Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths
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How hard could it be to make an unpickable lock? Turns out pretty flippin hard. After I recovering from the mental and physical turmoil of getting this thing made I called up a locksmith to see if they would be able to pick it. A fun time for all involved.

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  • LockPickingLawyer

    This is a really interesting project that shows promise. It's always fun to see what happens when fresh eyes look at a problem. Shane and I just talked, and he'll be sending an improved version my way once it's ready. I look forward to seeing if I can come up with a creative approach to cracking this nut.

    • Akrom Sprinter
      Akrom Sprinter


    • Luis Laija
      Luis Laija

      Those are many likes

    • Rickard Rehnmark
      Rickard Rehnmark

      So, was this ever made a reality!?

    • ManManMa


    • WpsGaming


  • Duke Silver
    Duke Silver

    I actually feel a little bad for the locksmith. The way he said “I don’t think it’ll work” just sounded so defeated.

    • molotov The Holy
      molotov The Holy

      @Raimazuki should just kick the door down tho

    • Raimazuki

      I mean usually the next step is drilling trough the lock, so it's not like he couldn't get in if he had to

    • Robert Kwissisens
      Robert Kwissisens

      Yeah, him probably never be able to pick another lock again, lol jk

    • Catlyn Chrismer
      Catlyn Chrismer

      666 like, lets go

    • Tin Fish
      Tin Fish


  • Dankwheelie

    *Your ex dumps you and you have a spare key to her house* ITmores: “Wanna swap some locks?”

    • Brice Hursey
      Brice Hursey

      what are you doing here lmao

    • NPC  #roadto30
      NPC #roadto30

      Don’t get it

    • бабушка

      @Saden Uttie ! lol

    • Jacob

      @Josh Young I got a different thought from that. Also it's called a joke

    • TheFinal17

      @Josh Young 😐

  • Marvel Muse
    Marvel Muse

    "Making an unpickable lock & calling locksmiths." Some men just want to see the world burn.

    • Jason Watkins
      Jason Watkins

      I bet the locksmiths enjoyed the challenge!!

    • Glam glam
      Glam glam

      hes the kind of guy to hide your wallet and asks if he can help you find it

  • Daniel Collier
    Daniel Collier

    Engineering only works if it includes ALL the data. The installation of the lock on the door is your biggest weakness. I would suggest that for v3 you engineer the entire door, not just the lock.

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan

      No, the entire building the lock is on is its biggest weakness. Brick in window is always easier for a thief than non-destructive entry.

    • Rudolf Dirks
      Rudolf Dirks

      Integrating this lock into a door would do it. That'd make it impossible to unlock even LPL

  • The Thought Emporium
    The Thought Emporium

    Lockpickinglawyer "ok got a little click on 3, big click on 2.... annnd we've got it open. Real challenging lock folks, took a whole minute to pick."

    • jan Mamu
      jan Mamu

      @Tops Dev ona li akesi

    • Joan Manuel SB
      Joan Manuel SB

      5 is binding ... click and we got this open


      I can hear his voice 😂

    • Ken Chan
      Ken Chan

      Immovable object meets unstoppable force.

    • Lucifer

      @Tops Dev sonder

  • SapientAsparagus

    “Get a lock that doesn’t have a key, there’s tons” Cryptologists/computer scientists: *heavy breathing*

    • X W
      X W

      But they are, technically, unpickable.

    • Voltaic Fire
      Voltaic Fire

      @Cristaliana Ivor You can just use a magnet to trip the solenoid for the most part, right?

    • Cristaliana Ivor
      Cristaliana Ivor

      from what I have seen (there are presentations from the wild west hacking festival or how they are called and I forgot his name but hes a physical pen tester) the electronic locks are so stupidly easy to defeat D:

    • Dust

      Hey that's private.

  • ThatBoiiAL

    I hope you paid and tipped the locksmith really well for awaiting his time.


    *“I finally ran out of ways to do it wrong“* - stuff made here

    • Voltaic Fire
      Voltaic Fire

      We've all had that moment.

    • Threeze NiNja
      Threeze NiNja

      That's basically the slogan of any good "guess and check" research operation that keeps notes on what has been tried.

    • Charlie

      Oh thank you for citing it! If you didn’t put the source there, I would’ve thought it would’ve came from MrBeast.

    • MichaelDe

      My new life goal

  • semi ayub
    semi ayub

    Him: "This was one of those unexpectedly hard projects" Literally every project he's ever made: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    Do you think the LockPikingLawyer could get through? I tried to contact him when I was building this but couldn't get to him. Maybe now it can happen :) All I know is that I would love to find out so I can shake this sense of impending doom.

    • Trav da Sav
      Trav da Sav

      One burning question. Are there any tools that could pick this lock. You really covered all bases here. I’m super impressed.

    • Alguien De Internet
      Alguien De Internet

      Please it's been three months

    • Ivan Hernández
      Ivan Hernández

      I bet my full bank account to LocPickingLawyer

    • Kevin Luo
      Kevin Luo


  • Blue_Rex

    “Get a lock that doesn’t have a key” “Now today we are going to open this lock without even touching it, the tool, a magnet.”

    • TheTruCloud

      @Stenmin Some insanely cheap deadbolts as well.

    • Stenmin

      @uttkarsh tewari electronic locks use a solenoid mechanism to retract the bolt, which often can be manipulated by a high powered magnet.

    • uttkarsh tewari
      uttkarsh tewari

      Wait does that actually work, whats the poi t of lock picking then xD

    • Unamedzube7xb

      Brain power is more useful ?🥴

  • scott snodgrass
    scott snodgrass

    Great content! Wondering if using a neodymium magnet on top would lift those pins?

  • EmeraldElbows

    I’ve been watching LPL for a little while now, did some wiki research on lockpicking to understand the concepts and still couldn’t get my head around it. Thank you for your animated diagrams!!

  • Noor Nasri
    Noor Nasri

    Excited to see LPL crack this open. Your stuff is impressive but the man picks locks that companies dedicate lifetimes perfecting

  • Kwader _ كوادر
    Kwader _ كوادر

    The lock picking lawyer: this lock was easily picked in 8 seconds using a shoe lace and a candy bar

    • Kotti-tv

      You forgot “EASILY” picked😭😭😭😭

    • Unknown


    • A gaming god
      A gaming god

      Yeah lol

    • a diamond sword
      a diamond sword

      Wait… A chocolate candy bar could mold into the lock and then you use the shoe lace to turn the locks

    • pfoxhound

      So did he send it in? Is there a video?

  • Eric ERTO
    Eric ERTO

    That is so beautifully engineered. Just like computers with firewalls there is always a way in . There is that one guy who will figure it out .

  • Subor

    It is very cool! I like what you do. if I did something like this - I would make the first test models larger in size (scaled) from more pliable materials. Just for "debugging" I just imagine - a huge foam padlock and a cardboard key

  • ET Himself
    ET Himself

    I have never been into locks but this is amazing - Kudos👍👍

  • Saadia Tehreem
    Saadia Tehreem

    I love how the lockpicking lawyer still picked it

  • Tongs

    The lockpicking lawyer: “Finally, a worthy opponent”

    • Tom Svabauskas
      Tom Svabauskas

      dont you have a job to do in china?

    • Ylvmon

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Lyle Carter
      Lyle Carter

      Please make this happen!!

  • the madtrax
    the madtrax

    This is the kind of content we need on ITmores, thank you

  • Travo’s BB-Q and fun
    Travo’s BB-Q and fun

    I love this channel. Stumbled upon it yesterday. Your skills are incredible. I thought I was smart guess not.

  • Ignatius970

    I love how no matter what super interesting and amazing things this guy makes, his wife just doesn't care lmao

  • Tanush Khandelwal
    Tanush Khandelwal

    Making an unpickable lock and showing the world the key and how it works… ur a legend

  • electronicsNmore

    Some serious engineering went into that lock design. Huge thumbs up!

    • Same Fisher
      Same Fisher

      The LPL will destroy this.

    • Tool Machine
      Tool Machine

      really thumbs up..👍👍👍😃😃✌

    • I

      409k subs... 180 likes... 0 comments... this ain’t addin up

  • Miguel Manchola
    Miguel Manchola

    Dude, you rock! You're my favorite youtuber by far 👍

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    never thought locks would be so fascinating 😂

  • Steve Banning
    Steve Banning

    You should make a troll lock where only one of the pins has your anti "in place" test mechanism.

  • F22 Raptor
    F22 Raptor

    8:37 “I found a lock smith that specializes in picking locks”

  • Kyle Cheney
    Kyle Cheney

    Stuff Made Here: "I made an un-pickable lock!" The Lockpicking Lawyer: "I sense a disturbance in the force..." 10:05 The gauntlet has been thrown

    • Krane

      Silly rabbit, there's a reason for old saying "if you build a better lock... They'll either go over it, under it, or around it. Also, note that the claim was unpickable, not undefeatable. Anyway, security should never rely on just one thing, rather, be a part of a system of deterrents. But that's not to take anything away from this accomplishment; its still remarkable. I'd certainly buy the lock.

    • Aleric Inglewood
      Aleric Inglewood

      How about just turning it and THEN use a hammer to "rake" it?

  • MPowerS Media
    MPowerS Media

    So I just found this video and within the first 30 seconds it was my exact thought to send it to the lock picking lawyer. So did you ever get it to him? I'm so interested in seeing the outcome because if he can't pick it no one can and you would really have something to sell to people that offers real security. Can't wait for a reply even though this video is a year old. Edit: nevermind just found the video where he received 2 locks. Great videos from both of you. Hope you made the changes he suggested and we see these on the market someday. Great job.

  • jonah tyszkiewicz
    jonah tyszkiewicz

    There are tools that make keyless locks easier to pick than ones with keys. Either way, this was a great video, keep it up!

  • Kalriostraz

    LPL opened it up, but hot damn are you close. Fantastic and I can't wait to see the next version of both locks!

  • Paul Gruber
    Paul Gruber

    If they keyhole just a tube with holes that have different height you can repeat the basic pattern at the beginning many times, making it unguessable and unpickable. Lets say you make a tube with 400 holes and a key with 400 spikes

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez

    The lockpicking lawyer: "This lock was easily picked in 6 seconds using soft butter."

    • Kamka Myles
      Kamka Myles

      Yeeesss i knew this was gonna be here

    • Bill

      I bet it will be susceptible to something low skill like jarring or jiggling.

    • Helluva Dip
      Helluva Dip


    • TheTiredOldTiger

      Surely the only bad side to sending the to lock picking lawyer is you've shown him how it works now, so now he has to find a counter strategy to pick it. Keep the updated design a secret and let's see who wins here! 👍💪

  • T33K3SS3LCH3N

    "I finally ran out of ways of doing it wrong" hahaha that's my new favourite way of describing creation processes

  • pikachu 922
    pikachu 922

    I think you could make a lock that needs a different key to lock and unlock with this design. could be useful for some sort of tamper proofing system?

  • illdreamer

    thats interesting. so if we use tiny parts, we can squeeze in more pins. imagine 50 micropins? simply being that small will make thrm unpickable. and the keys will look sick

  • SadSovietSpy

    You should definatly send it to lockpick lawyer. They are OP at this stuff

  • TheJansport1

    The lockpicking lawyer: "This lock was easily overcome by a common pigeon feather found in a nearby park."

    • Umanga badal
      Umanga badal


    • Hoshie


    • Nezzen

      let me know when it happens

    • Mykel Dumas-Demers
      Mykel Dumas-Demers

      @Viking Seagull l

    • Silverstone78

      What did he say to it? ... surely he send one to him

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    I can hear LPL in my head saying: click on 1... nothing on 2... click on 3... by just watching this video! Truly amazing what the human brain can do Edit: Guys, the voice isn't stopping... wait why is my door unlo

  • RKG

    Just imagine locking your home with this and robber breaks in from your window.

  • PlanET 333
    PlanET 333

    Great video. I wonder if you will be selling these locks after improving them from the test at LockPickingLawyer?

    • marcel helder
      marcel helder


  • Mark Howell
    Mark Howell

    See what happens if you set the base of the key channel low enough as to almost interfere with the pins so there is zero clearance to insert a pick without interrupting the position of the pins.

  • Alex Hennage
    Alex Hennage

    Who's ready for LPL's next 30 second video?

    • Felix


    • Twilight Star
      Twilight Star

      @Capernici Reacher can you link it?

    • Locust

      Legit came here to comment LPL. Gg

    • Capernici Reacher
      Capernici Reacher

      It just came out. 10 and a half minutes.

  • sleepy

    he explained it so well👏🏽

  • Tc1990

    That binford T-shirt was probably my favourite part of the video. Home improvement was one of the classics.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M

    Your daughter is going to grow up with the “mad scientist” dad. That’s awesome. I love your channel!

  • SCP

    Amazing. I want you to have as my security consultant for my house ;-)

  • Oxidize

    These video ideas get better and better

    • King panda
      King panda

      Congrats on yiay

    • Regan Campbell
      Regan Campbell

      next vid collab wid lick picking lawyer

    • derrick Gibbs
      derrick Gibbs

      @HARSHER 337 nah I disagree this was hella intriguing

  • foresca

    "As an easily manipulated man, I just can't let that stand" -Legendary poetry

  • mnhorsewoman

    Just binged all three videos back to back. Awesome use of a lazy afternoon!

  • DeathCat002

    You could make a lock with 9 pins. If you find a way for it to work, you could make a lock more difficult then others if you make it correctly.

  • Tomás

    you're outstanding guy, keep it up

  • John Watson
    John Watson

    Shane: *sends lock to lpl* LPL: “This lock has an inexcusable flaw that makes even masterlock look intimidating”

    • bummers

      @Nestor Salvador Try saying it with a British accent. Has that punch! "You sir, just made my day!" Then I wondered if you are a lad or a lass ... ...

    • Nestor Salvador
      Nestor Salvador

      @bummers why not just say you have made my day

    • quatro27


  • RALO Ed.
    RALO Ed.

    in situations where everything needs to be manual to prevent any electronic failure, this type of mechanism will be very usefully. Very interesting video

  • Broken Routine Podcast
    Broken Routine Podcast

    SNES it to the lock picking lawyer and you’ll know he’s one of the very best.

  • Yoni Leclerc
    Yoni Leclerc

    I’m sure one day this guy will make a timemachine and brings back Tupac.

  • Scuph

    have you tried using some sort of vibrating device with one of those wavy pins attached to whilst pushing the back 'lever' in the back of the lock with a straight one?

  • Elliot Gregory
    Elliot Gregory

    This should be sent to the lock picking lawyer, hed be able to pick it

    • An Unentitled Motivated Millennial
      An Unentitled Motivated Millennial


    • Mr.Muffin

      Hol up

    • Soren Pidgeon
      Soren Pidgeon

      @Michael Smith with a pick I bet

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith

      LPL could pick a concrete wall.

    • LukePlaysGames

      He says that at the end of the vid

  • Boom productions
    Boom productions

    Imagine putting an unpickable lock on a glass door!😂😅

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright

    This dude is literally the smartest dude alive!

  • Pool Hall
    Pool Hall

    You’re both equally odd looking - in a good way. Way to go.

  • Akash Gahlot
    Akash Gahlot

    Don't understand more than half of the stuff he says..but still watching it for the dedication and immense depth,width of knowledge he has

  • FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions
    FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions

    As long as you don't have *GLASS* on your door, this would be a good idea because with glass on your door at that size, they will get in pretty easy anyway

    • rowe Rowe
      rowe Rowe

      Most people just leave the 1/4 inch screws in the hinges of the doors, deadbolt, and handle anyways. It's really easy to kick down a door if you aim at the handle/deadbolt. Or have any common sense with a sledge hammer whatsoever. Military background, not criminal lol

    • Richard Zaremba
      Richard Zaremba

      @Dan Meinzer its meant to be unpickable, not indestructible

    • Vaknir

      In France, a lot of building are pretty old and replacing the doors and windows of everything would be very expensive and I guess we don't get burglarised enough to feel like we need too, the most secured doors you can find are on appartement buildings with reinforced frames and multiple lock instead of an expensive one.

    • SomaliCoastguard

      @finestwaliworld I've worked in the criminal justice system in the UK for twenty five years and not once have I ever dealt with a case where a criminal has picked a lock to get in. I have however dealt with hundreds of burglaries where windows have been broken or doors / windows jemmied open.

    • videonautics

      Apparently in 1st world Countries you dare to build houses with unprotected glass. Here we put wrought iron protection on 1st or in some cases 2nd floor windows. So the only option for thieves is to pass a steel door or climbing to the 3rd floor(they do it sometimes).

  • C Palado
    C Palado

    As a locksmith, I loved this video. Next episode: _Unbreakable Home Windows_

    • Michael Pettersson
      Michael Pettersson

      I seen Aliens. You do not want to be locked into a room with unbreakable windows together with something nasty.

  • Binnick's Forge
    Binnick's Forge

    Hey buddy, I really think you should try a spring on top of each pin. Where 1 pin is impossible to pick

  • Antoine Boily
    Antoine Boily

    With EDM it would be pretty easy to machine the brass part in one piece !

  • Dave Cashjowa
    Dave Cashjowa

    This literally made no sense to me but I enjoyed every second of it

    • Catlyn Chrismer
      Catlyn Chrismer


  • Ludwig van Beethoven
    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Plot twist: Stuff Made Here IS TheLockPickingLawyer and he’s used his immense knowledge to create a lock only he could pick

    • Javier Mercado
      Javier Mercado

      PLS that would be a great crossover

    • Aaronjamt

      That would explain why LPL never shows his face! He wants his alternate identity to stay hidden. Ahh, it all makes sense now!

    • Aaron Mackay
      Aaron Mackay

      @uguuwuu I agree

    • Kyle

      I was just about to comment about the lockpicking lawyer and someone already beat me to it

    • EFormance Engineering
      EFormance Engineering

      I have gone down the LPL rabbit hole and have *seen* the actual LPL in photographs, he is not LPL :-)

  • T-Mask

    I have that same F-14 model. I built it when I was 12 or 13 yr. old and still have it today at 35 yr. old. It was one of my first one I completed on my own as well.

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner

    If it's unpickable then it's unopenable too by any means including a key. Lock picks only simulate or rather repeat what the key does. If a lock can be opened by a key it most definitely can be picked open as well.

  • Cody Haupt
    Cody Haupt

    Hey man just came across this video. Love the info and drive for this situation. Very impressive

  • Ken T
    Ken T

    7:55 Not everyone can make me believe that it's 5 a.m., but there's just something about his eyes that I trust

  • Diego Leão
    Diego Leão

    Upcoming LPL Title: "Unpickable lock opened with a piece of paper?". I hope this is the beginning of an epic battle :)

    • Snow axe 3D
      Snow axe 3D

      Imagine, LPL, uploads the video and its duration is 1.5 minutes,

    • Warren Petch
      Warren Petch

      i was thinking the exact same thing then saw ot already posted! go the LPL

    • Pluto

      you think this is the unmarked cylinder lock he picked with a comb pick in like .5 seconds?

    • Shreyas p
      Shreyas p

      Yep searching for this comment

  • Noah B
    Noah B

    I love this channel, but probably the reason I can't get anything done for school during lockdown ahh..

  • SLG TV
    SLG TV

    This guy and his wife are awesome I love this channle

  • tpartridge10

    What is the program that is being used for the drawings? Would love to have something like that at work

  • lok777

    These two are just dripping in charisma.