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I've had an idea for a super powerful disc golf gauntlet stuck in my head. I finally made it. It was hard.

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    Stuff Made Here

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    • 4D bullshit Patroll
      4D bullshit Patroll

      That baseball bat record could work if he loses the cartridges and fills the bat with psi. It would simplify design allowing greater forces

    • kablammy

      My suggestion for version 2 is to wrap a wire or band around the outside edge of the disk and articulate the throwing arm to pivot similar to a person who bends their arm at the elbow and wrist . When launching, extend the arm and wrist . Along with the band, the release will give a good spin to the disk .

    • Capsar

      fake I did a thing

    • Naomi Hopps
      Naomi Hopps

      Your videos cheer me up! Thank u for inspiring me!

    • Inochi Fumetsu
      Inochi Fumetsu

      Hey man - would love to see a video talking about what you studied in school (major) - where you studied - what you thought of it - what you think the most important thing is that you did that made you capable of doing these types of things

  • Simon Lizotte
    Simon Lizotte

    I’m glad it took a machine to beat my record 😄 awesome video!

    • NLSN

      @daveeth he needs some milk...

    • Razor Chip
      Razor Chip

      Congrats on your record!

    • LiderAsstro

      Ur still the best human at it so.. it meanless

    • Jeremy Lopez
      Jeremy Lopez

      Gotta love how he said Simon's last name like he's Italian or something lol. Lizotté

    • BB88

      disc golfers have dreamed about this machine to test discs

  • Nope Nunya
    Nope Nunya

    That's a really complicated and impressive clay pigeon launcher you've got there.

    • NullSword

      @Grant Huffman Ceramics act completely differently than plastic. Most of the launch system would be incompatible. Plus, this is a DIY channel, a pre-made solution would be boring

    • Grant Huffman
      Grant Huffman

      Wait couldn't just have used a skeet launcher

  • Atlas

    20:38 I think that might be the most important plywood shield you've ever set up

  • Ghoul Pen
    Ghoul Pen

    I'm so glad he keeps having his wife on the show. She's so funny.

  • Rofi Fauzi
    Rofi Fauzi

    None oh his videos have less than 5 millions views. His content quality is outstanding. This guy is dangerously genius. He's the most complete engineer i've ever seen on my ITmores watch history

    • Nick Yackenchick
      Nick Yackenchick

      Yeah he is one of the best. Check out DIY Perks, he’s also great

    • Anton Dmytriyev
      Anton Dmytriyev

      @Tsunami Tube I’m a huge fan of Colin but his engineering is sub par compared to this channel

    • Robbie Katz
      Robbie Katz

      complete is a good way of putting it. his breadth of knowledge is insane

    • Tsunami Tube
      Tsunami Tube

      Colin Furze enters the chat 🤔

  • Marius Hornberger
    Marius Hornberger

    8 weeks just for the amazing project? And how long for the video? 28+ min and not a single second of boring content. I'd guess another 100 hours, fantastic!

    • J V
      J V

      Can’t agree more ! Only person I’m subscribed too that I watch every single second !

    • JCuzzo

      Agreed !!

    • Kelvin J
      Kelvin J

      @Rémi Duval Roy thanks for recognizing how cool I am. I know it's not sarcasm from you either. Maybe one day you can be as cool as Colin F. and I.

    • Coolhiggs14

      @Kelvin Jlet me introduce you to Mark Rober

    • Jack Girskis
      Jack Girskis

      @Kelvin J must be adopted

  • Matthew Rothman
    Matthew Rothman

    Release the discs on an extreme hyzer angle so the can flip to flat or “flex” and then fade back! Amazing video!!

    • lil. vege
      lil. vege

      exaclty what i was thinking.

    • Futt Het
      Futt Het

      @Brian Schuh a disc flips due too lack of spin relative to the speed it is thrown.

    • Brian Schuh
      Brian Schuh

      @John Mickey If it didn't have spin it wouldn't have turned over.

    • John Mickey
      John Mickey

      Only if it had good spin too. Without gyroscopic force it won’t correct its angle.

  • Snaebrm

    i think with this, we're one step closer to having those classic bionicle disc launchers for real people. what a world we live in

  • YourLastShadow

    You should tilt it a bit more towards the ground (to the left). It naturally wants to tilt to the right, so it will stabilize in the air and go further before tilting to the right. I know that from personal experience but I don't know if it will apply to the speed you're using. Great video btw, can't wait for more!

  • Cosmo

    You seem to put way more time and effort into these videos than others I've seen in the past, but it really seems to pay off. It may be over-engineered but the results speak for themselves. If one of your machines killed you you'd die doing what you love and that's the magic

  • Nightmare Tales
    Nightmare Tales

    A rotational railgun mechanism for this might also be worth a try. May launch at the speed of sound, may tear itself to pieces. Either way, it would be fun to watch.

    • Hellequin Maskharat
      Hellequin Maskharat

      @Kamaal Walker Honestly, quite depends on how you criticize. If you go along the line of "Meh this sucks because you didn't do what I wanted you to do" or as in this case "He DiDn'T iNvEnT sOmEtHiNg NeW!!11" one should simply stfu. :)

    • Syth

      @Kamaal Walker as much as I agree, I don't see where they (the person I responded to) were criticising either, rather they had made a statement instead,

    • Coaxill

      @Nick Worrell That's a cool thought, though you might be interested to know there's better methods than the Kriss system. It uses a weight guided through a channel by the force of firing, transferring the kinetic energy of that weight downwards when it hits the end of the channel. Something that has worked better in guns and might work better here, would simply be a very well balanced buffer spring to spread the kinetic energy transfer of the arm over a longer duration of time.

    • Coaxill

      A gauss sling! This is exactly what all our scientific accomplishments were leading to.

    • Nick Worrell
      Nick Worrell

      Hmm, my thinking, a railgun mechanism coupled with what the criss super v .45 weapon technology with it's recoil technology would be an ideal start.

  • ShapeKeyes

    "This disk IS regulation" "This part is too big to fail" "... which is a perfect use for this valve that I thought was useless" Gold! Pure gold!

  • s4623

    10:17 I would have thought it would be a lot easier if your rotating elements are T-shaped instead of L-shaped. That way you can adjust each side at will instead of trying to discard the bottom element.

  • Peter Timowreef
    Peter Timowreef

    I love how everything about engineering is about coming up with an idea, making a super rough prototype, and then slowely but surely and with a lot of faults and problems along the way progressively working out the kinks. From a nuclear aircraft carrier to the James Webb telescope to an arm mounted disc thrower, they all came to be in this way.

  • Doug Er
    Doug Er

    The discs need to be released on a steep hyzer. Then when they turn, it will be to horizontal instead of turning into rollers

    • Mr. McJorgan
      Mr. McJorgan

      @toni liimatainen anhyzer bush lol

    • toni liimatainen
      toni liimatainen

      It looked like it was set to anhyzer angle. I would like to see if this thing can make discmania tilt to hold that anhyzer.

    • T Bone Bruiser
      T Bone Bruiser

      He really should have teamed up with a disc golf engineer for this. If he got together with the guys at Latitude 64, innova, or Discraft etc. then this could really go somewhere.

    • David Leonard
      David Leonard

      This is also what I was hoping to see! @stuffmadehere did you release any with hyzer angle?

  • Xavier

    This was really fascinating to see all the variations and problems and engineer has to overcome! Great work!!

    • Hi-your name here-I'm Jason Haley
      Hi-your name here-I'm Jason Haley

      He, like myself, is the rarity, a machinist moonlighting as an engineer or vice-versa/either-or/Ying-Yang... (waddle waddle bing bang). I tinker, limited resources equte to limited tinkering, sadly.

    • Gopal Agarwal
      Gopal Agarwal

      jet halal

    • Gopal Agarwal
      Gopal Agarwal

      jet halal

    • Banana Plays
      Banana Plays

      copied comment from yet another verified bot account with over 100k subs

  • Deric Jay Tulalian
    Deric Jay Tulalian

    19:56 Imagine if he broke the record on this throw.

  • Zing!

    I really enjoy how you detail the design process including the numerous failures and redesigns. Great channel, subbed!

  • The Meek
    The Meek

    Did you consider a fly wheel for your energy storage with a clutch system to engage the release of that stored energy?

  • Jake Drews
    Jake Drews

    Man, you bring it on every. Single. Video. Definitely something to strive for on my own projects. Keep it up!

  • TayZonday

    I’m still waiting for you to program an oncology (tumor zapping) microwave to perfectly reheat a slice of apple pie evenly - instead of making it very hot at the tip and cold at the crust.

    • TruthBeTold

      Sounds much more like a Styro Pyro video! Suggest this and hell probably do it.

    • Grace Jackson
      Grace Jackson

      The diffuser type oven, as opposed to the turntable type, heat much more evenly. Commercial microwaves have that feature, and so did domestic ones a really long time ago before the world was driven by cost cutting.

    • Noelle Lavenza
      Noelle Lavenza

      @Brian Bethea I usually do 60% or 70% at 1.5x instead of 40% at 2.5x, it works pretty well for me.

    • Calvin DiBartolo
      Calvin DiBartolo

      @Kodi Namsinh (Student FVHS) oh wow. I didn't even notice until you said that lol

    • kindlin

      @Kodi Namsinh (Student FVHS) Tay is surprisingly active, at least around the science/space/engineering side of ITmores

  • ScooterTime

    “I don’t have the right tool🙄” makes it in 10 minutes and gets back to work😂 Crazy impressive stuff you got here, keep up the great work

    • mama toucan
      mama toucan

      Not 10 mins. That’s the magic of editing

  • KodeMeister

    So inspiring. Thanks for the hard work and dedication! Gives me confidence to fix my broken towel rack 😄

  • Michael Fontaine
    Michael Fontaine

    Love all your videos after I watch an episode I can’t wait til the next one comes out…so much better than every other content maker!!!!! By 1 million percent!!!!!

  • Jacob Barnaby
    Jacob Barnaby

    I can't help but think you've made a clay pigeon disc launcher, but this is way cooler. I love the level of detail you went too!

  • marsgizmo

    This project is outstanding! Well done! 👏😌 Love your saying “the journey is the destination”.

    • Coolman 006
      Coolman 006

      in Germany we also use the saying. it's "der Weg ist das Ziel" in our language. i think it's a great quote to live by

    • Kari Lappalainen
      Kari Lappalainen

      This saying should be a shirt at the shop.

    • Auredio

      Yeah he that launcher is amazing and i also love that saying.

    • Mysticon De Flamme
      Mysticon De Flamme

      Hi! Nice to see you here

  • Glenn Spalding
    Glenn Spalding

    Great video as always! What program do you use for your animations? I’d love to use something like this at work.

  • omgenji

    Just found your channel for the first time, and what an amazing video! I plan on enjoying your previous videos for a wile. I'm sure it's classified information, but I'm still really curious how much all those materials roughly cost you to be able to create this monster. Thanks again for such an incredible video.

  • chickenmonger123

    Watching you react to catastrophic failures with minor to extreme bewilderment is actually just the definition of comedy for me.

  • Reasonably Logical
    Reasonably Logical

    Amazing video. You put so much effort and time into your videos it's inspiring. You deserve to be in the position you're in!

  • The Engineering Mindset
    The Engineering Mindset

    21:52 my god that looks dangerous, Shane. The best way to avoid personal injury is to let someone else do it . We need more videos, don't get injured!

    • Muhirwa Richard
      Muhirwa Richard

      safety first

    • AiSard

      Sadly the Wife said no though so..

    • Jeremy Holman
      Jeremy Holman

      Or at least a gorget.

  • geddon436

    I enjoy watching all the different iterations you made of the launcher. Understanding the different reasons for it to fail entices me to want to learn physics.

  • AJ Constantine
    AJ Constantine

    😳 HOW have I missed THIS kook till now?!! He’s WAY up there instantly on my power-rankings chart! 👏👏🤘🤘

  • Medium D Speaks
    Medium D Speaks

    I love that he starts at 8% power like a My Hero Academia character

  • NeoIsrafil

    Feeling pretty good about myself... when the arm broke around 16 minutes I was like "OOHHH dry fire, that hurts, the acceleration squished the disk and let it escape" and...yep. gforce. Gotta love it. If you want a simpler release use a top/bottom holder that holds it using an electromagnet, so when the magnet turns off it releases. Easier to control with programming too.

  • Waterjet Channel
    Waterjet Channel

    “That’s the basic design” *shows a very complex design

    • Edward Miles
      Edward Miles

      “Humans are crazy, and we’re not going to be making a hand”…. Proceeds to make a hand

    • Dan

      @----- Criisis that's a low blow 😭😆 Love you guys tho Dan and Mitchel keep them epoxy burgers coming

    • Azure

      @----- yikes

    • -----

      Yeah, he should have just soaked some food in epoxy & called it content...

  • CasKru123

    Thanks for the video. quick question though, why not put the counter weight on the same plane negating the torque on your arm?

  • Lucas Hodgson
    Lucas Hodgson

    This is an awesome video! Thank you for showing us what you can do! And building scary stuff that we don’t have the tools for!

  • Joel C
    Joel C

    Amazing idea! Would love to see a disc launcher that can throw further than Eagle McMahon.

  • Matt Kafker
    Matt Kafker

    Your videos are awesome. Thanks so much for making this.

  • davicobb2992

    Every time you release a video, I breath a sigh of relief. “Okay, he’s still alive. Now, let’s see what almost killed him!”

    • Mike H
      Mike H

      When he decided to put it on his arm, my immediate thought was "I hope he's very close to a hospital".

    • Alumin

      @Interest lmao

    • Interest

      @Alumin styropyro

    • Alumin


  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Your content is pure gold. Thank you for being one of the best ITmores channels that keep me coming back for more.

  • v1ct0r.exe_

    What do you think about an apparatus, that can launch something REALLY high up in the air. Something like a catapult on steroids but with an unbelievable amount of power. You could launch a device that can measure the height.

  • Reid Neilson
    Reid Neilson

    I can't wait to see how you improve this it is a amazing feat of engineering

  • Nick Adams
    Nick Adams

    I've now watched every video you have and crave more.. if I wasn't homeless and broke, I would support you on patreon so fast! Keep up the great work 💖

  • SmarterEveryDay

    I like how you make a socket to remove the valve from the gas cylinder. A very small part of the video, but I appreciated it.

    • Quint

      Hi Destin!

    • Brian Jolie
      Brian Jolie

      I'm not all the way through yet, but that was easily my fav flex i've seen in a while

    • Matthew Springfield
      Matthew Springfield

      You should do a video explaining why the fastest disc thrown is only 89 mph but a baseball can be thrown at 100+

    • Dan Brown
      Dan Brown

      I'd been waiting on you to make this video, Destin, so imagine my surprise when I find it, and here you are.

    • luke lafferty
      luke lafferty

      @Hayden Kamakele And what he doesn't have on hand, he makes!


    Hey StuffMadeHere! Can you make a articulating arm for microscopes with every tool you have? Just like the catapults but a articulating arm like Amscopes?

  • Jack Bentley
    Jack Bentley

    As always, a really interesting video for the stuff-making but it's worth saying the summary at 18:50 was good video-making. Made a good difference to the viewing experience.

  • Toms Triumphs
    Toms Triumphs

    love your channel man! I just stumbled upon it last week and am amazed by your CNC machining knowledge as well as everything else. I've been a CNC programmer/machinist for 10 years and it looks like you just picked it up one day 😅. keep it up man

  • Hamza Ashraf
    Hamza Ashraf

    very interesting, I was wondering if a small shock absorber on the recoil would be any benefit

  • Michael Austin
    Michael Austin

    Suggestion: Your disc needs more spin to make it more stable and less likely to invert. You may want to look into clay pigeon throwers and how they launch them with spin and enough force to go a good distance without breaking the fragile pigeon.


      They stop the over reach as well like a human disc thrower there is a magic point of release the full revolution of the arm imitates over rotation

    • Anonymous404

      @Max Poppe yes, but the same concepts on how to get them spinning apply, which is what this comment was refereeing to

    • Eddie Blundell
      Eddie Blundell

      He mentions this at 23:40 :)

    • Lauri Korhonen
      Lauri Korhonen

      It would be cool to see if that machine could flip a tilt :DD

    • Max Poppe
      Max Poppe

      those fragile pigeons have totally different properties than plastic discs, the pigeons can't bend and are sturdier, while the disc is very flexible (ductile)

  • BiGDaN

    I absolutely love your projects, but when you said, "its starting to get ridiculous" I lost it, laughed out loud and thought this thing would be sweet on a tank. LOL

  • sandtik

    Pretty amazing, well done! For a given disc, there might be some law that optimises distance given how fast it's throwm and how fast it spins, right?

  • phatman398

    being an avid disc golfer... I have always wanted to see one of these made. If there was only a way to get the spin effect integrated this thing would FLY. Part 2 maybe? How far can you launch a factory made disc golf disc!

  • Ondřej Uhnavý
    Ondřej Uhnavý

    I would love to see you build combustion engine, could br interesting as hell

  • Cozy

    These genuinely look absolutely sick!

    • Leaky Beaky
      Leaky Beaky

      @Shrgien Or just sold. Look up "ITmores account for sale" and there are plenty of sites dedicated to it. A 1mil sub account would be several tens of thousands though

    • Shrgien

      @ARCHITACADEMY stolen account


      how do you have over one m subs with only 1 vid that has like 100 views. Suspicious

  • Silence in the woods
    Silence in the woods

    I love ur videos a lot! Though, tbh just like it happened with the lockpickinglawyer video....i feel like it'd be super interesting to make a less, dangerous ,and more "primitive" mechanism, akin to just a rail that allows u to throw the disc faster(like an Atlatl, the simple stick + rope or stick+ carved groove to throw spears to kill mammoths....)

  • Gregory James
    Gregory James

    This was fun, love to see one built around coils.

  • Joseph Fugarino
    Joseph Fugarino

    Your videos are inspiring, and very entertaining. I appreciate you!

  • Niko Heinonen
    Niko Heinonen

    Thanks great stuff!! Love your wife taking one for the team, big up! Comedy and all techincal stuff you have in these clip is so good.

  • ComputerSchool101

    As soon as it launched, I was like "It's not spinning nearly fast enough." Glad you mentioned that! I look forward to a V2!

    • pbgd3

      I think if you copy the idea of a clay pigeon launcher you'd be closer. The clay in a trap starts on the arm near its pivot. As the arm cycles the clay moves outwards along the arm which has a rubber lip. This imparts spin. Additionally as the clay begins its path on the inside of the arm it experiences less initial acceleration which is why the delicate clays don't shatter during the throw. The unit can be tilted for trajectory and flight angle. And the whole arm can be a U shape for containment of the disk.

    • Hans-Reiner Jauch
      Hans-Reiner Jauch

      @Luciano A Y B with Germanys new 100 billion military Budget, its even more out there.

    • doktarr

      It should also get released on hyzer.

    • Potato_jesus101

      @Luciano A Y B I was thinking of the exact thing

    • Luciano A Y B
      Luciano A Y B

      Yeah me too, I can't wait for him to take a V2 rocket project

  • Nate SoFla
    Nate SoFla

    Love your videos. Has me laughing half the time and focused the other.

  • Marcus Adams
    Marcus Adams

    Your dedication is amazing!!! Hi, I used to play Ultimate in England for a team called B.G.A., it was the original line up, it took me 5 years or so to learn to throw a disc fully competently. The only problem I could see at the end was the disc rolling over in the air. I was taught to launch the disc with the leading edge pointing slightly to the ground, so as it was released it flattened out in the air. I personally think that speed is less important than a good 'shape' in the air. Very impressive what you've achieved & it took a lot less than 5 years 🤣🤪.... keep it up.... love & light bru.... 🙏🕊

  • Zenad Zen
    Zenad Zen

    This is awoesome! Keep up the good work and the cool projects1

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller

    My first thought on you counter weight was to use a counter rotating tube around your Frisbee loaded torque rod so they would be a closer to the same plane of motion.

  • Jeremy Isenburg
    Jeremy Isenburg

    Would love to see a part 2! Release angle is essential in controlling how much a disc wants to flip during flight. You are releasing a disc on an anhyzer and it just continues to flip all the way over. You can compensate for this by changing the angle to start on a hyzer, and it will flip up to a more stable flight. Called a “hyzer flip.” Spin also helps, but you covered how this could improve it :)

    • jelk1

      @sqmsh I'm aware of how it works. I guarantee you it would work better with the current setup if it was tilted the other way. It'll be interesting to see his follow up vids.

    • sqmsh

      @jelk1 I'm aware of how it works. I guarantee you it can't be done with the current setup. It'll be interesting to see his follow up vids

    • jelk1

      @sqmsh I don't know what to tell to you. In disc golf the flight path wouldn't match the inside out backhand because the disc would be understable. The understability would make the disc flip flat or even to the right so the disc would go straight or right even if the initial release angle would imply the disc going to the left. Then later in flight when the disc slows down and the angle of attack would change because it starts falling, it would become overstable and it would start fading back to the left so it would make an s-curve. Basically in disc golf you normally don't control the angles in the way you talk about and instead let the disc do the work.

    • Glovenz

      Once you've angled the launcher you could rotate it around it's axis so that the release angle is not sending the disc sky high. While it's not an exact analogy for how an arm works I think there may still be ways to adjust the launcher to get a flight out of a disc. In my mind the launcher is acting like the elbow joint in the throw. Plus use a much more over stable disc.

    • sqmsh

      @jelk1 I play both. We call it IO in ultimate, and you need a lot of it for long distances. And more in wind. But it doesn't work if the plane you release the disc on isn't (roughly) parallel with the ground, and the force imparted isn't roughly straight ahead. Tilting the machine to achieve the release angle puts off the release plane and (potentially) the directional vector. Your joints are doing you too many favours and being under appreciated for it

  • TroyGarner

    You also have to throw it with the opposite tilt when throwing backhand (i.e. when looking at the disc move forward it should be released with the left side LOWER than the right side upon release).

  • Sergiu Priboi
    Sergiu Priboi

    You are one of the channels that actually make me want to further pursue engineering

  • litterpaws

    13:43 was really funny, I’m a avid Lego builder and I make stuff like this all the time in the testing phase. Thanks for the great video stuff made here!

  • Andre Dabish
    Andre Dabish

    as an intramural disc golf champion at an engineering university, this is one of my favorite videos on the internet. Thank you Shane!

  • BensonBoys

    It’s crazy, the engineering you do is on another level! You actually solve really difficult (although whimsical) problems! Keep up the good work!

    • Kelly Moses
      Kelly Moses

      @gh0stdog Because he would get paid $300,000 a year.

    • TBD Creations
      TBD Creations

      @gh0stdog You mean Formlabs specifically? Or just companies in general?

    • gh0stdog

      @Kelly Moses why waste his talents on a company that benefits from the suffering of humans

    • Sterling Archer*
      Sterling Archer*

      keep up man

    • war

      In order to be a successful engineer + computer programmer/hacker, you have to have the mindset that you WILL fail, and you must have the mindset of a problem solver.

  • Brian Bouxsein
    Brian Bouxsein

    the dedication it takes to redesign some of the mechanical things is insane. Amazing effort!!!!!

  • Anton Magnusson
    Anton Magnusson

    You should through it on a steep hyzer angle!! It will make it fly longer before flipping over.

  • The sideways couch
    The sideways couch

    Imagine having to explain that this is one of the less lethal things that you've made.

  • donald hoschette
    donald hoschette

    Man I don’t know if I like the creations you make more or your sweet workshop!

  • Zack P
    Zack P

    You need to have it fire on an extreme hyzer angle. You’re shooting it on an anhyzer angle, which is no good when it’s firing them so fast. Also, try a “Tilt” disc. It’s the most overstable (wants to flip right the least) disc out there.

    • Aaron Hoffman
      Aaron Hoffman

      @Matt Red Yeah, tilt could take it but seems way to slow. I second the Rask.

    • Dominic nyuon
      Dominic nyuon

      yes definitely a tilt.

    • Matt Red
      Matt Red

      A stiletto or rask would be much better suited than a tilt.

    • MrWylde007

      The Tilt has no glide and it's just a 9 speed. He'd need to use a super overstable distance driver to get it to go really far.

    • Ben Schikker
      Ben Schikker

      This was both of my suggestions

  • LillaLue91

    All the noise and the "I couldn't have hit more things if I try" really got me 🤣

  • Ian Emerson
    Ian Emerson

    Might be a bit complicated, but imagine a ping pong machine that can serve back ping pong balls. Personally, I think there are too many variables to account for, but I think it'd be cool to see.

  • Brian Adkins
    Brian Adkins

    I really enjoy your problem solving prowess. About ten minutes into your video I realized you were making the same thing as a pigeon thrower. It’s a contraption that throws clay targets for shotgun practice.