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I recently acquired a Tormach 1100mx. I've started to outgrow my existing mills and have been looking for a VMC that was feature rich but that I could also get into my basement. I show the rigging process of getting it into my basement, assembly, and then machining a tool holder for it. Also includes some 3D printing and plasma cutting. Finally I take the tool breakage detection and rigid tapping features for a test drive.
My videos usually take 100+ hours of work and a lot of money in tools and materials. I've made a patreon if you're interested in supporting the creation of these projects: www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere
Oh also this video is not sponsored by Tormach. I bought this mill with my hard earned bucks.

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  • Nathan A
    Nathan A

    How normal people think: I can't believe how heavy this is! How he thinks: I can't believe how much potential energy this has!

    • MakerSpace

      I prefer High Gravitational Attraction.

    • Shawn Pitman
      Shawn Pitman

      @Elijah Silvis Things on the floor still have weight.

    • Shawn Pitman
      Shawn Pitman

      It only has potential energy once you've lifted it off of a level surface, it has it's weight for as long as it remains on this planet.

    • Elijah Silvis
      Elijah Silvis

      It has none, because it is on the floor

    • Chris

      @RushMoore Potential energy, no problem. Kinetic energy, big problem, potentially.

  • Eric Meeson
    Eric Meeson

    "Sheet metal is expensive" Buys $25,000 mill

    • Brertt

      @Thep Jup older mills are built like tanks compared to the newer ones

    • Gus Sharples
      Gus Sharples

      Also - gets given $25000 mill.

    • Brian Check
      Brian Check

      @Thep Jup mills can last much more than 10-15 years. I use a mill from the 80s all the time, and I use a lathe from a World War 2 boat (!!) they do of course wear down but replacing after only 10-15 years is ridiculous, at least for an individual.

    • Ronald Rebolledo
      Ronald Rebolledo

      Maybe he financed it?

    • Microage

      Buying something for 25,000$ doesn't make sheet metal any cheaper...

  • Madsen Wikholm
    Madsen Wikholm

    Q: How many mills do you need? A: N+1 or S-1 -- N is the number of mill you have. -- S is the number of mills that results in separation from your partner.

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost

      Note that Seems on the partner and the size of the room.

    • theninjascientist

      max((N+1), (S-1))

    • MrSlushy87

      answer is: 1 mill-ion

    • Daniel Salomon
      Daniel Salomon

      From my experience, I'll try S-2 next time.

    • GAmeDOS

      @Matthayi Naalaaman Well that loop would result in N=S after the final cycle, so the loop to avoid divorce is while(N

  • Ryan Mcdermott
    Ryan Mcdermott

    Alternate title for this channel is: "This Young Tony". Great content, man!

    • iamworkingonadream


    • Little Aussie Rockets
      Little Aussie Rockets

      I wonder if ToT had been here...🤔

    • Emyr Derfel
      Emyr Derfel

      @i3 13 Tony can CAD, he built his own CNC router. Tony also recognises that for a lot of one-off projects using CAD and CAM is more effort than either manual machining or just cutting, bending and welding.

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      I mean this is like a basic mechanism of ITmores. People leave comments as they watch videos, and when you're watching on mobile as I am, one of the top comments is automatically featured below the video. So comments trickle in over time. Behold, what happens when you use your eyes.

  • kagi95

    Man I love your deadpan humor. Nearly choked on my food when you said "I'm going for that harbor freight aesthetic . . . to make it as thin as humanly possible." I was just thinking about that after buying a cheapo air fan for my room. The stands were stamped sheet metal and I'm sure it's impossible to make them any thinner without it buckling under its own weight :D

  • L R
    L R

    "Checked itself before it wrecked itself. This is the origin of this phrase" i like this guy

    • ctdieselnut

      Big chips in your Haas is bad for your health.

    • Eden MacGillivray
      Eden MacGillivray

      @Mr Burns his father was actually a machinist lol

    • Mr Burns
      Mr Burns

      @Dragon Master he could probably spell CNC. 😆

    • Mr Burns
      Mr Burns

      FYI: Ice Cube was a machinist before he became a rapper! I lied. :)

    • dielawnnyeg

      L R came here for this, did not disappoint

  • Nick Janssens
    Nick Janssens

    "Hey, cool tools! What do you make with them?" "Oh, I make tools mostly." "And what do you make with those tools?" "More tools."

    • Bariois Derplord
      Bariois Derplord

      either know where to get good tools or make your own tools

    • AttackAffection

      This is literally my plans lmao

  • KingDavid

    This guy actually has a whole factory at home

    • -.-

      @Ryan Mcluckie Boy what highschool do you go to, and do the residents know where their 20% tax goes? This guy could run a line to make every expensive part in your school.

    • Alain Koch
      Alain Koch

      Not exactly.. he doesn’t have a factory at home.. his home is in a factory..

    • DrDdddDongstrong

      @KingDavid pretty sure I'm a previous video he said he had worked on designing 3d printers and things like that so I would imagine he's a contracted programmer of some capacity

    • Lemon man
      Lemon man

      @LSswap Everything he designed a 3D printer for a while.

    • webbie

      @Aha Ha 73 million channel views @ around 4k per million views is ~300k, channel has existed since march gives an annual revenue of ~400k. Add in 850 patreons at 5 $/month adds another 50k a year. Yes there are obviously expenses and such so its not all profit but thats pretty insane for a first year channel. If this is just a hobby right now it is an extremely profitable one.

  • Rian Repass
    Rian Repass

    Really hope your channel grows. I like the clean nothing dragged out format.

    • Rodrigo Ramirez-Arvizu
      Rodrigo Ramirez-Arvizu


    • XLord Slayer
      XLord Slayer

      Ur guys wish came true :)

    • Bryant Stone
      Bryant Stone

      me as well - no shame in buying a small prosumer mill if you have the work to fill it and the knowledge to compensate for its lack of mass and hatred. A friend of mine taught me a thing or two about using them. A rival company has one to run graphite with the intention to run it lights-out for 5 years and replace it because of the wear - cost / benefit trade-off for them at a great price.

  • Zach Brenner
    Zach Brenner

    If you're on the fence about making a video about the gas powered wagon, I'm interested in seeing it

  • Making With Steve
    Making With Steve

    im so incredibly jealous of all the amazing tools you have access to. Great vid!

    • David Willard
      David Willard

      He Probably RIPPED !! EVERYBODY !!! OFF !! TO !! GET !! IT !!!!

  • Crivo152

    OMG, I love your channel! I've been binge watching all your videos today. Your explanations are great, your tools very cool, the videography is spot on, and your experimentations are so interesting. I love the unhurried way in which you present your videos, it is very calming. Keep it up, you are doing fantastic! Ciao, Marco.

  • P0tat07

    I was taught on Haas machines in college. And I have a great appreciation for Haas mills. I know people shit on them a lot for being light machines, but really that’s what CNC machining is. Light cuts but really fast. And Haas mills do it perfectly.

  • dead

    I can really see this channel getting big. Your format for these videos makes them fly by and great content! I will be watching everything you post!

  • Andy E
    Andy E

    Huge fan of this video! Keep up the quality content! Also, there is no problem with a Tormach. Some people have problems getting the proper power to run a Haas that isn't a TM model. I have setup and ran Haas, DMG, Mazak, and Hurcos. I would not hesitate to buy a Tormach if I had the opportunity.

  • Brent Johnston
    Brent Johnston

    All reasonable cnc's can do broken tool detection several ways. 1) spindle load is too high 2) Servo load too high 3) Predicted position vs actual or the time to reach position is too long 4) vibrations to high or 5) tool height setter to periodically check. Ive personally "tested" each of these ways

  • Linus

    Best tip for moving heavy stuff over the threshold with a pallet Jack is pulling it to the edge than setting the load down moving the first axle over the threshold and than Lifting it up again than same string for the second axle 😉

  • Jeff Grant
    Jeff Grant

    This is amazing, I just starting machining for work a year ago, and I hope that as I get better at my job I’ll be able to half the stuff you do. I’m just so far behind in the physics, engineering departments.

  • mowburnt man
    mowburnt man

    Lovely machine. So jealous! Began my engineering apprenticeship in the 1990s running cnc and manual Mills and lathes and loved it. Back then it was still paper punched tapes used for programming lol....not the best in a coolant and swarf rich environment :-) enjoy! Can't wait to see what you make

  • kittadyne

    "You accidentally hit it with your hammer" - I gasped "I barely scratched the surface of this machine" - I lol'd

    • Zack Jandali
      Zack Jandali

      @kittadyne don't listen to him say whatever you want...Just don't say L'd.O.L. hahaha

    • kittadyne

      @John CO. yeah you're right, I meant it as an abbreviation of 3 words, but I see it reads as 1. Maybe L'd.O.L. wouldn't've read as poorly, but it's probably better to write every word, the only way sane say it.

    • John CO.
      John CO.

      please never say the phrase "I lol'd" again

  • Creston Witte
    Creston Witte

    Love your work. Your videos are entertaining and educational.

  • Jonathan Katz-Moses
    Jonathan Katz-Moses

    Great video bud.

    • LG


    • Ethan

      I didn't think I would see you here! I love your content!

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi

      Great straight to the point comment, bud

    • Jazzy Jay
      Jazzy Jay

      He’s not your buddy, guy.

    • Shawn Saunders
      Shawn Saunders

      @Clock Murph bud

  • Marvin Timmers
    Marvin Timmers

    I recommend grinding one of your copper spot welder rods flat. This ensures that you have no markings on one side (an easy way to get a prettier side) ;) Just put it in the lathe and it's perfectly flat. The weld is still just as strong;)

  • brightest07

    Awesome, hopefully this will continue as a full series as you upgrade the mill and learn it’s quirks.

  • Johannes Zwilling
    Johannes Zwilling

    REALLY love the look of those transparent 3d-prints! They don't look hideous as the vivid colored ones. More one them in a video where you cover 3d-printing in some way?

  • Arsenal21

    Hey just wanted to say your videos are awesome! It’s really great that you take the time to really explain your concepts in a down to earth matter that really makes everything you make, make more sense! Keep it up and I look forward to many more videos!

  • J P
    J P

    Hey Shane, here’s a tip for safety (and for your nerves) : When you lift up the machine, use some hydraulic lifters and plane structures underneath the machine, and lift them as you lift the machine. Then you always have minimal potential energy to worry about :)

  • Artnovetor

    Proficional parabéns 👏👏👏.

  • Joey Beegood
    Joey Beegood

    Great video: informative, concise, entertaining. Thanks!

  • Leonardo Rodrigues
    Leonardo Rodrigues

    Amazing content. It is hard to find engineering videos with this technical quality.

  • Josh Faile
    Josh Faile

    So glad that I came across your channel! Keep up the good work! I love your videos. I’m a CNC Machinist at a tool and die shop. I’ve been a machinist for about a year and a half now and I think I have learned more by watching a few of your videos than I have in the last year of working 😂!

  • Stephen Walker
    Stephen Walker

    I’ve been renovating my workshop and watching your videos inspires me to do things properly and pay attention to detail - they also make me want to build more complicated things, and use math as a tool more often (love math). So thanks!

  • b rolls
    b rolls

    Been enjoying your content Thanks. On that broken test indicator you can pop the clear cover off and push the needle back on the shaft. Maybe use a little lock tight to keep it from coming off again.

  • James Myers
    James Myers

    Just subbed. Great stuff. Insanely organized shop. However... I’d dial back the ThisOldTony genre a bit though. You guys are two of my three favorite channels to watch right now, but it’s slightly odd yours following the TOT style and format. It’s great stuff. Be yourself.

  • Nick Drozd
    Nick Drozd

    My love to ur machines. Just binged your channel, wish there was a patreon link.. Either way, keep making great vids!

  • tmuka

    thanks so much for the incredible insight into your design and build process. I also love your sense of humor :)

  • Alexander Gilliam
    Alexander Gilliam

    Wow! An engineer that knows machining? Wish i worked with guys like you

  • georgianbents

    There are 3 and 4 flute tap extractors that work pretty well. Surprised you've never used them. They aren't expensive.

  • Special Horse
    Special Horse

    Nice. I have a Tormach in my basement as well with a lathe, surface grinder and injection molding machine. Use my truck as the anchor for moving machines down the stairs. Got a kick out of watching you move the equipment in.

  • JDFuchs

    Nice video and congratulations on your nice new machine. I do have a concern over your tool rack unfortunately. With the tools resting on the taper you run the risk of chips getting in there and scratching your taper. I use just striate through holes that rest on the lip of the tool avoiding contact on the taper. I've also been taught to leave a tool in the spindle to help avoid crud form getting in there. At least while cleaning if not 24/7. Some machines get funny after one tool is in there for prolonged times. Do be very cautious if you ever try lifting the tool changer. They are pain in the butt's to tweak once there off. And a malfunctioning tool changer is one of the most frustrating machine related things I've faced. Errors, cringe sounding tool changes or even dropped tools. I've never run a machine that has a tool presetter before that tool height check would be amazing. I've always used M0 or M1 between tool changes anytime I'm questionable on the cycle as I start to babysit it less.

  • John Newsom
    John Newsom

    How did you start making stuff? I'm really interested in becoming a mechanical engineer and I absolutely love building and machining parts. Solving problems. Im extremely interested in all your videos. I know your working on your next project, but if you get the chance and read this could you give me a couple tips and tricks?

  • Mia

    Love your videos! Can you do some start to finish CNC projects? I'm learning myself and have the most trouble with setting machining paths through fushion 360.

  • Joel L
    Joel L

    👍👍👍👍. ITmores just recommended your channel in my feed and I really enjoyed this first episode (first for me). Looking forward to some great binge watching to get caught up and to your future content. A couple of observations so far - Your sense of humor is extremely entertaining. Thanks for all the effort and energy to share this with us. And you must be incredibly industrious, by the number of cuts on your hands and the bandaids that appear at various times on different fingers. I have that problem too. Stay safe 😊

    • David Willard
      David Willard

      TOO !! LAZY !! TO FILE !! OFF !! THE !! EDGES !!; CHINA !! MK - 2 !!!

  • romel garcia
    romel garcia

    Awesome stuff you make. Wish I had all those cool toys you have to make stuff with must be expensive $$$. I’ve been looking for a plasma table. Way to expensive for me. Like your channel

  • Kemar Walker
    Kemar Walker

    Really great content! I would love to see if you can successfully challenge yourself to making something like a Spider-Man web caster, not sure what material the web would be or how to get it sticking to surface. I suppose it would definitely have to be bigger then an actual Spider-Man web caster. Maybe a even a rope sized one (one that casts a web made of rope). If you can think of a way to get it to shoot some thinner material, that would be awesome! Maybe this is too complicated, especially to get it to stick to surfaces.

  • Sylvester Ashcroft
    Sylvester Ashcroft

    This machine is an absolute beast, it seems like a much larger version of the machine, we used to 3D print items in CAD at school, before 3D printers were more mainstream.

  • techvette

    I remember accidentally milling right through my vise. Or, at least trying to. I wisely used a steel vise when cutting aluminum. Broke the tool and my spindle. (But, it's a cheap CNC minimill, not anything like the Tormach.)

  • Bradley Bauder
    Bradley Bauder

    As a machinest thats certified in Haas control. Im highly intriguing with this machine. It actually looks to be pretty decent quality.

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man

    i am on a quest to watch all your videos. 2 more to go :) i love every single one of them! You're doing amazing stuff i really like your earlier videos a lot too where you are doing pressing and tool making and stuff. good stuff =)))))))

  • AustinVolpe55

    Love your content. You are gonna be big! Can’t wait for more!!

  • Mark Presling
    Mark Presling

    Good stuff. You're a brave man tackling that machine move down a slippery slope by yourself!

    • David Willard
      David Willard

      Ten Years Later !!

    • Stuff Made Here
      Stuff Made Here

      Thanks - though to be fair my bravery was bolstered by the knowledge that all my rigging equipment was rated for 10-20x the load. My biggest fear was the crate tipping but I had attached 2x4 anti-tip legs in those directions so it was (hopefully) nearly impossible. In any case I was definitely breathing easier when I reached the bottom of the hill :)

  • Design Prototype Test
    Design Prototype Test

    This channel is going to be enormous. Keep up the good work. You are going to make a lot of fans and a good income from ITmores.

  • Rafael Hurtado
    Rafael Hurtado

    I don't even understand 1/10 of this, but this is so freaking interesting. I'm a mathematician and I'm jealous of how much you know about physics, math, programming and engineering! So cool man, keep it up.

  • DIY Dilettante
    DIY Dilettante

    Great Channel! I am looking forward to your conversion and more information about the tool changer.

  • GottaSnipe

    Just to confirm, you can easily use a straight flute tap on a lot of holes without the tap breaking, as long as it is a through hole. If it's a blind hole, the chips will just pile up at the bottom and the pressure will instantly snap the tap. I use straight fluted taps all the time with rigid tapping and it's easy sailing. Upward fluted taps are generally just better options.

  • ElMirc

    Your CNC router travels with such confidence, the initial cut made me twitch out of the chair

  • Mitchell Sinclair
    Mitchell Sinclair

    Hopefully this helps you out- The front panel for the coolant tank is adjustable. There are a few screws and slots on the back side. :)

  • Kraft King
    Kraft King

    Why haven’t I found this channel before? I love your style of videos and you just earned yourself a new subscriber

  • cantsolvesudokus

    I think the plastic tool holder is more suited for the job. What I’m thinking is: If something gets stuck between the tool and holding device it would have a higher probability to scratch and or seize the tool if the holder is made out of Al rather than plastic. Great content and I’m really happy to have found your channel !

  • Nendo Crescendo
    Nendo Crescendo

    Always take full depth cuts. Otherwise you’re wearing down the tip of the endmill faster and not getting as much out of it.

  • Blue Eyed Brent
    Blue Eyed Brent

    Within this block, there is a tool holder-holder hiding.... 🔥♥️ Love it!

  • Conner Woodhams
    Conner Woodhams

    This is awesome. Do you know how to program or do you rely on a website to write them for you?

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton

    Really good content here man! First time seeing your channel and loved the video! Keep it up and you'll have a good following!

  • testi

    I believe they use mangling tapping in mass production, where you don’t remove material but push it in and around the tapping tool. When using this tapping style, the hole needs to be a bit larger.

  • Jonathan Simmons
    Jonathan Simmons

    Being a machinist/programmer myself, I’ve literally never seen someone cut a part out like an island like you did with your tool holder ring. It’s understandable that it would be chattery and dimensionally inconsistent.

  • carterdoesthings

    That automatic tool changer is insanely cool!

  • MikeyRoofffff

    Just found your channel, love the videos and projects. You are living my dream! Quick question, what resin printer are you using to make your parts?

    • Cooe

      Lol he literally headed up/ran Formlabs R&D department for 5+ years.

  • caveboy

    Who would have thought I could be so entertained watching someone setup a CNC. Comedy genius!

  • Ryan Donovan
    Ryan Donovan

    Super cool to see the stuff you do, I was hoping you'd had been at these youtube videos for longer when I checked out the channel because I was ready to watch years worth of videos lol looking forward to more content.

  • mike abazaba
    mike abazaba

    I've binge watched all your videos like the world was on some sort of lockdown and we are confined to our houses. Can't wait to see what kinda crazy things you come up with next. Much respect for dropping the knowledge on where the phrase "check yourself before you wreck yourself" came from ;)

  • Quinn Watson
    Quinn Watson

    Ahhh yes one of my life rules as come into play, “Anything can be pocket sized with big enough pockets”

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    Subbed, really fantastic channel, actually had it on in the background as I was working in my shop... and about halfway through paused it, because I wanted to be able to pay attention better. I can see elements of many established machining channels in yours, but enjoy seeing how you blend them to make them your own. Keep it up, look forward to seeing more content!

  • Félix Pelletier
    Félix Pelletier

    "it feels like there's nothing here, yet it's stiff and should do the job acceptably." Now that is the most elaborate "that's what she said" ever

  • Redshift CNC
    Redshift CNC

    Thats great man. Just found your channel👍 i would love to get one of those machines someday:)

  • Daniel

    Your channel is just awesome. Engineering porn at it’s best, it really can’t get any better than this.

  • Joe

    I’m an engineering major and love physics and your videos are oddly enjoyable to watch even tho they bring back ptsd😅 I’m so jealous of your workshop that shits looks so fun

  • Ale

    Congrats man! mx series with servo is really a thing. Way better than the normal 1100

  • TheSkateDemons

    This makes me miss my machine shop class in school.. we used to use these machines and I remember making a set of brass dice, a steel hammer and a couple other cool things

  • Boards Topia
    Boards Topia

    Hi, I really like your videos, keep up the work! Could you make a video on how you made these tool holders (so smooth)? That would be really awesome! I want to get a cnc mill or lathe myself to hopefully start my own business making things. I'm currently learning alot by cnc milling at a local company. Seeing people like you having their own workspace makes me really motivated to achieve my goals! Thank you!

  • - Gx
    - Gx

    Somehow I find how he shift heavy machineries into the shop really cool!