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I've wondered if it is possible to make a basketball hoop where the ball always goes in. Imagine throwing a ball and if it hits the backboard it somehow gets directed into the hoop. Thanks to physics it isn't quite possible to make ALL possible shots go in though you can make a hoop where the ball goes in a lot more often. In this video I show how I wrote a program to calculate the optical backboard then machined and fabricated it. It worked out better than I was expected so I'm really happy with it!
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The basketball hoop that donated it's guts:
I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing:
Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:
Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)

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  • Eric Lewin
    Eric Lewin

    You legitimately need to patent this design and find a company that can mass produce it. I’d buy one, looks fun as hell

    • Familie Held
      Familie Held

      Treu bro

    • Sparky Winkler
      Sparky Winkler

      I was gonna comment the same thing bro!! I would definitely buy one.

    • Kelly McAninch
      Kelly McAninch

      You can also make it your own

    • Jake Ryan
      Jake Ryan

      Even if it wasn't full size, just one for my room that I can deez on my friends on cam by throwing a no looker that id normally wiff.

    • RiSKonRUST


  • Sayantan Santra
    Sayantan Santra

    When I started watching your videos, I thought you must be a veteran ITmoresr, like Vsauce or Veritasium. When I found out that you managed to get 2million+ subscribers in just under a year, it made me really happy. The ITmores, as a whole, is deteriorating. We need more success stories like you.

    • Goblin

      Wtf, I just checked bc if ur comment and you were not kidding

    • Kevin Contreras
      Kevin Contreras

      I thought for sure he was making videos since 2012.

  • RipWitch

    "Hey man, am I going crazy or does your hoop look a bit... warped?" "Nah man, just your imagination" *Proceeds to win every basketball game*

    • Dazcar

      @sean regan "woah! what's that over there!" (quickly swaps the hoops while nobody is looking)

    • littlesnowflakepunk

      @logan richerson in my head they were playing horse lol

    • Nathan Thanatos
      Nathan Thanatos

      @littlesnowflakepunk proceeds to *tie every basketball game

    • sean regan
      sean regan

      @logan richerson until they run it back and switch sides/halftime.

    • logan richerson
      logan richerson

      @littlesnowflakepunk unless you set this up on a basketball court with 2 nets

  • Nick Georgopoulos
    Nick Georgopoulos

    I really love how you anticipate questions and answer the questions that I'm already thinking, especially around 7:45 (for me). Great channel, great work.

  • VicknAIR FPV
    VicknAIR FPV

    Dude, your teaching skills are amazing. Blowing my mind with how well you explained how you calculated that shape 🤯🤯🤯

  • macnolds

    This guy is like 5 different brilliant people put together: an experimental physicist, an applied mathematician, a programmer, an engineer, and a machinist.

    • Ya Girl Jessica
      Ya Girl Jessica

      @huntzz io Lmao

    • Srđan

      and a youtuber/video recorder/video editor

    • Schrödinger's Alpha Cat α
      Schrödinger's Alpha Cat α

      I agree except for one, he's definitely not a physicist

    • Adone Borione
      Adone Borione

      In fact 4 different types of engineer: mechanical, electrical, electronic and systems engineer

    • Robert Maisey
      Robert Maisey

      @huntzz io was the time to

  • Bestia Grama
    Bestia Grama

    Awesome video! You have done an awesome work, I wish you dedicated more time to the code, it would have been fun to see the reasoning behind it =) Given that you've done the code to compute the shape of the paraboloid, do you have the exact equation of its surface? How does the speed of the ball influence the calculations?Would it be possible, given the exact equations of the paraboloid, the sphere, the circonference of the rim and distance of it from the paraboloid, to create a program where just by adjusting parameters of each geometric shape you can be sure to replicate your experiment? Like for example if I change radius of rim and sphere, I instantly get as output the new equation of the paraboloid and the exact right distance of the rim.

  • Monica Zhou
    Monica Zhou

    Next time when you do coding, could you have a link in the description to a document with the code you used for the project? This is very interesting. Thanks!

  • E Pawned
    E Pawned

    Awesome stuff, would love to see a regulation sized version!

  • WCGwkf

    Programming an algorithm, CAD setup and machining is quite impressive. I'm a machinist, and that was an A+ job for going on the fly.

  • Make Anything
    Make Anything

    This is so cool dude! I admire your commitment and that toolpath mirroring trick will definitely help me down the road. This idea could make for a great self training ping-pong wall too, I bet

    • Mark Fryer
      Mark Fryer

      I work at a school and the Year 7 and Year 8 boys have table tennis tables to play at but this idea could be great for showing maths and computers in action.

    • Jackals

      Make Anything yo devin, you actually got to make that, i play ping pong all the time and it would be great to have some ideas

  • ardenthebibliophile

    Ah the monte carlo simulation. It's the perfect tool for "I don't want to solve this analytically but will throw a bunch of computing horsepower at it."

  • cryzz0n

    I really love how you anticipate questions and answer the questions that I'm already thinking, especially around 7:45 (for me). Great channel, great work.

  • Israel

    Others have mentioned it in part, but I looked it up since I've used it/been around it so much - the Monte Carlo method is just a reference to using inputs with randomness to determine statistical outcomes by just running simulations or the actual experiment until results converge to a reasonable significance. Name comes from... "In 1946, nuclear weapons physicists at Los Alamos were investigating neutron diffusion in fissionable material. Despite having most of the necessary data, such as the average distance a neutron would travel in a substance before it collided with an atomic nucleus and how much energy the neutron was likely to give off following a collision, the Los Alamos physicists were unable to solve the problem using conventional, deterministic mathematical methods. Ulam proposed using random experiments. [...] Being secret, the work of von Neumann and Ulam required a code name. A colleague of von Neumann and Ulam, Nicholas Metropolis, suggested using the name Monte Carlo, which refers to the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco where Ulam's uncle would borrow money from relatives to gamble." - Wikipedia, "Monte Carlo Method",

    • Luke Moran
      Luke Moran

      @Cameron Evans In this case the information is correct. 98% of the time wikipedia is a very accurate source.

    • Cameron Evans
      Cameron Evans

      Wikipedia isn’t a trustworthy source of information, my friend

  • gonerator

    awesome video as always - what software did you use for simulating the shots?

  • Garrett Bell
    Garrett Bell

    They should put this into a carnival and say "miss a shot and win a prize!"

    • Tatum Williams
      Tatum Williams

      Just throw it down -_-

    • Tech Factz
      Tech Factz

      I mean you could just hit the back rim

    • Dhiraj Saxena
      Dhiraj Saxena

      Just spin the ball

    • TheDarkHalo

      hmmm what if i throw it right into the employee face?

    • Andrew Bledsoe
      Andrew Bledsoe

      Put some backspin on it

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    I'm wondering if it's possible to make an optical illusion with this that makes it look like a regulation backboard up to 45 degrees from it's 'face', or rather the wall it's mounted on as the face isn't a flat surface, but you get the idea.

  • Putin’s Gay Twin
    Putin’s Gay Twin

    I enjoy when you explain things even if half of it goes over my head. Please continue

  • Barret Vermilion
    Barret Vermilion

    This is really cool. I would be interested to see a different application of this gradient descent shape. If you applied this concept to the keys of a computer keyboard, perhaps it will feel more ergonomic than traditional keyboards. I've noticed that good mechanical keyboards generally have shapes that shift upward if that makes sense, so I think you would have to adjust accordingly. Cheers, I love your work!

  • Giosua Ritschard
    Giosua Ritschard

    This blows my mind. Really well done!

  • Diego Cornejo
    Diego Cornejo

    Stuff Made Here: *Makes a basketball hoop that never misses.* Carnivals: *Makes basketball hoops that always miss.*

    • GamingForLightYears

      I made all my tries in the basketball hoop once and the guy was just looking at me like wtf

    • Terrance Thorpe
      Terrance Thorpe

      @Noromdiputs tsal That's why I only do the kid free throws shots

    • Noromdiputs tsal
      Noromdiputs tsal

      ​@Terrance Thorpe Basically The rims are oval shaped so they look right from the front but if you get a side on look it's clearly wrong. There also the wrong height and distance away as compared to a regulation free throw show according to Mark Rober's carnival science. Depending on how much the rim is distorted it can be anywhere from difficult to impossible.

    • maraz ali
      maraz ali

      @KaianSK so you gotta swish

    • Terrance Thorpe
      Terrance Thorpe

      @KaianSK i thought they just hammered the rims in to the point only a football could get in it

  • Paul

    Awesome. I love the computational side of these projects.

  • afrosteeve

    As an engineering student, this is an excellent channel for me to make up the practical gap in our course!

  • Mike K
    Mike K

    Absolutely genius how you figured out the curve, loved the project. You got me now thinking about a project for you. Keep up the fascinating work! ✌️😎👍

  • Gen. Layabout
    Gen. Layabout

    My friend, you are a talent that I cannot describe. These videos are something indescribable. I want you to know that I appreciate everything you're doing

  • doxei

    “You can’t miss with this hoop, it’s impossible.” Me: *_Observe_*

    • Levithegreat2009

      *throws ball and misses backboard entirely*

    • JuanCena336

      @Kanjaz Chakravarty fr

    • not sure what to name,
      not sure what to name,

      *observe* *legit throws the ball in the trash can* s e e ? ?

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W

      @mvrick his shot has always been garbage. Without a reliable shot. He’s still a very good player, but he’s not getting anybetegr

    • mvrick

      @Wyatt W this aged well lmao

  • Christian Darling
    Christian Darling

    Nice videos!! I just watched them all 😅 I would like to see more of you doing the powder coating!

  • slashluck

    I'm letting you know I liked the video, as you asked. Cheers and thanks for your many, many, many hours you put into these projects for us. 💯

  • 0MindSwept0

    Bro, I wish I had all the machines and things you do, they would come in handy for so much..

  • Joseph Morelli
    Joseph Morelli

    Love your videos and the way in which you explain your process. IMO you shouldn't change a thing.

  • Richolee Plazo
    Richolee Plazo

    I came here to be entertained, but instead i got a bachelor's degree of engineering

    • Dakid015

      more like physics

    • Sleeping izasport
      Sleeping izasport

      Zachary Stewart well technically isn’t r/woosh a reddit community? so technically it won’t be dead if the community is still active.

    • Rodrigo Ramos
      Rodrigo Ramos

      do people really still r/whoosh? Lol

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      Diego Miranda

      bobthesavage r/iamverysmart

  • Benjamin Dudley
    Benjamin Dudley

    Dude, you've gotten so much better at doing these videos. I liked this one, but your recent ones are easier to watch.

  • diadrorim

    Maluco, isso foi a +++++. Parabéns

  • Varun Raju
    Varun Raju

    This is so satisfying and wonderful! What an incredible idea and project!

  • Tobias Ziegler
    Tobias Ziegler

    I just love the error with the radius. Exactly that is what life as an engineer is like. Lots of tedious work and then you have to be your own csi technician trying to find out what caused the wreckage. Thoroughly enjoyable!

  • World Border
    World Border

    “A backboard that always makes the ball go through the hoop” Me: *Misses the backboard*

    • Francisco

      Because of this comment he made one hoop that even if you miss it, it'll go in

    • Mystry6000

      @Whamboy LOL

    • Whamboy

      @Mystry6000 *Observe.*

    • PrinceGREEN

      Then you might need the new one, check out his latest video

  • Solaufein

    For the record, i like to see both programming and machining. Cool stuff.

  • Jevai

    Is there a way to do this with deep learning? Like having the weight matrix be the actual digital backboard, and the back propagation would be able to tweak the shape of the backboard to eventually the perfect shape for all shots?

  • insideHARDWARE

    Bro. Just finished watching all your videos. Good stuff. Just found you yesterday through some ITmores algorithms. Continue to be yourself. Showcase your humor, your solo work ethic geeky ness and creativity. Keep it real with basement and home and wife and budget realities. You’re like the next Mark Rober only you actually do all the work!

  • joe murr
    joe murr

    I would love to see this fixed and done the right way. Amazing work .

  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    I like this hoop a lot but I REALLY want a hoop that can sink a line drive and a slow arcing shot. I've found a way to do this so stay tuned for super hoop version 2.0! EDIT: V2.0 is done!

    • Silver Play Button with no videos
      Silver Play Button with no videos

      Where can I buy one

    • Preston Tindall
      Preston Tindall

      Oobleck filled layer

    • Stockton Fiero
      Stockton Fiero

      Stuff Made Here you should probably patent this buddy.. preferably ASAP! This would be great for special needs athletes , causal home recreation, etc !

    • Michael

      @Ali Hadi Babar You think he can field every comment? This comment section is more for YOU.... than it is for him. Example. I have three words for you... DIY Oobleck Pistons

    • Tom Worrell
      Tom Worrell

      Any plans to post the stl? Hell i’d even buy it

  • MysJif

    I would love to see a full sized basketball version of this

  • Bruise

    I wish you'd also go over how you move from the concept into the code itself - would be really interesting!

  • shaun fawcett
    shaun fawcett

    I think you should make an axe like ur bat that would split firewood :) there are a lot of axe freaks out there and so many different designs for the perfect axe that splits the best. And you could have a strip of blanks so you could make ten-twenty splits with on loading , it would be awesome!!!

  • Petrichor

    If you imagine the center of the board has moved back from the stationary rim, rather than the corners projecting forward, then the rim is in the right place.

  • Chris-24

    It is amazing that we live in an era where a person can do something as complicated and requiring all this computing power for no apparent practical reason.

    • satoshiplanck

      Build Destroy Bet daži šeit tomēr klīst

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      @Israel Torres well, they're work is done for the specific intent of proving or disproving myths... so i'd say that's got more of a practical use than this backboard... however cool the backboard might be

    • Israel Torres
      Israel Torres

      Have you heard of mythbusters?

  • Anna L
    Anna L

    Very cool! No, I respect and appreciate the code portions! Thanks!!

  • Oldenword

    Interesting. I found this channel with the haircut video, then binged the some of the later videos. I went back to original uploads and have caught up to this point. Fascinating how the channel progressed into one in which your face is shown and the focus is more on edutainment and less on straight building projects. I think this video marks that change.

  • Creative Space
    Creative Space

    I know it's a Hometown to work but I would really like to have seen the rim up against the backboard not set 2" further away. I think it might have changed the shape of the backboard to be closer to traditionally flat and thus make it look more like a normal backboard.

  • Henry's Kitchen
    Henry's Kitchen

    Do you happen to have a repository for the code you used to run your MCMC to optimize the backboard?

  • Itz Thezx
    Itz Thezx

    This is how this video was inspired Him: Throws ball *Misses* Also Him: But why?

    • Spoiled Vinegar
      Spoiled Vinegar

      Engineers in a nutshell.

    • that one emo kid
      that one emo kid

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    • Super Falcon 64
      Super Falcon 64

      God, Lmao 100k subs and I delete my MC acc a soccer coach

    • SJWs ruins all, CRT discriminates asians & whites
      SJWs ruins all, CRT discriminates asians & whites

      GhostFaceDerpFace Who the hell says “goal” XD

    • zai.

      GhostFaceDerpFace lmfao

  • Raymond Bakken
    Raymond Bakken

    What program are you simulateing and program this in? Keep up the cool work :-D

  • Greg Heideman
    Greg Heideman

    I love your videos. Awesome stuff. The intro portion in this one screams This old Tony. Love it!

  • Area 13
    Area 13

    Your channel is growing like mad. Nice job. Subbed.

  • Aibar Atygaev
    Aibar Atygaev

    Is it possible to add gravity as a function and somehow calculate how the target surface would be different from parabolic?

  • melty

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      Trey Rutter

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      Varun Rajesh

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  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    Most goals actually have backboard below the longitude of the rim so that could change things. And there is a protrusion from the backboard to the rim. Also maybe make the next one full size? This would change the angle but I think it would be advantageous to you at a flatter angle.

  • Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan

    With this program, could you simulate multiple types of players as well, rather than changing the backboard? EDIT: I find this SUPER interesting, I'm personally looking at going into sports analytics and currently looking at masters programs in the field.

  • Александра Лебедева
    Александра Лебедева

    I'm super tempted to recreate this. I use Monte Carlo for particle physics simulations and I'm a student at a huge basketball school. This would be the perfect project.


    The things I love about these videos is the small details he does around the screen, not necessarily on this one but when it shows him at his desk with his monitors there is a website pulled up with small things that make it seem funny, in this one i noticed at 5:44 and earlier at the top left of the document he uses to explain the science sorta is named "Nothin but Net"

  • Mobin92

    Idea on how to save 50% of the calculation cost: Simulate only the right or left half, and then mirror it since the game is obviously symmetrical.

    • Alexandre Pereira
      Alexandre Pereira

      @Qicboy47 If you mirror it doesn't matter. Your questions seems to have a point but it doesn't.

    • Qicboy47

      what if they threw it from the left side and hit on the right?

    • chara dremur
      chara dremur

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    • Worldsedge

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    • Stradious

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  • Ivan Mondragon
    Ivan Mondragon

    when you measured the balls diameter and said 5" i said "so move the hoop out 2.5"" and then you said the same thing i did a genuine fist pump, ill be riding that high all week thank you i havent felt this smart in months

  • Wīllüar YoHoHo
    Wīllüar YoHoHo

    Great work and problem solving! Glad I got to watch!

  • Benjamin Giguère
    Benjamin Giguère

    It seems odd to me to start with the flat backboard geometry instead of a parabolic shape with focal points in the hoop.

  • J R
    J R

    Very interesting. You explained things very well for those of us that are not MENSA members. If you produced these, maybe a little smaller I would buy one or two of them. FYI

  • PewDiePie's Melon
    PewDiePie's Melon

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    • Jaycob Fry
      Jaycob Fry

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      Tom Connellan

      Jaycob Fry what is cringe is watching Pewdiepie and not ever having an original or unique opinion

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  • WJS

    So what percentage of the complete set of possible shots end up going in with the final shape?

  • Kevin Contreras
    Kevin Contreras

    I’m not an engineer but I find the whole process really fascinating

  • PrinceGREEN

    I actually find coding fun, please make a video on how do you code/program. It'd be really fun.

  • Progi

    You could tip the backboard a few degrees forward, so you dont have to move the hoop so far away.

  • Inflake

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      Parker Hein

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  • Richard Darko
    Richard Darko

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  • Wyatt W
    Wyatt W

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    Mike Felber

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    Jesufewa Adediran

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      Benicio Fols

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  • Jerry K
    Jerry K

    Love this video. As always, enjoyed the algorithm part and how you debugged things

  • MC Speedcube
    MC Speedcube

    hello! how's it going? just in case, could you share the design? I want to print it in 3d (miniature)

  • Christo McLaren
    Christo McLaren

    Loved the model explenation part. This realy is the content I've needed my entire life

    • Christo McLaren
      Christo McLaren

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  • lonelyPorterCH

    Wait, you have to hit the board? I always tried just to hit the hoop, would be way more easy that way :'D How did I never wonder what that red square was...