Making a robot to carve photos into pumpkins
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I've been wondering if I could turn my haircut robot into a pumpkin carving robot. Cutting hair and carving pumpkins isn't really that different if you think about it - both cut stuff off a roughly pumpkin sized spheroid. In this video I do just that and carve some pretty amazing pumpkins with it. This was a bit of a sprint to get done - I can't wait until next year to make even more insane pumpkins with it!
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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    What would you like to see me carve into a pumpkin? Alternatively what else could I try to carve besides a pumpkin?

    • Therexagon

      rick astley

    • Nathan Francque
      Nathan Francque


    • Ken Haley
      Ken Haley

      Have it carve another pumpkin carving machine. Then stand back.

    • 07 Zoltan
      07 Zoltan

      The prog that you used to get the surface of the pumkin and the way the image warped could be used to make a fully automatic tattoo robot...

    • Hyper pixelz
      Hyper pixelz

      Mabe glass

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith

    This dude is one of the most chill guys on ITmores... he's also a genius, so that helps.

    • Sandra Swan
      Sandra Swan

      @traugdor ?

    • traugdor

      "he's also a genius, so that helps." Depends on the topic.

    • Knyte Tech
      Knyte Tech

      @qwasdninja you never let the magical blue smoke out - you can never put it back. Seriously, though, this man is an inspiration to smart people everywhere, to make more dumb things. I love it.

    • David Miles finzi
      David Miles finzi

      ikr #bestguy

    • qwasdninja

      I kinda like that even really clever people also release the mysterious blue smoke every now and then.

  • Pixelmace

    When repairing a machine but keeping almost none of the parts, this process actually saves time as you just transfer the machine spirit instead of making a new machine spirit to inhabit the next version.

    • Ethan Planas
      Ethan Planas

      As the Omnissiah wills

    • Martin Finnerup
      Martin Finnerup

      Exactly. You just keep pulling the Ship of Theseus, and you can recycle the machine spirit forever.

    • Nick Kohlmann
      Nick Kohlmann

      The Enginseer approves.

  • Matt A
    Matt A

    I like how no one talks about how he just casually said "yeah i accidentally fried everything even my laptop, but its okay"

    • ThePaul555

      @Platinum Cinnamon wow

    • Apus apus
      Apus apus

      @Timmy Yeah, overcurrent protection for a fuze in a mac is the cpu

    • Timmy

      @Apus apus Wasn't it Rosman that said "In a Mac, a fuse doesn't function as a fuse."

    • Apus apus
      Apus apus

      @Timmy Ive shorted both audio and usb on my lenovos, worked after a restart, but, knowing Rosman, a macbook might not

    • Timmy

      It was a MAC, so it was okey... I've put reversed 12V on the USB of my cheap Acer laptop in the past, after 10 minutes everything worked again (even the USB port).

  • Lasse Dollis Spilling
    Lasse Dollis Spilling

    This is just so incredibly impressive. In a group of friends saying "haha someone should make a robot that does that", your the one guy that actually creates it! :) Amazing stuff man, loving these videos.

    • Martin Finnerup
      Martin Finnerup

      If this is up your alley, then may I recommend you check out the following: The Hacksmith, Michel Reeves, William Osman, Simone Giertz, Colin Furze, and Smarter Every Day (Destin). Also for more chemistry leaning stuff: Backyard Scientist and Nile Red. (Just to name a few) A lot of channels also have good related channels linked in their "Channels" tab. :)

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    As a software engineer id love to see a walk through of the code.

    • Dougal Tolan
      Dougal Tolan

      I don't think you would... OK, you would, but I really don't like the direction and problems he made for himself. The mercator projection is no where near as complicated as he makes out (the wiki article must have delved way deeper than what's required here). On the (unwrapped) cylinder X is proportional to longitude, Y is proportional to tan(latitude) There was no need to map the image to a sphere, then to the pumpkin, 1 mapping is sufficient. In fact, the sphere intermediate stage is detrimental. Since pumpkins carved with a photo image have a preferred view point it would be better to project a flat plane onto the surface.

    • Brendan Shephard
      Brendan Shephard

      Yep. I would settle for a Github link.

    • Arch Angel
      Arch Angel

      @Thawne people that are learning coding? People that watch this guy to learn. People that want to deepen their knowledge in code. Sthu

    • Arch Angel
      Arch Angel

      Same here

    • Hey Zero シ
      Hey Zero シ

      @Thawne Why do you play basketball? Cause i want to. Why do you read books? Cause i want to. Why do you want to learn about mathematics? Cause i want to. Why do you breath ? Why do you walk? Why do you play games? Bruh, stop pls.

  • Sloppy Mechanics
    Sloppy Mechanics

    "i love dumb stuff" me too buddy, me too

    • Dherff Ganate
      Dherff Ganate

      And that's why i love my self.

    • ScorpioHR

      One of the reasons I have the mirror

    • Jonah Tse
      Jonah Tse

      @Senuka Abeysinghe me too

    • Michael Li
      Michael Li

      The only dumb thing I don't love is myself.

    • Josephine Somers
      Josephine Somers

      That's why we're here!

  • Juan David Bitar
    Juan David Bitar

    The “TSA.exe” bit made me laugh more than I care to admit. As always, great video, man!

  • Michael Samples
    Michael Samples

    I love how "a small modification" ALWAYS means complete redesign

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta

    "you might be wondering why i would replace my baby with someone else's baby. well, their baby's better." i am now exponentially more afraid of StuffMadeHere than I used to be

  • Lil awodjmqaowdawd
    Lil awodjmqaowdawd

    Its crazy that people are this smart. My brains melting listening

    • OiI man
      OiI man

      @99codemister wow u use so much big words you must be so smart

    • Vishnu V S
      Vishnu V S

      @99codemister just out of curiosity, can you give some examples of people whom you consider smart? Is there anyone on youtube?

    • 99codemister

      @Ryan W You were the first one to correct the spelling? Not that spelling and intelligence are related at all. I'll dust off your sparkles and move on with my life? Ok?

    • Ryan W
      Ryan W

      @99codemister Dude, you have used the wrong spelling of "compliment" in 3 different comments even after you were corrected. I wouldn't brag about your intelligence.

    • leo y
      leo y

      @99codemister the dude is smart and you are r/iamverysmart

  • Roem Daug
    Roem Daug

    Hi can we agree yet that this is one of the most brilliant engineers on ITmores? Seriously, this guy is a genuine genius. Edit: some of the people in the comments to this don't know what "one of the" means, and it shows.

    • James

      Has no one mentioned Colin furze!

    • Brendan Brewer
      Brendan Brewer

      William osman…

    • Patricia Ross
      Patricia Ross

      I love this site .Amazing abilities and intellect. Fascinating how he thinks of these things. I am 74 and used the dealing with brilliant surgeons and I am still very impressed.

    • Serksta V
      Serksta V

      Except the oblate spheroid comment everything else super smart

    • DogerSwag

      @Cake "(edited)"

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    Wife: " It does look sadder now, the more I'm looking at it" Shane: " well, the funny thing is that these are all derived from your face" Hahahhahahha

  • jcass99

    You are an absolute genius, the best part is you show your failures. Most smart people only show the final outcome. Great things don’t come without failure. You're a true engineer. Your Engineering, Designing, coding, machining, fabricating, welding, woodworking, etc. and we can't miss the electrical engineering part. You're rocking it. Looking forward to seeing your next video.

  • Nathaniel Fleming
    Nathaniel Fleming

    If this guy was my professor in undergrad I would have loved every engineering class I took. Huge props man, content is fooking awesome.

  • Spencer

    It blows me away how much effort this guy puts in to the most random stuff.

    • J D
      J D

      Imagine if he had a problem that actually needed a solution lol

  • Jac R.Z.
    Jac R.Z.

    Your in house workshop has better tools than my university's engineering department...

    • Panda Burger
      Panda Burger

      @Benjamin Carter I'm guessing you're not european? Because we laugh at the disaster that is american education and healthcare.

    • SupYuh3354

      Yes XD

    • Anxiety on Film
      Anxiety on Film

      @Qz Xyst Thats some nostalgia right there

    • Chonklord-_ 2556
      Chonklord-_ 2556

      @Karaoke Entertaintment Probably to teachers, or the principals just keep it for themselves and ignores the teachers begging to get payed and they say that they're starving and the principals just ignores them and doesn't let them quit and threatening them and doesn't let them have electronics and confiscated them and they haven't returned to their home and they don't know that they've been missing for a while lives in the basement of the school where they're locked in prison and constantly monitored by the principal and turns to be the "God" of the mafia all around the globe and watches the teachers even when going to bathroom to see what they're doing and knows their secrets and gets "The treatment" or "The reward" but just being same thing with just having different names depending on the situation and...

    • Chonklord-_ 2556
      Chonklord-_ 2556

      @Benjamin Carter Can you please put commas? I can't understand it, sorry (just asking, not trying to make a fight or something), if you don't want to, it's fine.

  • Pavel Pavel
    Pavel Pavel

    Watching this as a software engineer: okay, some nice CNC, some math, some arduino coding, interesting idea to carve pumpkins based on pumpkin's wall opacity. 7:45 holy crap! What's this? It is look like animation but it is real drawing with your hand

  • doktorinternet

    Watching you, obviously some sort of engineering wonderchild, wiring plus to minus makes me feel so much better for when I blew up a buck converter when installing quiet fans on my 3D printer. Thanks for that ego boost! Also, love your videos.

  • Lou Bridget
    Lou Bridget

    I’m impressed by his programming and engeneering skills

  • Matthew Dreisch
    Matthew Dreisch

    Every video I watch of yours, I am constantly impressed by your seeming unlimited knowledge of everything from the math and theories, to design, to hardware/software, to how to operate literally any machine. Not to mention everything else that goes into editing these vids..

    • Mayank Jaitley
      Mayank Jaitley

      He's that engineer everyone wanted to be

  • Mallrat

    This guy is legit the smartest man I’ve ever seen on ITmores, and he accidentally plugged positive to the negative and fried everything lol

    • Shark_365

      Mark robber

    • Matt Adams
      Matt Adams

      Um, diode

    • PressPERIODthenSearch


    • Knightmare Fuel
      Knightmare Fuel

      I feel as if there is a life lesson here 🤣

    • Darragh Gillen
      Darragh Gillen

      Mark robers pretty cool to

  • Avboden

    "And it was that at this moment I realized why reverse polarity protection diodes exist"

    • Alice

      But then you lose a whole 0.7 volts!

  • Daddy G
    Daddy G

    I love this kind of stuff! Great job!

  • clemcusato

    This channel brings joy to my life! Thanks Shane!

  • Rohan Koopman
    Rohan Koopman

    Love to see the very famous welding process called: "no gas tig welding". 1:55 Love your work, keep it going!!

  • Mikul

    Carving a pumpkin: 1 hour Automating pumpkin carving: 100 hours Programmers: Worth it

    • Adam West
      Adam West

      Think of the time he will save next year carving pumpkins

    • Fettuccine

      This mr reeves?

    • IamOrdinaryhere

      @Joseph. yeah but are you really carving 10 pumpkin's for a pumpkin carving contest? What I'm saying is economies of scale doesn't apply to pumpkin carving unless you're making a sweet youtube video about a dumb robot that carves pumpkin's lol

    • XDTuber

      @blabury true but that is why you make a ITmores video and recoup your costs and time. You could bring it to a Halloween fair

    • blabury

      @Joseph. i think no one forgot about it, its just that for most students and prototypists its a meme cause, who actually needs 100 pumpkin carving robots on a factory floor, same for other dumb automation projects

  • Evin Dunn
    Evin Dunn

    I have so much respect for the incredible amount of hardware and software work that went into this

  • Noah McCoy
    Noah McCoy

    I don't know how I'm just now finding your channel but I've been binge watching your videos. You're incredibly creative and I find your persistence inspiring

  • Greeny Bazinga
    Greeny Bazinga

    Your videos are pretty cool !!! You explain a bit of everything you do, it's a pretty nice thing for the watchers as they can learn something.. at least to have an idea about it... ;)

  • Bill Wohl
    Bill Wohl

    This was great! @stuffmadehere why not use some linear rails and get away from the V slot wheels. MGN12H would be far better for that assembly. HIWINN makes the best

  • Candi

    I find it hilarious that he just says: “Hey wife”

    • Anvil Angst
      Anvil Angst

      @Carl Well, you don't have to watch, you are free to leave the planet...just sayin'.

    • High Ground Productions
      High Ground Productions


  • Nysios

    Of all the youtubers with incredible talent and knowledge in their fields, I envy you the most.

  • Leland Tien
    Leland Tien

    Easily one of my favorite channels, I get totally lost in your videos. I'm a Ph.D. student in M.E., totally envious of your abilities. Keep on making stuff!

  • Vincent Carmiggelt
    Vincent Carmiggelt

    Although I think the stuff you do and make and you yourself is all very cool, but your wife is the real star of the show! You two make a great couple. :)

  • leon7sheva

    I'm an engineer. Watching your videos makes me feel like an elementary student. Amazing job and amazing videos. Maybe make a video about yourself. We sure want to know about your background and how can you be this good at engineering. Keep up the good work. cheers.

  • Tom Totushek
    Tom Totushek

    “Like many STEM topics, reading Wikipedia is a great way to feel inadequate.” It’s not just me! I feel so seen.

    • Tyler

      @Макс Ф.I’ll try it on Russian wiki next time. Thx for the advice!

    • JonatasAdoM

      @Макс Ф. Same for my language. Also more complete

    • Palmberry

      If I had to guess the hack, I would assume he just used sine and cosine to get the vectors and then multiplied them by the radius + the heightmap

    • Макс Ф.
      Макс Ф.

      ​@John-Jozef Proczka Ohhh! You just not seen russian segment of Wiki. I always use english versions because it's more understandable to me!

    • John-Jozef Proczka
      John-Jozef Proczka

      The Wikipedia comment resounded quite strongly with me. Looking up any mathematical concept that I understand on Wikipedia always feels this way. It's always in the most basic (and therefore complicated) forms where nothing is taken for granted.

  • Michael Babcock
    Michael Babcock

    For an extra challenge, how about a unit that carves rock statues? Awesome stuff.

  • Ed il folle
    Ed il folle

    That's crazy, no limits on the ideas 😂 like having new tools

  • Zeinzu Androy
    Zeinzu Androy

    You guys are hilarious. You're wife might be the best part of these videos. (no offense haha) Seriously though, you've been killing it. I'd love some easier to make, quick little vids. Great AD integration. Literally no one seems to care enough to try things like this. Hey Audible, take my money!!

  • Jason Shuler
    Jason Shuler

    Thank you for that awesomely accessible explanation of the Mercator projection, as well as the acknowledgement that wikipedia can make one feel inadequate 😁

  • dakota manchette
    dakota manchette

    I feel like a market for precarved pumpkins might be possible

  • Tejo Maya
    Tejo Maya

    This guy keeps my engineering life alive..

  • Yoni Elentok
    Yoni Elentok

    Amazing!! Great job

  • stfuna4b

    Maybe you could make a 3D mesh model from the measurements you take with the probe. If so, use some texture mapping method to “texture” the pumpkin with your picture. Could be conformal maps or other.

  • Jackson Y
    Jackson Y

    Everyone is talking about pumpkin carving robot, but can we talk about how smooth his digital drawings were!?

    • P

      The software snaps points and shapes to grid, smooths out bent and warbly lines, makes rough sketches look properly straight and aligned. Autodesk and solidworks both have sketchbook components which do this. On PC anyhow. He's running Mac and iOS, though, so maybe different artsy apps.

    • Quint BUILDs
      Quint BUILDs

      @Wandering Outlaw you mean "concepts"? It's listed (not very well) in that article.

    • Grilllou

      @Wandering Outlaw he uses concept

    • We’re clueless
      We’re clueless

      I wonder if he has realized that the iPhone 12 has LIDAR and he could make a blind person phone case

    • Wandering Outlaw
      Wandering Outlaw

      Yeah I just wish I knew what software it was

  • Daniel Katz
    Daniel Katz

    Cool project!!! Part of the problem is probably that (non-mathematical) pumpkins are not uniformly translucent.

  • Rotaru Cosmin Leonard
    Rotaru Cosmin Leonard

    You are incredibly smart! The things you can do...the electronics, all those machining and the tools, the math and the coding....And rise a baby at the same time.I 'm speechless.

  • Dominik S.
    Dominik S.

    Hats off and respect for fulfilling your dream. I want a job like you :) I've studied mechanical engineering with focus on aerospace and more or less IT. But still, to find something similar similar to that what you are doing is quiet difficult...has anyone any good suggestions?

  • IndyStry

    This looks crazyyyy complex! You should be super proud of all that you have learned in life! And the best part, humor to top it off. ;) This channel is definitely going places at this pace!

  • ody vinty*
    ody vinty*

    As your channel continues to grow and you gain more mainstream attention I'm sure it's tempting to replace some of the cold hard engineering you went through with simplified versions thereof in the final cut in attempt to maximize the spectacle factor and increase viewer retention. I've noticed a lot of the popular stem youtubers do this. As an engineering student (and probably your #1 fan), I'd really love it if you kept as much of the real deal in the video as you reasonably can. In any case, thanks for making these videos. They're great.

    • Anti Bull
      Anti Bull

      @ody vinty* id edit your comment then to include that cause thats why i commented😂

    • ody vinty*
      ody vinty*

      @Anti Bull I wanna know more about how he manages to solve the problems he encounters. I understand the negative end of the proposition. It doesn't sound good. Joel suggested a second channel for these details instead. That's a really good idea I think.

    • asdfg3421

      @Anti Bull Pleaseee bro I would like to feel smart. He's already pretty brief when he explains the work he does

    • Anti Bull
      Anti Bull

      “Limit your ability to resonate with potentially millions of viewers because i wanna feel smart”... bruh.

    • Gamingmoron17

      @Joel Kahn honestly great compromise

  • David Milner
    David Milner

    If the translucency depends on the thickness of the remaining pumpkin skin and flesh, it depends also on the internal surface. How did you carve out the inside to ensure that the carving on the outside produced the desired thickness?

  • Jeroen Alkema
    Jeroen Alkema

    Comedy in this video was great! Love your stuff, can't wait to see the next iteration of the bat

  • J.Jarvis

    Hahah I wish I had the humor you two have😂

  • DragonFlair

    Wow that’s way more complex than I thought it would be, as a 3D artist I thought it would be kind of like UVW Unwrapping a sphere in a software like 3DS Max but there is way more to it.

  • Bob Spitfire
    Bob Spitfire

    Could be interesting to see how this does on a more ideal surface like a wooden sphere. (It also helps with debugging.)

    • Luke Pikaart
      Luke Pikaart

      Unfortunately I think the setup is nowhere near rigid enough for wood. It would be horrendous. Maybe that yellow art foam for models.

    • EarthKnight

      Bowling balls

  • Chatfulness03 [Joy]
    Chatfulness03 [Joy]

    Honestly I'd love to see a collab with you and Mark Rober, you two seem like you'd get along well 😁

  • Paul Hardin
    Paul Hardin

    The guy is obvi a genius, but I find it interesting that he makes relatively stupid mistakes. Like putting a screw through his house wiring in the pool stick video. And mixing up the positive and negative leads in this video. I appreciate that he included those goofy mistakes in the videos. Makes him more human and relatable.

  • George Georgiou
    George Georgiou

    Nice system integration. I would suggest however to rotate the pumpkin instead of the cutter robot

  • Johnathan Kelly
    Johnathan Kelly

    the fact he lit a little tiny candle with a propane torch kills me XD

  • Jeffy Stevens
    Jeffy Stevens

    I like how at 7:38 he says “the tricky bit” as if that isn’t literally every single part of the project

    • heranth2345

      @Nabee H i sure do hope he was joking, saying someone is a nerd in the comments section of an engineering video on youtube :P I am a nerd. :)

    • Nabee H
      Nabee H

      @Shiseido ViFol he was joking i think

    • Layth

      @Reaper AOD oh damn you really got him

    • Reaper AOD
      Reaper AOD

      @Shiseido ViFol NERD

    • Shiseido ViFol
      Shiseido ViFol

      @Najer Jabbarani just because he’s good at math doesn’t make him a nerd thank you a nerd is good at a certain subject likes either anime or video games and is lazy af when they have the time to be I should know because I am a nerd AN ITS NOT A FUCKIN INSULT

  • MurkysVideos

    2 questions. Question 1: Would LIDAR work to map the pumpkin? Question 2: What would happen if you freeze the pumpkin before carving? Would it come out better?

  • Fidget23

    This is the second time I've watched this, what if you were to place the robot and pumpkin in a freezer, and cut into the robot while its frozen? I feel like that would give you more structural stability and cleaner lines than cutting one that is room temp.

  • As0x

    Have you tried running over the pumpkin carved with another smaller round tipped bit? I’d like to see this because it works for smoothing out metal forms.

  • Jake

    You two have a cool marriage ☺ You should do a Stuff Made Here edition on how to make a happy home!

  • Denny

    I‘ve decoded the censored part and what he said was: „I used stackoverflow“ 😁 great videos

    • Fear None
      Fear None

      @Ace 100% illegal just talking about it on youtube scares me...

    • Herbal Giles
      Herbal Giles

      @frenchiveruti lmaoo exactly

    • BlueFire Animations
      BlueFire Animations

      @NoSkillPureAndy Oh, it was really hard to tell, if you're being sarcastic on the internet, use tHiS or /s

    • TsG Something
      TsG Something

      The superior language🐍

    • Yo tengo un cuis
      Yo tengo un cuis

      @MK Python

  • The Law
    The Law

    What shane is saying : "I've been trying to code this for like 5 hours..." What it sounds like : "dude, I've been trying to build a space station for like 45 minutes and I'm still not done..."

  • Peter Ciurea
    Peter Ciurea

    I'm curious just how much time goes into each such video. Between the design, calculation, programming, manufacturing, filing, editing it has to be an immense number of labor hours? how many people and how long?

  • PottyPotato

    Hey Shane! You should totally build a mobile robot platform, so that you don't have to tear everything apart for the next project -- just add on a new module, or switch out a module. But I guess you'd miss out on the experience of tearing things apart and starting from scraps ^^ But still, I'd love to see how you'd approach this!

  • Michelle Hettinger
    Michelle Hettinger

    Subscribed. Awesome channel. I'd do this kind of thing if I had the money and know-how.

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor

    The fact that you admitted to feeling inadequate while working on this project and figuring out some of the harder math really gave me so much peace lol. It sounds stupid but it kind of reminded me that you’re genuinely just a person with a skill and a passion, and not a super genius engineer (though I’m not convinced you aren’t)

    • Ian Taylor
      Ian Taylor

      @Egwene22 hell yeah. I’m not so much trying to say he’s not incredibly smart, but just that everything he does he has to struggle and figure out, and I imagine he relies heavily on previous experiences, and not so much just trying to figure things out as they come up.

    • EctoMorpheus

      Yo are you the dude that wrote all the Runescape music? Good shit

    • Omni Yambot
      Omni Yambot

      @Egwene22 it's obvious but it still seems that he's underrated and humble lol. I'm a professor in electrical engineering by 27 and has a lot of mastery in different fields. But he is god tier. He does everything by himself and I don't even know what to say lol.

    • psyneur

      @cinIALVEspO w everyone has it. except maybe me, idk if im good enough to have it :/

    • Travel Amma
      Travel Amma

      I'm no engineer, but I suspect the machines he builds are somehow translatable into either a paid job or saleable eventually. Either way, they are so fun and interesting to watch. So happy Smarter Every Day sent me over here!

  • Jacob Ensor
    Jacob Ensor

    would have been cool to see a timer or something about how long each print took!

  • Raghuram S
    Raghuram S

    What app do you use for designing the parts?

  • Gary Simmons
    Gary Simmons

    Have you thought about using one the small portable 3D scanners to get the exact topography of the pumpkin? It seems it be a much easier way to get the data you need.

  • Derek Baker
    Derek Baker

    10:00 this should be an awesome learning experience for everyone. Even some1 this intelligent can make mistakes.

  • Joel Creates
    Joel Creates

    I still have dried pumpkin stuck to my cnc machine from last year, nice execution

    • Idiot

      @Kim Dőng Umm Pro Interracial Couples there’s more than one person with high metabolism. It’s just that no ones likes your assumptions and telling you that your assumptions are wrong and you’re making yourself sound like someone who does in fact believe in the flat earth theory

    • きいろ

      ​@Kim Dőng Umm Pro Interracial Couples First, I have not reached legal drinking age yet. Second, i don't favor sweets. I like spicy/unami flavored food. third, I'm an Atheist and fourth, i have a fast metabolism and i basically never gain weight no matter how much i eat. i look like a pencil rn. I don't care about whatever devil, god, corporate thing you talk about. If it makes people happy, let them celebrate it. My family's Asian and don't celebrate many holidays but we always celebrate Christmas, and have been doing Halloween till Covid. we celebrate Chinese new years, and more. I'm trying to learn Japanese, become a Mangaka, learn guitar, get better at Beat saber, get better at Rocket League, clean up the house (since no one does), do projects, learn to code, take care of a cat and snake, learn muscle anatomy, basic human needs, socialize with friends (online), get faster at the Rubik's cube, get better at lock picking, and do school/homework, all fit inside 15 hours a day with a Procrastination problem. I think i have more things to complain about than you and your "evil corporate" problems. Go get a life. And before anyone comments about me spending time commenting, I'm just about to sleep so this doesn't take any of my time.

    • きいろ

      @Kim Dőng Umm Pro Interracial Couples i knew you would say that. i do not believe Halloween is some sort of ritual. it's a fun holiday and i have no means to remove that. and most people aren't getting annoyed by kids knocking at their door. our family buys lots of candy for the kids that will come to get it. it makes them feel happy, which in return will make us happy. people know this tradition and purposefully buy candy for the kids WILLINGLY. no one says you have to get candy. just because you get annoyed doesn't mean everyone on earth does. i don't have to believe in religion to celebrate christmas or halloween. oh, so should i just stay by the side not being in family activities during christmas, or make my friends disappointed by not coming in halloween. people get candy to give to kids, if no one takes the candy that just wastes their money. people don't have to be vegan to only eat vegetables do they? people don't have to stop eating meat if they like animals right? so why should i have to believe in it to have fun in halloween.

    • lion MAGIC
      lion MAGIC

      @sugar free god

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    Is it cutting the pumpkin the same way it would cut wood? I know that different plants have different textures so cutting something that is softer or fleshier like a pumpkin or eggplant would be different than cutting something that is drier or stiffer like crisp lettuce or even wood.

  • tcfh 2003
    tcfh 2003

    "Making the robot is only a small part of the work. Think of it as the appetizer. The real meat is the software" As an EE, this resonated on so many levels

  • Karan Kedia
    Karan Kedia

    hey i was also looking to buy the tools and equipment you use in your videos, could you tell us the names and the list of the equipment you use and how much would they cost?

  • Kobe De Kimpe
    Kobe De Kimpe

    Do like a workspacetour, with all your tools. And with some extra explanation about how it works and what you've already created with it. It gives you a really good opportunitie to make a compilation of your videos.