • Leoj

    Dude... you are a freakin genius! Love your projects!

  • Jerzy W
    Jerzy W

    I’ve watched this dude for a weeks worth of videos and I can conclude that... this dude will eventually create every human augmentation used in cyberpunk.

  • Ryan Berg
    Ryan Berg

    amazing. I'm impressed (as usual). Awesome idea and execution. I am very interested in your venture into robotic music playing!

  • Michael Pillon
    Michael Pillon

    Love your videos! Youre keeping me inspired during my online engineering degree! What references did you use to learn to write control algorithms? Also curious what IMU you used, I've had pretty good success with the MPU6050 but the motors are causing vibrations I'm having trouble accounting for. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Dimitar Petkanski
    Dimitar Petkanski

    That was actually one of the best videos, because the stuff made here is relatively simple (compared to thee other projects), but still effective. :) LOVE IT!

  • Shaikh Ahmed
    Shaikh Ahmed

    My utmost respect for keeping trust on the broken IMU that the hardware is still good to work even after that disaster. I would have given up after 5 6 hrs of effort 😁

  • G. Heath
    G. Heath

    For version 3.... consider shaft flex as it flexes during different velocities... or just go stiff shaft to reduce that as much as you can. ... would be interesting to have a putting version that read the topography and in your smart glasses, gave you the right path & speed to putt. (Like your pool table project) awesome stuff!!!!!

  • Temi O.
    Temi O.

    My favorite part is when he casually states that two engines would be required to power the hydraulic golf club

    • Temi O.
      Temi O.

      @Patrick O hahaha that's awesome

  • Brandon Winter
    Brandon Winter

    You have an incredibly informative and entertaining channel. You made a subscriber out of me

  • s60t5M

    For the hydraulic club you could use hard lines that run up the shaft and then to soft lines to the backpack pump at the grip

  • ComputerSchool101

    You get the hook/slice taken care of, and that club would be a great tool! Does the battery last 18 holes or do you need to charge it?

  • Alexander Caley
    Alexander Caley

    You’re incredible! The way you understand almost all facets of engineering consistently blows me away, and better yet you somehow get me to understand complex topics that I wouldn’t have began to look into otherwise. Thank you

  • Tj Gienger
    Tj Gienger

    10 hours later: so the reason this didn’t work is because the 1 was suppose to be a 4. - programming in a nutshell.

    • Sri Teja Chilakapati
      Sri Teja Chilakapati

      Alright everybody, big story coming up, so grab yourself some popcorn! I once wrote a python program to analyze an excel sheet containing thousands of rows data, send that to an external API, get the response back, do some processing and update the excel sheet. Relatively easy work, one might say. At the end I was supposed to write all the info like number of rows, how many were successfully processed, how many errors encountered such things blah blah to a log.txt file. The interesting part is, if lets say a 1000 records were error-ed out, I had to write those row numbers into the log with a comma separator. But the catch is, it has to be split into multiple lines with a maximum of 100 values per line. So I implemented some kind of loop to make that work. Everything's done. It's showtime. I know that one record takes around 3 seconds to process and I have nearly 8000 records. I estimated about 6.5 to 7 hours for the entire thing to complete, give or take. So I kept it running overnight and slept. The next morning I woke up and saw it's still not done yet. First thought, maybe the API has been slowed down due to some kind of bottleneck. So I waited longer. It's been 12 hours and still not done. When I went and checked the log file I saw that it was more than 500 MB in size. I instantly sensed something wrong (obviously), stopped the program and started debugging. After 6 hours of debugging I found out the culprit. Remember that loop I implemented for the log? Well I incremented the control variable outside the loop (python and it's indentations, argh!) I learned a major lesson that day, and I can't stress this enough. **ALWAYS TEST YOUR PROGRAM WITH SMALLER DATASETS**

    • Ethan Moore
      Ethan Moore

      There has been a ridiculous amount of times that I've tried to explain to [another person] why my code isn't working, and it usually ends up somewhere along these lines.

    • Serai Resana
      Serai Resana

      I'm stuck in a Stuff Made Here marathon at 3:00am. Send help

    • Lizlodude

      It's always a semicolon;

  • Miles Wosick
    Miles Wosick

    My favorite part of this video as a golfer myself is the glove on the wrong hand, but otherwise fantastic job

  • Dane Byrd
    Dane Byrd

    I always wish when he does these to hand the prototype to a professional (in this case a golf player) and have them try it out as well

  • dahee1

    I could definitely see the club selector being a real product. Perfect for beginners who don't want to spend a fortune on clubs.

  • Mason Krcmarik
    Mason Krcmarik

    My favorite videos ever. I would looove to be capable of these kinda projects 🤣

  • WorldWong

    I can’t comprehend having this much patience and knowledge....

    • MB

      @divad givin did I just get trolled, I hope I did anyway

    • divad givin
      divad givin

      @MB I hope you use your magical unicorn for your good but your magical unicorn can't make huge Jupiter appear in the sky or gravity holding water gravitationally on a globe configuration as been claimed by NASA men and women and other government agencies in the world. Don't hurt yourself magical uniform .😣😥

    • divad givin
      divad givin

      @MB with my intelligence and abilities being far superior to yours easily and all humans on the Land, I'll take a little luck with the unicorn to never use it.🤔

    • MB

      @divad givin and I’m a magical unicorn

    • MB

      @divad givin that’s pretty cringe bro

  • Joshua Havelszky
    Joshua Havelszky

    Great videos!!! BTW isn't the speed of sound thru metal around 17 times faster than thru air? The speed is dependent on density of the medium.

  • Kool Kevin
    Kool Kevin

    I truly hope you keep your prototypes, failures especially - they remind us of where we came from and they are so cool!

  • Josh Miko
    Josh Miko

    Thank you ITmores suggestions....I now feel incredibly dumb. You good sir, are absolutely brilliant and I’m so happy to have discovered your channel!!

  • Ammar Mahmoud
    Ammar Mahmoud

    Great effort! One of my ideas that I believe you can accomplish is what I like to call the "treadmill shoes" From the name it is clear that the shoes are supposed to replace a treadmill by allowing the person who's wearing them to run/ walk/ jog on the spot. No motors are involved just bearings, sensors, a control board and brakes the limit the motion of the bearings according to an algorithm you're supposed to derive. Have fun!

  • BangDroid ✪
    BangDroid ✪

    Love this guy, not just the ingenuity and engineering, but the dry humour and that top monitor that's always so meta. The production value is great too, and i love the gags, baking Wife Mode into projects etc. Can't wait for another vid!

    • Octoschizare

      Ya seriously, this guy is my new favorite dude. What a legend.

  • slashluck

    "a neat little parallel" Brother, the screw comparison and other little side chutes like it are one of the many things that make these videos so damn entertaining. You also make your projects super comprehensible to the layman. Not saying I am one.... I mean... Nah but really @stuff made here you have some seriously awesome content and I can't wait to see what you upload next. Picture my sadness when I realized you didn't have a massive trove of uploads... But the video quality and just the whole entire way you edit and put these together is perfect. Perfect. Thanks so much for the content. Really makes me happy and improves my quality of life and well-being. Cheers to you and your family. You're appreciated beyond explanation.

    • Sam H
      Sam H


  • Sammy Jankiss
    Sammy Jankiss

    I love this guy. Hope he ends up finishing the slice/draw correction option at some point.

  • softyzz69

    Excellent work ethic and a good amount of smarts can take you a long way in life.

  • Jordan Barg
    Jordan Barg

    I love your content man. Looking forward to mark 2

  • Caleb Simmons
    Caleb Simmons

    "The reason it's not working is I had a one instead of a four" I felt that.

    • Ross Carlson
      Ross Carlson


    • Adam Tennant
      Adam Tennant

      @Da Dillen Oof, I've done exactly the same thing. That hurts.

    • e1123581321345589144

      too many times. Too Many Freaggin' Times!

    • Nasreddine Galfout
      Nasreddine Galfout

      Me too

    • Sick Deals
      Sick Deals

      This sexual talk? Could apply.

  • Alexander Trefz
    Alexander Trefz

    Hitting 500 balls with one club and then the other would skew your data as well, as you gain 500 hits worth of experience hitting the ball. So you have to continuously switch between each shot to keep all the variable deviation to a minimum, I think.

  • StorKejsaren

    The speed of "sound" is actually much higher in denser materials like the aluminium in the golf club or the fluid in hydralic hoses :)

  • Chip in4seven
    Chip in4seven

    Your glove positioning is on point l absolutely love it!! ⛳

  • Cody Sikels
    Cody Sikels

    The multiple renditions of the backboard, the bat and the power club were all impressive but this is next to amazing, we might be looking at a serious future product, this would be a god send to seniors who can’t quite swing like they use to who still wanna go out for a solo 8. Good work man this things sick

  • West Anderson
    West Anderson

    Lol, your wife always looks so amused when you prank her. Also, I'm loving your channel, this stuff is so freaking cool.

  • Mihály Dózsa
    Mihály Dózsa

    Maybe, you should try with this same club for testing, just randomize times when it is not doing anything.

  • 2yellow4u

    I'm just waiting for the day this guy makes a video titled "I made a self correcting human body" and he's just transferred his consciousness into a robot and ascended.

  • CircsC

    All your projects are super impressive. I know it's non-trivial, but have you considered leveraging tensorflow on a micro for this project? I'm not experienced with it myself, but predicting a golf swing as it happens seems like it would be a good fit for it.

  • riba2233

    I really like how you show and explain your failed attempts, since we can learn most from our own mistakes :)

    • aw rats!
      aw rats!

      omg yes!! my parents say the same thing about me!

  • Johnny

    I am actually a violinist of 19 years and would be FASCINATED if you could break the learning process. I will be looking forward to seeing whether or not you can do it! Good luck!

  • Carter Foster
    Carter Foster

    id love to learn how to program and try to do this kind of thing on the weekends. If you dont have a programming class can you please make one

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson

    I'm honestly surprised how young you are, or at least how young you look; as I said in the pool-table video, I have immense respect for those who can code and engineer insane ideas like these, and that respect grows larger for people who can do these things around my age (early-twenties) or earlier. Blows my mind, it does.

  • Gilbert Barela
    Gilbert Barela

    all awesome videos! are any of the projects ever completed? each one I have seen ends with a few tweaks needed.

  • Hawkon

    This guy is going to cure cancer with a self kicking football

    • CodeMan1131

      then he turns the football to wife mode and uncures cancer

    • mr. gamerguy
      mr. gamerguy

      Lol true

    • 4K NoCopyrightMusic
      4K NoCopyrightMusic

      Mark Rober made a football kicking robot!

    • combatcello

      @WillCraft 100 you make a cool ITmores video of it and donate the revenue to Cancer research?

    • seife41

      @jayden stamey well this channel is about absurd ideas. Every joke can be taken seriously

  • freeidaho

    Interesting. If you want to fix the most important flaw in a golf club, align the shaft with the spot where the golf ball hits. This will go a long way towards removing unwanted slices. Also not allowed by the regulations.

  • Paul Fornage
    Paul Fornage

    Add a mode where it randomly selects one of the other modes so that you don't know if it assists you until after the shot.

  • WJS

    Regarding the angle the club is at when it hits the ball, could you assume that once you get to a certain part of the swing you're always just about to hit the ball and adjust accordingly? Would the system be fast enough to do that, or does it really need to have a margin of time to adjust?

  • DegenDiver

    I saw the Wera Stainless Allen key you were using at about 5:55. They are absolutely amazing tools. Wish they made more products in that “stainless” alloy. I’m a diver by trade so those are the only Allen keys that last.

  • TheGreatWarrior123

    But will it take two strokes off Jerry's game?

    • Declan Lawford-Wickham
      Declan Lawford-Wickham

      This guy is going to cure cancer with a self kicking football

    • Joshua Bullock
      Joshua Bullock

      Comment winner

    • Chris L
      Chris L

      Remember too square your shoulders.

    • The PathOwOgen
      The PathOwOgen

      The questions of life

    • Andrew Delashaw
      Andrew Delashaw

      @noah - Why on earth would you ask that question, which I can only assume is for the channel creator (since only he would know), buried in this thread?

  • jaffius

    Have you considered warping the data for the stick position ahead of time to adjust the required angle quicker instead of trying to predict the full swing? Something similar to how occulus rift software uses timewarp to adjust frames ahead of time but instead adjusting stick angle. Would potentially allow for a lot more accuracy.

  • Nova Scotian
    Nova Scotian

    Cool idea. Even if it was legal I wouldn’t see it being viable, in this version anyway. The swing weight of this club would be absurd. Fun tho! Good stuff.

  • Doctor Strainlove
    Doctor Strainlove

    Would love to see a pitching apparatus that could emulate any pitchers velo & spin rate, & maybe even throw nastier pitches.. Baltimore would be happy to have the first robotic pitcher right now.

  • Geraine Doss
    Geraine Doss

    Love how his wife is better at everything physical than he is haha. Great video, keep up the good work!

  • Patrick Fox
    Patrick Fox

    You could define the impact angle by addressing the ball and “setting” the position of the club along with the intended trajectory. This would help to define the hook/slice calibration as well. Then maybe do some testing with a vibration sensor to determine the relative angle at the point of impact to fine tune the data. This would help to teach the club the angle at impact vs the angle at the address point and could be used with some AI to be made for any user and it would improve with more data points over time

  • jamcdonald120

    15:00 I would try 1 game with distance mode and 1 game with emulator mode, then its the same club but you can compare your performance with a "regular" club vs a magic club

  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris

    Wow....just wow. Mind blown at the ingenuity here. I would be interested in a pro-golfer's opinion after playing 18 holes though.

  • Gas Masher
    Gas Masher

    It would be neat to have the head weight change based on the selected club. Maybe weights in the shaft. Move them closer to the head for a heavier club and up to the pivot point for a lighter club. Liquid in the shaft with an inflatable bladder in the center. A vent tube connecting the top and bottom around the bladder and the liquid near the head could be pumped and held in place.

  • swng

    "I'm not buying another one so I guess I'm writing a USB driver" holy shit lmfao

    • The Human System
      The Human System

      this is why i hate soldering...there is no undo.

    • kefvedie

      I read comments before watching the vid and I thought this was a joke

    • Ty Whatley
      Ty Whatley

      @Allison And your comment will be a perfect example for Sam to show kindness trumps hatred. You showed me respect even though you disagreed with something I said, and you respectfully stated your concern to Sam in regards to his negatively put opinion. Calling it out exactly for what it was, maybe he will read that and understand what he did and learn from it. I just tend to be too sarcastic and I can see how my comment was misleading

    • Allison

      @Ty Whatley Good viewpoint to have on this stuff and knowledge in general. Also made me remember what Dunning Kruger theory was. Though, I do feel it apt to mention that the quality of the kindness in Sam's reply was... very questionable. Given he pretty much said 'all these people are just a bunch of clout chasing 14 year olds who don't know shit'. Which is a really shitty way to try to compliment someone and it also tears everyone else down at the same time. Even if the intent was supposed to be kind, it's still really rude.

    • Ty Whatley
      Ty Whatley

      @Sam Hewitt royce da 5'9 - "A wise man knows a wise man knows nothing" Honestly it doesn't bother me to know there are people smarter than me, for humanity's sake I would certainly hope there are plenty of people way smarter than me lol. At the same time I feel very confident about where my place lies in the Dunning Kruger theory. I also have a great relationship with God and that's all that matters to me. Thank you though Sam for being a kind person👍

  • David Atkinson
    David Atkinson

    The way your brain works is incredible. I'm extremely jealous of your problem solving skills.

  • Zebo12345

    You strike me as the kind of person who could reignite the passion in a long-time engineering professor. I could easily imagine the job of teaching engineering to people could dull the joy of engineering quite heavily. I can just picture you as a college student asking your professor for advice for some batshit insane problem that you've created for yourself, such as "hey prof, I'm trying to make a self-correcting golf club but my hydraulics aren't working out for me," and having them immediately get invested in it.

  • oOJayWeeOo

    I am VERY late the party since i just found this video but i´d be super interested in what you can achieve with this project/club if you would do data collecting, integrate a slice and hook correction and maybe even do a variation in the club length as suggested in other comments! :)

  • Mr. MR
    Mr. MR

    But, can you make the club actually hit the ball everytime? Like one that judges where the head of the club is going to be based off of how you're swinging it and then adjust so it actually hits the ball, makes the ball go the selected distance, and without slicing it, as opposed to just missing it every time I try to play golf?

  • Peter champlin
    Peter champlin

    I have just enough engineering and computer science education to understand how next level brilliant you truly are. Major props man.

    • pat's playlist
      pat's playlist


  • Fair Pley
    Fair Pley

    Nice video. But what I instantly recognized was the fact that he wears the glove on the wrong hand. Since he builds a club for right-handed people he should have been wearing the glove on the left hand. But overall a nice idea and very well executed.

  • Cristián Lávaque
    Cristián Lávaque

    Awesome project! What app are you using for the drawings on the pad?

    • Divyanshu Agnihotri
      Divyanshu Agnihotri

      @Göran Ström thank you 🙏

    • Cristián Lávaque
      Cristián Lávaque

      @Göran Ström Thank you! :D

    • Göran Ström
      Göran Ström

    • Divyanshu Agnihotri
      Divyanshu Agnihotri

      Even I would like to know