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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out

    • Mr. P
      Mr. P

      @rafiqul Ikram do you find the name, im also searching. :)

    • derpy cookies
      derpy cookies

      what drawing app do you use?

    • BDM

      A light lighting up when dangerous equipment is active usually isn't a good idea. Your bulb breaks and you indication is gone. A green light that lights up when the robot and chainsaw are deactivated is the safer option. Many systems combine both. This way you can spot problems when neither light is active.

    • Mayank Anand
      Mayank Anand

      You could have used a drill. It can do way more details

    • fencyfence

      i hoped u would use an ABB yumi robot, so you can have 2 chainsaws. they are actually really easy to programm.(im working on them myself)

  • Nigel Danson
    Nigel Danson

    Absolutely amazing. The time taken to produce that dog really was inspirational. How did she make it glow as well!!!

    • Mukil Saravanan
      Mukil Saravanan

      Where is pebbles ?

    • Owen Kegg
      Owen Kegg

      It's neon or LED?

    • Rita 25 y.o   - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      Maybe he

  • purnaresa

    I work as an engineer in a well-respected global company. I solve many complex projects for employers or customers. But watching every each of your videos makes me feels like a school grader tinker. And the storytelling of this video is at the NatGeo level (or even better). You are the model I would like my kid looks up to.

    • Hesap

      Feeling the engineering to the core !

  • Fred Trunce
    Fred Trunce

    “This is called a cheater, when you get way out here you can snap your wrench in half” Yes, that has been my general experience lol😆

    • SketchSlayer

      My experience has been with the cheap wrenches before my current (nice lifetime warranty) one that the wrench doesn't snap in half, it sheers off at the bolt grabby attachy piece... I only have a good wrench set and good torx set cause old euro luxury cars are cheap here and I know a guy who has much more experience fixing their issues than me who got me into some good tools for the essential repairs. Or in the case of turning it the wrong way with a good wrench the bolt being cut in half...

    • deadbob9

      His dead pan is too good 🤣

    • Viphy

      My experience is that I always have the bolts in really cramped spaces so I can’t even use that

  • Daniel Chin
    Daniel Chin

    Computer scientists explaining gradient ascend: "imagine a ball on a curved surface" Mr.s stuff explaining gradient ascend: *actually have a ball on a curved surface*

  • Crataegus

    "If it's so hard, why does this dog have a crown on?" You are a brave man, asking that question.

  • Noah Roberts.
    Noah Roberts.

    "Fortunately I know a guy with a tree" God I wish I had these kinds of connections

    • Cade Anderson
      Cade Anderson

      This connect should be pinned!

    • PinkFurret

      I don't wanna get your hopes up, but I know a guy who has a tree.

    • Will Thistlethwaite
      Will Thistlethwaite

      @Sinister Hippo most underrated comment ever

    • Lenni Alen
      Lenni Alen

      My mum's boyfriend has trees pretty often. He gets to collect naturally fallen trees for free from a bunch of people's forests. He turns them into firewood tho. It does take more time and effort than it's probably worth, only someone extremely workaholic (or very poor) would bother.

    • jspug3

      Me to

  • Zero-Zero-2

    It’s always been a dream of mine to one day own a house where I could drill holes into the floor when I need to make things work. Never mind all the other amazing stuff you did over this project… just based on the drilling, you’re my new hero. Awesome work 👌

  • atokeman

    You’ll probably never see this, but I think you’re a really talented teacher. The way you explain things is brilliantly understandable and enjoyable to learn from you. It’s makes you videos better than 99.9% of what’s in this digital universe 😌

    • Cameron the Scot American
      Cameron the Scot American


  • Distracted Rogue
    Distracted Rogue

    Bro I love this man. He made a useless wood part just to explain a concept to us to make sure we were on the same page.

  • Wischmopps

    17:26 - this is not anti kickback. It's the tooth that controls how deep the cutting element (the next one in the chain) cuts. It should be like 0,5 - 1mm lower than the hight of the cutting tooth

  • Hugo So
    Hugo So

    One man doing the work of an entire team of engineers... As an engineering student, this guy is my inspiration and role model

    • Beau

      exactly this!

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams

      @Nolan Baker He is exactly the sort of idiot that takes pride in things that have nothing to do with him. Yes Germany has a fantastic history of pumping out some of the best mechanical engineers in the world. The probability that he is one of those is close to 0 and if he's German (and an engineer) that just means he is lowering the standards nothing else.

    • Nolan Baker
      Nolan Baker

      @dramatish Why you gotta just be that way?

    • Sentient Speck Seeking Sapience
      Sentient Speck Seeking Sapience

      ​@dramatish Some opinions ahead. The US was at the top of the world economically and technologically during the mid 20th century (consider space exploration, large-scale implementation of commercial nuclear fission reactors for electric power generation, automotive feats such as the Ford GT40 racecar wins at Le Mans, completion of massive and very sturdy hydroelectric dam projects, building the tallest skyscrapers and the longest bridges, I could go on). As you mention, part of the reason for this is that we poached German scientists and engineers after the second world war, and we had plenty of Germans here before that. I won't discredit our other engineers (we have had many good engineers of other nationalities and still do), but I can't deny that the Germans have played a large role in US engineering accomplishments; they have certainly demonstrated capacity for good engineering. But like anything else, good engineering requires the right people and the right culture. In my country and in yours, I believe demographic shift combined with cultural decay has resulted in a decrease in the quality of engineering in our own time, which manifests as relative technological stagnation. The only thing I'm certain the US is on top of technologically these days is military equipment. As for the Germans (those residing in Germany, not the German diaspora), they just don't seem to invent and discover things like they used to, as if they're in some sedated state. Even in the 1960s and 1970s, Americans, with the groundbreaking technology we had for that time, were impressed by the reliable automobiles imported from Germany, such as your Volkswagen Beetle and those old diesel Mercedes-Benzes. Today, many imported cars from Germany are overly complicated. They have too many finicky components and system dependencies, which makes them unreliable when the roads aren't perfect, as they often aren't in the US. Those cars are nice when they work properly but all too often they don't, and when they don't they're a pain to fix. That said, I will say your supercars are excellent. The Japanese have become better at making cars for the common person. I have seen other imported German products. They're usually of relatively high quality, but they have a high price to match. And again, the products aren't novel, they're just more expensive, higher quality versions of what everyone else makes. What happened to the creativity, like in the days of Benz, Otto, and Diesel? Do you just not share it with us? I'm talking about what you actually make, not just what you write about in university papers. I'm asking not out of spite of any kind, nor as an accusation, but out of curiosity. Also, on your last statement, "there is nothing wrong with that", I would agree because trying to be better than others isn't a solid purpose. However, I also know that we should give our best effort in life, and if a group demonstrates a capability, but then stops succeeding where it once did, it causes me to speculate that either the culture has changed for the worse and/or the land is occupied by a group having a different genetic constituency than it used to have.

    • dramatish

      @Sentient Speck Seeking Sapience well because especially the Americans literally "imported" our scientists after the 2 world war. Your whole space engineering for example is developed by "imported" German scientists and German technology of that time. Of course the world caught up and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • learn a language with leslie
    learn a language with leslie

    I really like how the foam dog turned out. It looks cool! The extra "error" cuts give it more character IMHO.

  • Bob Hansler
    Bob Hansler

    If you only sharpen one side of the chain… you get a curve cut.

    • Ultima Ratio Regum
      Ultima Ratio Regum

      And if you sharpen both sides you CAN make cuts with the tip of the saw. Most people who don't use a chainsaw for a living seriously underestimate how sharp the teeth need to be for the saw to run properly. I sure did.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    “I know in my heart, I could make one for free” “ I just need thousands of dollars in equipment” Love you man.


      Make a WORSE one for free... this channel is the best lol

    • Bokocop

      @Nico Nico making these videos IS him making money.

    • Nico Nico
      Nico Nico

      And hundred of hours of work. Which he could have used to make money and buy the thing.

  • Kaleb Peters
    Kaleb Peters

    These videos pack so much science communication into such an entertaining package. You have a real intuition for explaining well, fantastic work!

  • Insym

    You know you've made a good robot when it has a "kill radius"

    • Chaos Builder
      Chaos Builder

      Hello there insym

    • Taco Tuesday
      Taco Tuesday

      Imagine that being a reason why a ghost died in phas.

    • Matthew Garcia
      Matthew Garcia

      You should smudge stick it

    • Lizord Boi
      Lizord Boi

      @Repent or you will likewise perish. but what if I don't want to?

    • Repent or you will likewise perish.
      Repent or you will likewise perish.

      Repent to Jesus Christ! “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬ H

  • Jade_Green_Tears

    “If I tell it to stab itself in the face, it’ll do it” has to be one of the most terrifying sentences I’ve heard.

  • Shobhit Singh
    Shobhit Singh

    This guy is genius, and I say this to each and every single one of his video. How wide and deep his expertise is on different subjects is inhuman.

  • Mr. G.
    Mr. G.

    LOVE YOU TWO……makes me happy to see you in harmony…doing the things you love …THUMBS UP !! Subbed and liked

  • Jojo Pepe
    Jojo Pepe

    "You get way out here and... snap your wrench in half" I felt that deep in my soul

  • Parth khaladkar
    Parth khaladkar

    "I optimized it so hard that it didn't actually compute anything" legend

    • enderdrane 2041
      enderdrane 2041

      @victornpb i mean, yeah but-

    • The Conjurer's Tower
      The Conjurer's Tower

      It's like that old joke: *Inventor:* "I invented a new telephone that never wakes you up in the middle of the night, doesn't interrupt your TV shows, doesn't let telemarketers or wrong numbers call you, and it does it all for free." *Other Person:* "How is this possible?" *Inventor:* "It doesn't work."

    • Matteo Falduto
      Matteo Falduto

      The algorithm reached a state of awareness of the ultimate goal it was designed to achieve and correctly decided not to bother.

    • tolkienfan1972

      This happens regularly and is fully automated with verilog projects. "Oh hey, it optimized my entire project away!"

    • FastSloth87

      Elon Musk once said "best part is no part at all" while talking about rockets and stuff, apply that to code and you get this.

  • Benjamin Frost
    Benjamin Frost

    I watched this video 7 months ago, but when it popped up again I couldn’t resist. You are clearly a genius on many levels, but the most impressive thing to me is how humble you are. Your content is very entertaining and I always do a little happy dance when I see you uploaded a new video!

  • Gleb Abroskin
    Gleb Abroskin

    As a software engineer I’m amazed how the author is converting “I have spent a week on this algorithm with no success” into the coolest gradient descent “animation” I have seen! Amazing video!:)

  • Sammy Moore
    Sammy Moore

    your videos and subtle comedy are just so spot on. please keep them coming. my favourite videos on youtube!

  • Ned Stevenson
    Ned Stevenson

    I actually really love low poly art styles on 3d models and this is actually really well suited to low poly designs. It's also impressive to see that you've got to the rough shape of the model that you need to progress to the apple peeler stage

  • MCLooyverse

    "This is one of those ideas that's so bad it wraps back around to good." Buddy, that's your entire channel. It's great.

    • Matt Rossberg
      Matt Rossberg

      The Maryland point of robots

    • jakub wojtasiak
      jakub wojtasiak

      + most of my decisions

  • Igor Lunin
    Igor Lunin

    Damn you Shane, for making so cool videos that I got inspired to build a full automated terrarium. It has been a month of struggle at this point it would be cheaper to buy one from a store... The saying "I can make much worth one for free... I just need thousands of dollars in equipment" has to a motto of this channel XD But I will continue...

    • doorknob

      Any progress yet?

  • marcin

    insane amount of work, knowledge. Your videos really motivates me to make my own projects.

  • Eliott Reynolds
    Eliott Reynolds

    I'd love to see what this man could do with a quantum computer

  • Bennjoify

    Absolutely love the video and I just wanted to point out that there is a specific form of tapered chainsaw bar and corresponding chain to prevent the issue you encountered with heat while cutting wood. Cheers!

  • Fish

    This guy just made an entire slicer software for a highly advanced robot system. That is incredible. Well done

    • Andrew Poust
      Andrew Poust

      and he does something similar every 3 months... crazy🤣

    • darkquail2003

      @Umbrella Corporation "now we will computate the cut that will separate the most vital parts of the human!"

    • David Hart
      David Hart

      @Ben Quigley there's gonna be a chainsaw robot to dispatch zombies.. where will this end ?? where is this all headed ??? and what can we do ???

  • a name
    a name

    Hello from the Triad! As much as I love watching you succeed, I admire your perseverance with screwing up. Thanks for the education/entertainment!

  • Quicksilver_Cookie

    At this point you're just giving machines a head start when they inevitably rise up against humanity.

  • Null Point
    Null Point

    Amazingly enough, the chainsaw is less dangerous to your flesh than it is to your ears.

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly

    I’d like to thank this dude for his brilliant videos and for also making me feel incredibly uneducated:)

  • Kiran Kokilepersaud
    Kiran Kokilepersaud

    I'm a PhD student. This guy could honestly write academic papers in several different fields if he wanted to. Just listening to him describe optimization algorithms and the trade-offs behind each really shows a level of intuition that inspires me to keep going whenever my code isn't working or my results aren't making sense. He doesn't stop trying until it works. That never giving up mindset is what inspires me more than anything else.

    • David Saska
      David Saska

      @Jacob Crowley are you serious?


      Engineer Grindset

    • chaotic0699


    • dat_dude dustin
      dat_dude dustin

      Never giving up has to be the reason this is hands down the most professional home setup for the things he does.

    • Robin

      @Avner Elbaz Never gonna run around and desert you

  • Etienne

    Your videos are just amazing, I can't believe you throw yourself in these types of projects and still succeed. Concerning your problem with the gardient ascent, I guess nobody could solve your problem either. What you are trying to do is basically non-convex optimization which is at least a NP-hard problem. Which means it is in a class of problems for which nobody found a good (quick) solution. If you solved this problem you'd have probably won the Fields medal.

  • BMRSonic

    I’m an engineer, pretty experienced and this guy makes me look like a pre schooler 🤣 love this mans knowledge, passion and enthusiasm👌🏼

  • Jonathan LaRiviere
    Jonathan LaRiviere

    It’s so satisfying to see your wife like your project. That burn cream finally had a chance to stay on the shelf.

  • Auryan

    Love the Microsoft studio! I'm sure it's great for projects like this.

  • Virtual FPV
    Virtual FPV

    I'm an engineer. This guy is on a whole other level, I can't believe the scope of his expertise.

    • Elijah Templeton
      Elijah Templeton

      @Kenionatus Kenionatus it helps to remember that a lot of his projects with only be handled by a team of engineers not just one person and it would take them a similar or even longer time to finish it. Credit where credit is due and also projects go through the same pitfalls and errors.

    • Lucipur

      @Kenionatus Kenionatus I've often found that intelligence is no armor against human error. It's easy to think of so many options and avenues to take a project and then forget the most simple thing. I recently picked up rollerblading and when I get my second pair of skates and laced them up for the first time and, because the plastic is so hard it doesn't bend like a normal shoe upon lacing, so I didn't think I had to "loosen" the laces because you couldn't really "tighten" them and see it at work like in a fabric shoe. It took me 3 occasions of struggling to get my feet in and out of the skates that it dawned on me that I was being stupid and overlooking the most simple thing.

    • Megamoto

      I’m a guy that’s eating a meat pie and I can confirm he is a very good engineer

    • nuclear boom
      nuclear boom

      So much so they trust him with very expensive experimental equipment

    • efugee

      22 minutes of "I did not actually carve a bear with a robot chainsaw"

  • JustMe

    He is the only content creator that I watch the entire video even sponsors, he honesty deserves it

  • Osorio 4K
    Osorio 4K

    Greetings from Brazil! Just graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and have watched your videos for a while now! Thanks for the inspiration

  • Sivella XD
    Sivella XD

    "The only think the cmc knows how to do is follow instructions" Damn already smarter than anyone putting ikea furniture together...

  • Crossbow123

    Love how he manages to integrate his wife in these videos. Gives it an extra touch =).

  • DSLRguide

    Next video: Robotic Tooth-Brusher (caution: it might kill you)

    • Dennis 2
      Dennis 2

      Do not give him ideas! Danger, danger. :)

    • Gunnar Thiessen
      Gunnar Thiessen

      Nah as long as you got a strobe light you’re fine

    • American Man TV
      American Man TV

      His robotic machines have been steadily increasing in possible death factor. LOL But hey, at some point someone invented gas powered heating elements that automatically ignite. I'm sure the first few tests of those had some lethal potential.

    • Nanan00

      That is more a Simone Giertz style project.

  • Jason Ginsberg
    Jason Ginsberg

    I'm a bit late, but you might want to consider the chainsaw wheel for an angle grinder. Much more compact and able to fit into tiny areas, but aggressive enough to remove material

  • Michael C.
    Michael C.

    One way to avoid false summits in gradient ascent is monte-carlo’ing it and having some level of randomness associated with individual steps.

  • Irving Garcia
    Irving Garcia

    That was awesome man I though for a moment that you were giving up. You’re an amazing engineer

  • Realience

    "There are finite number of way to screw it up" is actually pretty decent advice

  • TayZonday

    Humans tell their kids “You can be President!”Chainsaws tell their kids “You can be in a Stuff Made Here video!”

    • Patrick R
      Patrick R

      You're a ITmores icon

    • asailijhijr

      > your *components* can be in a Stuff Made Here video

    • Lee Harrison
      Lee Harrison

      @Chita dude i stg i had no idea what this dudes name was but thought he looked familiar and it hit me i saw him on tosh.o years ago and was thinking that in my head while i read your reply.

    • Principal Skinner
      Principal Skinner

      When’s the next vid

  • mc nugzzz
    mc nugzzz

    This channel is one of my favorites. Can't wait to get a little workshop

  • Deepen Productions
    Deepen Productions

    “You get way out here, and snap your wrench in half” been there lmao 😂

  • Jim

    Particle Swarm Optimization would be a nice replacement for your gradient descent.

  • Joseph Stone
    Joseph Stone

    The editing and commentary does a great job of keeping things interesting! Keep up the good work

  • jimmydiresta

    Absolutely incredible 🙌🏼🔥⚡️

    • Mr newb
      Mr newb

      ksi nuuuuuurd

    • MS DOS
      MS DOS

      Penile Pudding Pudwacking Make it Come.

  • Brandon Camp
    Brandon Camp

    Maybe you've already had this pointed out, but there are special chainsaw bars and chains made specifically for carving. They have more pointed bars, are generally narrower, and the chains don't have the kick-back dogs. Awesome work!

  • Bill Angelos
    Bill Angelos

    Really hoping to see a follow up to this that can make great carvings with details like the masters can do with a chainsaw.

  • Raghavendraa Goswami
    Raghavendraa Goswami

    "A lot of testing later I caught the perpetrator Red handed it was me" 😂 this hits so close to home

  • Kaos Maximo
    Kaos Maximo

    dude this one had me laughing out loud at like 2am XD love your vids man keep it up! edit: i still cant stop watching this without laughing 16:39

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe

    Wow, this guy is crazy smart. I’m a developer myself, that doesn’t just take a couple of minutes to program. But he also knows how to metalwork, engineer, teach what he’s doing, make you laugh, and edit a very high quality video. 👏🏼

    • geordi rendum
      geordi rendum

      He is mostly very motivated.I am in engineering but i am so lazy . He makes me feel lazy atleast lol

    • yort

      Hes a talented man

    • Hybrex

      Yeah, this video makes me feel really stupid 🙃


      Yet I would not trust him to cut down a Christmas Tree. 🤣😂

  • TheTalantonX

    You have some of the best content on the platform, and are one of the few creators that I can just start the video and be absolutely enraptured for the full run of the video.

  • Luciana Pilar Coronel Alvarez
    Luciana Pilar Coronel Alvarez

    Hi Mr Stuff. I really love your work and the last few days I couldn’t stop watching your videos. I do believe you are a genius! And I would like you to make a video talking about your career as an engineer, y’know something like what kind of engineering you studied, how did you get to know all the cool stuff you know and so on ☺️

  • Just A Couple of Kids
    Just A Couple of Kids

    I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen you do and think you have a very cool wife who plays along with you and your projects…

  • Jujo

    Watching him make mistakes is where I learn from the most

  • Marius Hornberger
    Marius Hornberger

    The amount of energy you're able to put inside these projects and videos is absolutely amazing. So many creative details in the video. And all the stuff that needs to happen off-camera to get the projects done. So far watched each of your videos at least two times, Just fantastic!

    • Red Greene
      Red Greene

      1% of the human population are psychopaths. Dislikes comprise 1% of the ratings on this video. You tell me.

    • CasinoR

      He is truly a monster tho. I mean he has an ENORMOUS amount of skills just to make these things work

    • Rita - W•À•N•T - Š • Ē• X  🔞❤️
      Rita - W•À•N•T - Š • Ē• X 🔞❤️

      James is an

    • JP Kalishek
      JP Kalishek

      I'm shocked, shocked I yell you, to learn someone like Marius enjoys SMH videos.

    • Will G
      Will G

      Oh hi Marius!

  • Marcus Messenger
    Marcus Messenger

    this one earned my sub. thanks for the great content. looking forward to more!

  • Supreme Chancellor
    Supreme Chancellor

    Awesome robot! Loved the warning phrase you gave it 😂

  • José Federico Ramos Ortega
    José Federico Ramos Ortega

    This is heavy knowledge man!!!!, OMG, I do not know someone that handles programming, g code generation and robotics arm programming so well.

  • The Higgs Boson
    The Higgs Boson

    I knew in my heart, that I could make a much worse one, for free. Always so inspiring.

  • only 1 gamer
    only 1 gamer

    “There’s a finite amount of ways to fail so eventually you’ll get it” best quote ever

    • Isai Rivera
      Isai Rivera

      Seriously gave me hope for life

    • Juan Pablo Zamora Moncada
      Juan Pablo Zamora Moncada

      Time stamp?

    • 2,4,6- Trinitromethylbenzene
      2,4,6- Trinitromethylbenzene

      Its actually quite motivating lmfao

    • Bobby Z
      Bobby Z

      there's actually an infinite amount of failure types, tho. that's just wishful thinking.

    • Wouter Wijsman
      Wouter Wijsman

      I feel underestimated

  • marialiyubman

    This can’t be a “stuff made here” video unless it’s a hair-cutting chainsaw robot with the ability to trim nose hairs.

  • CrewmanDerek

    This channel is AMAZING! I wish I would have discovered it sooner.

  • Pirates in Teepees
    Pirates in Teepees

    "This idea is so bad it wraps around to good..." God I love this channel!!!!

  • motorboater211

    I appreciate the way you explain things like you believe in us to be able to replicate it. You are clearly overconfident in us and I appreciate that.

  • thewolfaxe

    I'm just about finishing a year long dissertation that's working toward using a robotic arm on a rail for ship welding. I know of at least 2 PhD students and a professor working on the same project. You've covered a significant proportion of the work this team has done over a few years within a couple weeks. My mind is blown

  • Dave Bergmuller
    Dave Bergmuller

    Great content. I like that I can watch with the whole family and you don't make my ears bleed. Hoping one of the kids wants to become and

  • Filthy Casual Computing
    Filthy Casual Computing

    Amazing! Not an expert, but this might work with a fresh chain and some super soft wood, instead of a log of whatever,

  • David Walker
    David Walker

    It's always nice when you hit your new machine with the tool head on the first job. Good to get it out of the way so now it's just a normal machine.