Moving hoop won't let you miss
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Thousands have told me that anyone can easily miss my first automatic basketball hoop by missing the hoop entirely. That is a really good point and something that I can't let stand. In this video I show you how I devoted several weeks of my life to realizing a basketball hoop that makes your shot go in even if you totally miss the hoop.... it was a lot of fun, and quite a bit more challenging than I was anticipating. Hopefully you enjoy it :)
Although very fun, these videos are very time consuming and expensive. Please consider helping to support the development of these projects through my patreon at
I built this with the new Tormach 24r check it out:
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This project was really hard. It was a huge challenge to whittle the 450gigs of footage down into a video that shared my journey of designing and getting this machine working. I hope you enjoyed it :) If you are interested in helping to support me making more of these videos you can check out my Patreon at . One question - would a podcast be interesting yes / no? I've been considering that as an opportunity to share more details and whatnot that can't make it into my videos.

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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    This project was really hard. It was also a huge challenge to whittle the 450gigs of footage down into a video that shared my journey of designing and getting this machine working. I hope you enjoyed it :) If you are interested in helping to support me making more of these videos you can check out my Patreon at One question - would a podcast be interesting yes / no? I've been considering that as an opportunity to share more details and whatnot that can't make it into my videos.

    • zMarchen

      Das uhh

    • REALity


    • A Lex
      A Lex

      Check 3d printer "CoreXY" It's pretty much how you position the hoop. Also: slam dunk it, to see if that also works Also: you could've maybe used klipper to have the kinetics going and feed it gcode to control it 🤯

    • Kevin Wood
      Kevin Wood

      This is relatable

    • ShawnPlayz_247


  • Hacksmith

    That was fantastic!

    • Check my about page link
      Check my about page link

      Read my name

    • Raccoon Plays
      Raccoon Plays


    • Lord Onile
      Lord Onile

      Even 1j

    • Dhiyan Gada
      Dhiyan Gada


    • C47UMX

      You, him and Mark Rober should make a collab to some impossible engineering problem - or something completely useless...

  • nicho sibanyoni
    nicho sibanyoni

    Being this smart must be nice. 😭 To think of something, and have the ability to build it from scratch and have it working. All the engineering, math and physics involved here. I envy you

    • Reda Chafik
      Reda Chafik

      @Tim G wise man

    • David Bodunwa
      David Bodunwa


    • Tim G
      Tim G

      @Amuh respect is not given, it's earned.

    • Amuh

      @Tim G Oh, an older guy. What a man that deserves respect. Care to reveal your age, should you feel comfy in doing so?

  • Team Best Girl
    Team Best Girl

    the most impressive thing about this is that you found a use for the kinect

    • Twobladedswordsandmauls

      The kinect can do a lot of amazing things, being a gaming peripheral is not one of those things (except for sports, apparently).

    • Junior Sundar
      Junior Sundar

      The kinect was ahead of its time when it came out. It wasn't so easy to get you hands on a commercial RGBD sensor for hobby projects at that time like it is now. So many robotics projects spawned off of a Kinect.

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      @RameoMTL wait actually?

    • maese menese
      maese menese

      @RameoMTL why

    • RameoMTL

      I know this comment is supposed to be a joke but the Kinect is used a lot in hospitals.

  • Captin Kirk
    Captin Kirk

    Great job. I am very impressed by your perseverance and ingenuity. I'm so glad you showed some of your failures along the way. Show the reality of projects. Thanks for the great video.

    • JChrys B
      JChrys B

      basketball version of mark robers Auto Bulls eye dart. not an original vid tbh

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W

    This is such an incredible channel man, you’re a great human and youre brilliant. Thank you for all the education you give to us, and for inspiring so many to delve deeper into science.

    • JChrys B
      JChrys B

      basketball version of mark robers Auto Bulls eye dart. not an original vid tbh

  • I did a thing
    I did a thing

    I feel like you should be sending rockets to other planets or something. Instead your making youtube videos....Its great!

    • V A
      V A

      @SUS you’re **

    • 0bez


    • LandonBgaming247

      And you're using using the wrong "your"

    • Lisa Gubb
      Lisa Gubb


    • Kris Mingl
      Kris Mingl


  • Cody Richards
    Cody Richards

    Damn! That's beyond incredible! Such complex Python coding along with doing the mechanical things yourself, just fantastic!!

  • Evan McCord
    Evan McCord

    You make great content, can tell you've put alot of time, effort, and thought into your craft. Best of luck homie.

  • pardha bandaru
    pardha bandaru

    Kudos on your dedication and effort. Curious to see what would happen if we throw the ball with a little spin on it

  • Frank

    Amazing videos! A true inspiration to me. Thanks for that 🎉💪🏼

  • Mahadeo S.
    Mahadeo S.

    It's crazy that people this smart exist. Utmost respect to him and his wife for being so good at this stuff- especially the coding. This was no everyday problem, yet they managed to build a quick enough running time program that tracks and adjusts for trajectory.

    • KrytenKoro

      @Pariah ...yes it would. It would have inertia

    • Frank Wang
      Frank Wang

      Nothing he did is difficult. Each sub component of the project has been done by many people around the world, he just happened the necessary knowledge to make them all come together in a way that produces this interesting result.

    • Ruzgar Yılmaz
      Ruzgar Yılmaz

      @Rohan George damn i forgot my commment existed

    • Rohan George
      Rohan George

      @Ruzgar Yılmaz define smart my guy honsetly.... its like saying im better than u in math, im better than u in an iq test, how do u define smart then :|

    • anxietii

      Van Fahnel i don’t understand your comment but ok

  • stef bak
    stef bak

    My guy, if everybody had the same commitment as you, mankind would be in another galaxy already. Keep it up, you are amazing.

  • Andrew - my Youtube things and stuff
    Andrew - my Youtube things and stuff

    I feel like this could help some people learn to shoot faster. You could always retrieve the ball more easily and get more shots in during practice time. You could just try to make the hoop move as little as possible; instead of lots of failure you'd always see where you successfully aimed at. You could add a simple program to create a score based on how little the hoop has to move from proper position, or possibly even one that suggests what the problem with the player's tendencies are, and that part could actually make maybe even professionals better. I feel like this might actually be a very powerful and useful approach to learning aiming sports/tasks in general.

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange

    I've been through 14 million possibilities and this guy never missed

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    Thanks for making my coding course just that much more exciting!

  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Dude. Well. Done. Shane! That’s soooo rad!! Let’s open a sports bar where we just hustle people.

    • Imran

      Someone needs to fund it

    • ThatRandomGuy


    • So Del solo
      So Del solo


    • Aidan Piper
      Aidan Piper

      You need to test Mark’s automatic bullseye dartboard with Stuff Made Here’s automatic bullseye bow!

    • T1D player
      T1D player

      Good idea

  • indian Bittu
    indian Bittu

    It was cool and great dude... normally i don't comment on video but really your labour for this project is really appreciable....🥰🥳keep it up..

  • L Turner
    L Turner

    It's crazy how ahead of its time the Kinect was. It's still used for security cameras in Newark airport.


    I’m just wondering when and what he started learning first to lead him to create software while engineering amazing stuff! Keep on keeping on.

  • Masstran

    2024: "So the problem is that hoop is on the wall and the ball is in the middle of the room" *builds flying basketball hoop, that catches anything thrown*

  • Kyle Swenson
    Kyle Swenson

    I like how he is just dead inside but really energetic at the same time

    • Do Or π.
      Do Or π.

      @Pedro hail cockroaches

    • Wolfpackflt670

      Thats what happens to a man who gets married.

    • Andrew Tate
      Andrew Tate

      Addy baby

  • Lane Mapes
    Lane Mapes

    For how much effort that goes into this video, it really deserves a like

  • Aqeel Jutt
    Aqeel Jutt

    this task is more hard to do than it seems .great work man . you are a genius

  • Ricardo Jorge filho
    Ricardo Jorge filho

    This is the first video I've watched from this channel but just from the dedication on this video you deserve a follow 👍

  • Evancredible

    I’m passionate about coding and it’s amazing going on to a platform and being able to see people make all these amazing things and share them with other people and it’s inspiring🥳

    • JChrys B
      JChrys B

      basketball version of mark robers Auto Bulls eye dart. not an original vid tbh

  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear

    Plot twist: the backboard actually moves randomly and he is just really good at basketball

    • Diane Shaw
      Diane Shaw

      @Der Zweit this aged well

    • Skeleton Warlock
      Skeleton Warlock

      Plot twist the wall I'd the one moving

    • Ariplayz

      OMG what da fudge is going on in da comments

    • Mr. Snow
      Mr. Snow


  • Gary Hasch
    Gary Hasch

    This dude is so impressive that *I did a thing* and *mark rober* thought it was cool Edit: this would be a fun game is someone controlled the hoop while someone randomly threw the ball

  • finn the gamer 69
    finn the gamer 69

    honestly this would be perfect for after school when you feel like you want to accomplish something

  • Shablé

    The amount of engineering you do in all your projects is wild, I mean such as making parts by hand using interesting methods all the way to writing computer codes, that's what gets me, usually that takes a team of ppl not one. I went to school for computers, and the rest are just hobbies, but watching you work makes me feel dumb, and I'm a VA tech alumni 😂 And for ppl like me, we want to know how you troubleshoot the program that made your hoop run horizontal then vertical, but not diagonal, or at least not at the correct time. I saw you had diagonal movement but only after initial horizontal movement.

  • Jordan Godfrey
    Jordan Godfrey

    The amount of times it broke and he laughed and giggled just showed how smart he is to just rebuild it, i would have punched something

  • Detective YT
    Detective YT

    This guy tells Harvard they’re accepted

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Jake Best
      The Artist Formerly Known as Jake Best

      Chuck Norris asks him for life advice.

    • Creek Dojo
      Creek Dojo

      lol 😆

    • Charles Butler
      Charles Butler

      It should be mit

    • Emma •
      Emma •

      Plot twist: they weren’t accepted :(

  • dadhatdaniel

    as an IT engineer I actually really want to know what the fix was to make it move diagonally instead of L shaped

  • :D

    What if you throw the ball as fast as you can? What if you apply as much spin to the ball as you can?

  • Yourgetin Bit
    Yourgetin Bit

    Watched your video on the Baseball Bat and was glued to the computer screen. On the idea of doing this to a Golf club, I do think it would be much easier and less because of the relatively small and flat somewhat of a flat face. I bet you could get a one of those Driving Championship golfers to hit the ball once you get it ready.

  • 1k Qaqaloondeee
    1k Qaqaloondeee

    Great work bro you’re ganna do great things one day

  • Jack Hannon
    Jack Hannon

    This is the most use a Kinect has seen in YEARS

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @JamesTK don't mix "as" and "than." It's either "as x as" or "more/less x than."

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young

      @AC_Ezio57 he's not talking literally. He's making a joke. You know, jokes. The problem here is that you're dealing in a different medium. Like impedance mismatching.

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young


    • Man

      Some dude used a Kinect to make a cat chasing a laser show up in Minecraft so I don't know...

    • Harry Mcnally
      Harry Mcnally

      Bruh I have 360 and the Kinect is so goooood I still use to this day

  • Dravin Pendergrass
    Dravin Pendergrass

    Sometimes I forget how smart he actually is, dude is legit a genius sometimes

  • Henrik M
    Henrik M

    Ever since I took my first controls class, I wanted to invest a basketball that could adjust itself in the air and navigate it's way into a hoop

  • Alec Dutcher
    Alec Dutcher

    If you put a couple of these on opposite ends of a ping pong table (with the appropriate modifications so they could return shots), I wonder how long the "match" would last.

  • Doug Murray
    Doug Murray

    You should do a bowling ball that'll track the pocket of a set of pins for ultimate strikes =]

  • First Last
    First Last

    I like how he built this crazy complicated basketball hoop and the wife comes over and sinks the first shot without the thing even moving...

    • Crist San
      Crist San

      @Barsa F What if that is actually her name like that one 1st place runner joke whose name is Who

    • paradox 64
      paradox 64

      @MarbleIsBest i think you missed the point.

    • MarbleIsBest

      @Barsa F Dude they are married, ofc he's gonna call her his wife. Let people love each other and people happy

    • bruceleehiiiyaaa

      @Barsa F think about how many neckbeards would look her up if they knew her name

    • Barsa F
      Barsa F

      It's also funny how he calls her "wife."

  • Redaer F2B
    Redaer F2B

    Im pretty sure you can miss if you make the ball to spin, so after impact it will have weird tragectory.

  • Антон Луценко
    Антон Луценко

    Приятно смотреть на человека, который может работать и руками, и головой)

  • Deepa Parakkal
    Deepa Parakkal

    10:50 I love how when his wife tries it out, it just goes in, without the machine moving even a bit Like, she's too OP

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    Computer programming/software stuff is PFM to me (Pure F-in Magic) and I know absolutely NOTHING about it. Thankfully I am just a simple-headed fighter pilot and not an engineer! I know many people have said this before, but your perseverance is exceptional and admirable. Watching you overcome challenge after challenge without giving up is awesome. We know there is so much that you cut from the posted videos, yet you still manage to convey the challenges you have faced and overcome, and in a way that helps me appreciate what you've accomplished, but without going TOO far over my head and boring me with the things that I don't, and likely will never understand. Well done! There seem to be many people, much smarter in this domain than I, who would like more of that detail. Perhaps a second channel or podcast that is more programmatically inclusive would be a good idea!

  • Lilith

    This guy not ONLY programmed a basketball hoop to track a ball for perfect shots every time, which to me already screams potential for other uses, but he also built the machinery necessary to make it work. How smart can one person be????

    • Matthew Joseph The Common Sense American
      Matthew Joseph The Common Sense American

      What uses are those? The only applications I could see this type of technology having in any real world is in war. And that's only because governments and military have resources to waste on this trash tech.

    • derek saucedo
      derek saucedo

      Yea coding something like that is insane

    • Bill Nguyen
      Bill Nguyen

      itsnotactuallythatbad itsnotactuallythatbad mark rober?

    • Niko Sitorang
      Niko Sitorang

      Plus: - the script that he and his wife wrote to explain all of this as simple as we get - the parameters of camera, how it's gonna be looks like. - the video itself, they need to made a plot, edit and combine it. - the taste of humor too. Now all of it was really really good..

    • Ant Man
      Ant Man

      Its not about being smart... it’s all about knowledge :) anyone can do it, thats why our brain is so fascinating.

  • Fimpy

    This is probably more impressive than actually being able to score every shot.

  • Akshat Jain
    Akshat Jain

    You definitely made basketball possible for blind people 🥰

  • ladda leangthong
    ladda leangthong

    This is so cool ! The only problem now is that I kept throwing the ball to the wrong side of the wall :/ somehow

  • will games
    will games

    Parents : "Don't throw balls indoors you'll break the window" Shane : "Okay, I'll just make sure to never miss and hit the window" This is the only thing I can imagine the usefulness of this (Not showing off)

  • Jonathan

    I'm speechless. Not because of what he made, but because of all the things he knows how to do. Not only that, the patience of this man is insane.

    • Casper Guo
      Casper Guo

      Yea I mean just look at his book shelf. Computer graphics, architecture, compiler design, and a bunch of language manuals on the top Stats and fluid mechanics on the second level Heat transfer and I imagine other physics/ME topics at the bottom. Obviously someone who is an amazing mechanical engineer with a good knowledge of software/electronics. I bet project teams fought over him when he was in college.

    • Jonathan

      @Mimetic Plasma I did find it, no problem. Thanks again

    • Mimetic Plasma
      Mimetic Plasma

      @Jonathan hope you found it OK - had a brain blip the channel's actually called Wintergaten. Martin's doing lengthy testing of mmx at present but there's years of videos the creation of of both his first marble machine and the mmx

    • Jonathan

      @Mimetic Plasma oh my! Thanks for the recommendation. Wow!

    • Mimetic Plasma
      Mimetic Plasma

      Check out Martin and his marble machine mmx for zen- like patience with engineering. Also frequent use of angle grinder to remove mistakes.

  • Darshan Bothra
    Darshan Bothra

    This gives me motivation to never give up!

  • Francis Jay Enclonar
    Francis Jay Enclonar

    That's pure dedication!

  • Apurv Patani
    Apurv Patani

    That's really very cool man, respect 👌👏

  • g w
    g w

    For those interested in seeing the device in action.... there's only about 15 seconds of actual shots being taken if you don't want to waste your time.

  • Very stinky boy
    Very stinky boy

    The hoop so cool, even shaq doesn’t miss a free throw

    • Nate Schultz
      Nate Schultz

      In that room, he'd just reach over and drop it in.

    • Guilherme 1989
      Guilherme 1989

      He would airball

    • Honzisrec

      He would still miss

    • percizeshwty

      Danny green misses tho

    • Alijah Boards
      Alijah Boards


  • Aditya Banga
    Aditya Banga

    Sir I also want to be a programmer like that, how can I begin, I'm persuing engineering in CS but I think my cllg can never get me there .. looking forward for some helpful tips fron you!! It was fun watching Ur project

  • official bob stan
    official bob stan

    I know I’m really late but if you use this correctly, you can make a moving shield! (probably cover it in bullet proof stuff lol)

  • jorge

    We must treasure this kind of people, we should protect them. You are genius man!!

  • Noah Evans
    Noah Evans

    You should try to make some form of goggles that can within a second or less compute every statistic and mathematic thing you will need to make a shot into a normal hoop.

  • Pigmcginnyrig

    This is a better use of the Kinect than Microsoft has ever done

    • Olly

      The kinect sensing technology was used as the foundation to a lot of the sensing technology in the Microsoft Hololens I believe

    • raqeeb ahmed
      raqeeb ahmed

      @BananaSpy 20 haha

    • BananaSpy 20
      BananaSpy 20

      Well I mean there’s always those low budget ghost hunters 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • The Dude
      The Dude

      People at my University study software with kinects

    • The FLAA’s Mom Flyr
      The FLAA’s Mom Flyr

      What if you used the Kinect for a shooter? More immersive and might work well.

  • Dr. L.H.E
    Dr. L.H.E

    Have you tried throwing it full force, on the farthest away spot from the board?

  • Zachariah

    I love the humor he has. The web searches on the top computer are always hilarious. "unwanted haircut is assault says judges"

  • 8=D my actual size
    8=D my actual size

    Does it counter the spin of the ball or a shot that is short ?

  • blanktester

    Update idea for this project: have the ball bounce off the backboard and trickshot after a ricochet (or 2+) into a basket.

  • WeNeedMoreFarads

    2087: "I made the Hoop travel back in time. This project was really hard but I finally completed it. Hope you enjoy."

    • GloriousCraft

      otters are the best animal

    • Nick S
      Nick S

      "The hardest part was compressing the 600 hexabites of footage I had to edit into a video for you cyberhumans"

    • Mr nanoodle
      Mr nanoodle

      Throws ball Hoop appears chatches it and leaves

    • Fcknhll Kllyll
      Fcknhll Kllyll

      Now it catches every ball you‘ve ever thrown

    • Moon Jelly
      Moon Jelly

      @Pinetree idk mate you tell me

  • Jonathan Smithers
    Jonathan Smithers

    What if you toss it behind you or with very little force?

  • Green Envy
    Green Envy

    Your simple linear equations look like just solved the mystery of the universe.

  • Grzeczny Pan
    Grzeczny Pan

    Absolutely briliant content. You are the first youtuber kids should dream to become. Not to mentioned the best wife in the whole youtube. Best of luck to both of you.

  • Bunny 4me
    Bunny 4me

    You are amazing at proving that I wasted my life. I'm so happy 🥲for you.

  • Chicken_Nugget 07
    Chicken_Nugget 07

    MrBeast: Make the shot and get 1 million dollars Chandler: "Misses"

    • Cos miC
      Cos miC

      Chicken_Nugget 07 ball throws 90 degrees and curves in, that’s a normal chandler thing

    • Fat Mario
      Fat Mario

      Ah man, too late!

    • SurfRaichu [Archived]
      SurfRaichu [Archived]

      it was 664 likes, I liked it and it became 666 *_w u t_*

    • Christian Asfaw
      Christian Asfaw


    • Eishan

      Not anymore he literally got the island the millions dollars

  • nablaHN jr.
    nablaHN jr.

    but what if the ball is also spinning fast enough to get deviated upon impact

  • Hpfan 1
    Hpfan 1

    I love how he uses a Kinect. At least that thing is useful for something

  • justine panes
    justine panes

    this man is just like my classmate xd but ur work is just incredibly wow

  • EconMan

    I’m an economist and I like to think that the work that I do is really valuable and essential. But when the zombie apocalypse comes, and technology is thrown backwards, I want to be in this dude’s tribe.

  • T1J

    i wish i was this skilled at literally anything

    • Punjaram Bhadikar
      Punjaram Bhadikar

      @Konan Amegakure thank you..I am on it..

    • joe the creeper
      joe the creeper

      Maybe being skilled at making content too then u wouldn't have to post on every video to unintentionally beg for subscriber's

    • Skellist

      @Bryan Yang he was talking about his engineering skills that were required to make everything, not his basketball skills lol

    • The 905 300
      The 905 300

      Bruh lol

    • Jetpackdude

      Now 10 months.

  • HydromaniacCat

    I like how this counts as research for a project I'll be doing soon.

  • Birbo

    There are two ways to be skilled at sports: 1. The regular way (practice) 2. ENGINEERIN'

  • SHEA

    This video made me want to study engineering😭