Pushing the explosive bat to its limit
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I needed to find out if my explosive bat would make a good golf club, wood splitter, and how much it would hurt if it went off in my hand...
This video is a different style from my previous one and is a bit of an experiment. Hopefully you enjoy it and give my wife a big thanks for putting up with me!
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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    We had a bit of fun with a different format paying tribute to mythbusters. It was a lot of fun :) give my wife kudos for putting up with me. Hopefully you enjoy it! Also don't worry the narrator is just for this video to go all in on the mythbusters gag.

    • Brandon Foley
      Brandon Foley

      It was fun to watch The bat is really cool

    • There is a price to everything
      There is a price to everything

      Hey I'm just wondering. Where do you make your stuff?

    • Sam Altschul
      Sam Altschul

      Door breaching device.

    • Avery Park
      Avery Park

      What you should do is make a shoe that you attach the exploding thing to and kick a football

    • Benjamin Burgamy
      Benjamin Burgamy

      Put that thing on trackman. Get that 10.5 smash factor going

  • CelticSemperTyrannis

    There's is something charming about watching two socially awkward people putting on a web show

    • Deric Jay Tulalian
      Deric Jay Tulalian

      What makes you think that they are socially awkward?

    • Matthew Hubbard
      Matthew Hubbard

      Sheldon and Amy's fun with flags!

    • panchfon

      If you think two people, essentially by themselves is social, that says more about you than them.

    • panchfon

      @Autolykos Myers Briggs Personality Types are like Zodiac signs for people who think they're too smart to believe in astrology.

    • Gote

      Especially after they’ve been doing ITmores for years and still awkward

  • SpadeWolfo

    This is the best thing we've ever made "we have a daughter" Let us know what else we should hit "We HaVe A dAuGhTeR"

    • Cephalon Zero
      Cephalon Zero

      @Kentasy Cuz once u get it, it makes you laugh a little but at the same time you feel some sort of deep discust for yourself? Like, its easier to ignore that u ever got it and move on.

    • not bob
      not bob

      no screen appearances, so she's not canon

    • Alan L.
      Alan L.

      *Takes deep breath* 👏👏👏 Boi

    • Lost marbles 20
      Lost marbles 20

      Technically, it is "his" greatest creation, he wasn't wrong. The daughter is "there's" greatest creation. Unlike a new life this takes one to make.....🤔

    • garfieldandfriends1

      Asian Parents : *First time?*

  • Cubs

    *"I thought it was cheating but the rules are made up and none of it matters"* is a quote I need to start using more in my daily life

    • ℝ𝕒𝕫𝕘𝕣𝕚𝕫 🏴‍☠️
      ℝ𝕒𝕫𝕘𝕣𝕚𝕫 🏴‍☠️

      @Cody telling my gf this for sure.

    • Cody

      It reminds of whos line is it anyway, drew carey says something similar at the start of every episode. "It's the game where eveything is made up, and the points don't matter." It's an old 90's show.

  • Kemil Gaming
    Kemil Gaming

    Imagine you just hire a new lumberjack and when he has to cut his first tree, he starts loading his axe with shells. You are like "Oh, this must be the new guy from America"

  • Authentic Artz
    Authentic Artz

    "Imagine I'm loading it like an idiot.." "I can imagine that."

  • Johann Petrak
    Johann Petrak

    Your wife's constantly underwhelmed facial expression next to your constant enthusiasm never fails to put a smile on my face.

    • Charles Churchill
      Charles Churchill

      They have great chemistry. She kind of reminds me of Kate Monday from Mathnet, a segment on Square One TV (an old PBS show).

    • Mick Davies
      Mick Davies

      Reminds me of home!

    • Extra Victory
      Extra Victory

      Kuudere wins

    • Tell Me I'm Pretty
      Tell Me I'm Pretty

      like Aubrey Plaza

    • Miguel Baptista
      Miguel Baptista

      @The Official Sikris Robots? I would call fakely excited, over-the-top emotion of youtubers robotic. They look like ordinary people. You know. The ones that don't earn money through their "youtube persona".

  • Mohit Jouhari
    Mohit Jouhari

    Your wife presence just makes me giggle everytime I see her emotionless face. I can't explain but she feels like she is trying to hide her actual powers.

    • Swordlesslunk


  • vagner 24
    vagner 24

    "1 hit K.O a tree." is a sentence I didn't know I needed in my life

    • Hendshues2

      whenever i hear/see 1hit K.O i think of darkviperau.-.

  • Tim McClennen
    Tim McClennen

    I'd like to see a semi-automatic/self-loading version of this. To begin with, a pair of recoil springs, one around each stop rod would easily reset the actual impact face. Similarly, it would not be difficult to put a box-type magazine into the length of the bat. A detachable/removable magazine would probably be too complex, but a system with a loading port near the firing mechanism would probably be fairly easy to do. That just leaves the really difficult problem of how to actually work the action, to eject spent casings and load new shells. Luckily Browning already solved this problem in 1911, but adapting it to a bat seems like a worthy challenge. Or, even better, adapting it to an axe. I'm a guy who likes a nice camp fire, and that means splitting wood. It often takes me multiple strokes to split a given log, but with a powered axe, I bet that every log would be split with a single hit, every time. Also, if you have a log standing on end on a splitting block, that would eliminate all problems with actually firing the cartridges.

    • Aaron Bulmahn
      Aaron Bulmahn

      You probably know more about the engineering part, however I do wonder if it’s really a good idea to make something self-loading/semi-automatic if it’s triggered by touching something too hard. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  • Sean Looney
    Sean Looney

    I’m curious how well this would work if you added a finger controlled trigger. With the axe application it would allow you to swing the axe at anything but increase the impact force dramatically, might even lead to a new way to clear wooded areas at home.

  • iShoot Stuff
    iShoot Stuff

    2019: let's plant millions of trees 2020: let's make an axe that one shots a tree


      @Funky Optimistic

    • quagmire toilet gaming
      quagmire toilet gaming

      @James Boles step one: make a nuke

    • James Boles
      James Boles

      They need to put a rail gun or laser on the front or nuke those would make this the ultimate weapon!

    • FarawayThrower

      @Inderpal Bains da bum tss

  • Marc Baise
    Marc Baise

    "You know you have a daughter" best line ever 😆

  • Mayn 90's
    Mayn 90's

    "You don't know anything about golf" Him: *shaking golf club violently* "yeah but I know about engineering"

  • Pushpin06

    Okay, I have an idea for your axe! maybe try adding a hinge to some part of axe head, so that you have a lever to work with, instead of just the blunt direct force directly at the rounds

    • War Pigs
      War Pigs

      Like a mangonel

  • Dowie Dow
    Dowie Dow

    I like this guy, he's just down to earth and funny as well as very interesting

  • Alec Steele
    Alec Steele

    Next-level content. This was amazing!

    • Giann29

      Was not expecting you here

    • Jeremy Moses
      Jeremy Moses

      Need to make him a proper axe head!

    • Esco.digital


    • Moros Levi Walker
      Moros Levi Walker


    • George Speight
      George Speight


  • SecretSauce II
    SecretSauce II

    “Not as good as the exploding ax, but this one can be used more than once.” - Torque the Hyperborean Cyclops, from “The Lost Hero”

    • PROEVIL baby123
      PROEVIL baby123

      I don’t remember this but sure

    • My Real Username
      My Real Username

      @Palmer Patel can’t wait till he makes the squeaky hammer

    • Palmer Patel
      Palmer Patel

      Ey, another Riordan fan!

    • My Real Username
      My Real Username

      Lol that’s a real thing now!

    • Jake_LinearHazeF1

      The last place I was expecting to see a HoO quote lol

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    You could use a counterweight to "load" the firing mechanism and just have the button be a release, allowing the bat to only he armed when you swing it fast enough

  • Alden

    You could build a lower-mass "strike bar" positioned just in front of the impact surface, which pushes against a rod that passes through a narrow shaft in the impact surface, so as to drive the rounds into the firing pins without having to move the entire mass of the striker. It would work like a "firing pin" for the firing pin, and remove the necessity of using an impact with a high mass object with the striker as the "firing mechanism."

  • possibility28able

    The engineering is always 🔥, but the editing was where it's at for this video. Loved it 😂 😂 😂

  • Tokin

    Love the inclusion of "wife". The narrator is a different story. Your quirky narrative is all this needs. Awesome job guys! 🤓✌

    • Jesse Bean
      Jesse Bean

      Yeah, the narrator left me wondering if that was Shane with a cold.

    • Tyler Grant
      Tyler Grant

      Yeah, where tf did that narrator come from, and why was it only for like 3 seconds of the video?

    • Liam Ryan
      Liam Ryan

      Narrator is awesome

    • GMC Labs
      GMC Labs

      100% agreed, its like adding an unnecessary third wheel.

  • Genx-1Firewood

    I love watching these types of channels. I mostly like their sense of humor.

  • NiCeDarox

    I found a physics bug in this one... i thought about it a month ago as well. The acceleration from the explosion should also accelerate the baseball bat itsself. Making it even hard to hold in the hands when it hit something.

  • Kevin Cornell
    Kevin Cornell

    I love seeing the chemistry between you two!

  • 尺🝗山讠LEDazzle & CirqueSanity
    尺🝗山讠LEDazzle & CirqueSanity

    You two are such a hoot, thanks for such entertaining vids!

  • WhatDaFunkUS

    So happy I found your channel! I love seeing crazy but well thought out ideas and experiments. Genius stuff! ❤👏🍻

  • leGitVIDEOS

    Need more of this dynamic duo, the chemistry just forces a smile on your face

  • Aheront

    They absolutely deserve each other! It's so quirky and dry it's adorable!

  • fishconsin Lange
    fishconsin Lange

    You two are awesome together! I appreciate your channel!

  • xlunkness0monsterx

    POV: You're a burglar breaking into some nerds house, you spot him at the top of the stairs loading 4 shells into his bat.

    • Elijah Mckenna
      Elijah Mckenna

      Then his wife comes over with a dynamite golf club

    • Swordlesslunk

      @phanton987 this😅

    • Black Kitten
      Black Kitten

      Holy fucking shit I'd crap bricks

    • Baryllium

      I'd be pretty scared if I saw someone casually loading bullets into their bat

  • ForMoney

    As someone who has seen a ton of various melon type fruits get shot (and as someone who has shot a variety of melon type fruits) with actual guns, The damage this thing does looks comparable to being shot with somewhere in the .357-.44 magnum range.

  • I'm just trolling you.
    I'm just trolling you.

    The explosive bat video from smarter every day is what got me to find your channel in the first place. Your interesting ideas and entertaining faces from the wife really make it enjoyable to watch

  • 1Aesoe

    I know it was a throwaway line but "I want more sig figs than really far" cracks me up every time.

  • TomBob 277 South
    TomBob 277 South

    I’ve actually seen a golf club like this. It was a driver that uses a blank cartridge and intended for people with physical disabilities to be able to get enough distance off the tee to be able to get out and play golf with others.

  • Bradley G
    Bradley G

    I really like the dynamic you and your wife have in the videos. "Imagine i'm loading it like an idiot" "I can imagine that." Keep up the awesome work!

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    I wish I could meet him in real life. He seems like someone you can really learn from! Amazing ideas!

  • phyzzx

    I can't even explain how much I love that your videos aren't just you but often feature your charming wife putting things is layman's terms.

  • Mountain man
    Mountain man

    She's awesome lol cool ideas. I wondered this as a kid, I'm glad to see you brought it to life.

  • Mike Geschwind
    Mike Geschwind

    "This explosive bat is my best creation".... as his wife says " you have a daughter" lol these two are awesome. Much love guys.

  • Mario Pascual
    Mario Pascual

    -Teacher: “That’s cheating” -Student: “It’s not cheating, it’s how we make it work”

    • StudleyDuderight

      @Calle Söderberg Here's another one. It isn't cheating, it's creative problem solving.

    • Calle Söderberg
      Calle Söderberg

      @StudleyDuderight Fair enough. Disregard my comment then.

    • StudleyDuderight

      @Calle Söderberg Don't ruin the joke by politicizing it.

    • Tom Penfold
      Tom Penfold

      Exactly. Technically, every failed attempt at something is engineering in practise

    • Calle Söderberg
      Calle Söderberg

      @StudleyDuderight Donald? Is that you?

  • MikMack

    I love you guys. With each video, that feeling "INTEFIFIES"!

  • Dave Del Lebo
    Dave Del Lebo

    Loving the evolution of humor in your videos. Fantastic!

  • Alden

    If you ever re-visit this, you could use sinew or artificial sinew to stitch the bones together, and cast them with the ballistic gel inside a thin leather glove!

  • Nicholas Devine
    Nicholas Devine

    I love the reactions from all the attempts at 1:33! haha so good

  • Humanshape

    Love that "wife" is joining you more now! She was cracking me up I vote for more with her!

    • StachMan

      @joy ok? sooo


      Is it bad that I love the wife?

    • joy

      @StachMan well.... It's very common that people look at partners that are similar in certain aspects of themselves sooo

    • StachMan

      Thought it was his sister they have the same chin... and talk the same... lol

    • CJMcMoleman

      they have great chemistry - I love it

  • Tom Landolt
    Tom Landolt

    falling in love with this channel after the first video... the details and the experiments... oh man... feeling a little like watching mythbusters ep 1 :)

  • youarestillalive

    Man!!! I love your videos. They are so hilarious to watch and so interesting. These suttle comedic parts makes it the best. The wife is so funny when she´s crushing you down everytime. I love it. Please consider making more.

  • Nitronic Atom
    Nitronic Atom

    I’m sure you’ve thought about it at least but have you tried putting a trigger on the bat rather than relying on chance to have the Homerunner to go off. Makes it more reliable and saves you the trouble of it accidentally going off

  • Mike Knowlden
    Mike Knowlden

    I wish i had a quarter of the drive of you, you're a true inspiration!

  • B. W.
    B. W.

    love ur stuff shane, im rewatching old stuff bc i wait for new ones D:

  • Guns and Roses
    Guns and Roses

    "Order now or the dog gets it" Me when selling a car.

  • Domenichini Iván
    Domenichini Iván

    I love how they look dead inside but like they are having fun at the same time

  • Daniel Totsky
    Daniel Totsky

    You know this might be our greatest creation. "You know we have a daughter." made me die.

  • artaud

    "it's not cheating, it's how we make it work" that's basically the core principle of engineering lmao

    • Kira Naun
      Kira Naun

      You're not wrong...

    • Tamer Ziya Camci
      Tamer Ziya Camci

      @g cart why is the first one different

    • g cart
      g cart

      @Occam's Razor wow🤦🏻‍♂️😒😑

    • g cart
      g cart

      @Tamer Ziya Camci wow🤦🏻‍♂️😒😑

    • g cart
      g cart

      @Biggus Dickus wow🤦🏻‍♂️😒😑

  • Dakota Hughes
    Dakota Hughes

    For the record, I was most excited about a fully automatic tree cutting axe bat

  • Jabes Hernandez
    Jabes Hernandez

    This would be crazy (and almost impossible) but I think I'd be a great addition for a post-apocalyptic version of this bat. What if you made the bat multi-shot. So you can for example hit 4 baseballs one after the other. It would be using 1 shell per "shot" but it would still be pretty cool to see the bat make multiple shots in a short amount of time

  • porglezomp

    For your ballistic gel test, I think this is a case where Newton's impact depth approximation applies, the speed is irrelevant past a certain point, it's just based on the length of the projectile and the length of the ratio of the densities.

  • Joshua Pawlak
    Joshua Pawlak

    I remember building a trebuchet in high school physics and taking it to the driving range. We were shooting golf balls around 150 meters once we got it tuned right. This totally blows that number out of the water.

  • Dana Yi
    Dana Yi

    "This is my greatest creation" "We have a daughter" More of this please 😂😂😂

    • animal -
      animal -

      "Agree to disagree"

    • robert hamilton
      robert hamilton


    • pvic

      I REALLY enjoy Wife's involvement in this video lol

    • Jordan K
      Jordan K


  • willyolio

    I always thought that this kind of mechanism would have been how the gunblade from FF8 worked. Gunpowder in cartridges to slam a piston or weight to increase the striking power.

  • Newfree Nayshaun
    Newfree Nayshaun

    Lmao. You two are great. I rock my recedence, comes in handy when you need to reflect.

  • KaeYoss

    They had a powered golf club that takes small caliber ammo in Home Improvement. Can't remember if Tim messed with it for more power, though.

  • Alex Monteiro Praca
    Alex Monteiro Praca

    I was wondering if instead of a convex bat surface at the point of contact, you could make a concave one. This way the transfer of energy between the ball and the bat will be optimised at the moment of the explosion in my view. Great videos and my best to your family!!

  • Loxu

    "I think this might just be my greatest creation"... "You know we have a daughter". Bro the dynamic between you two is amazing idk why she wasn't featured more prevalently in videos sooner

    • Tardi Grade
      Tardi Grade

      "Did I stutter?"

    • dchall8

      You guys are not exactly Travis and Chelsea (80 miles per hour), but DUDE, you gotta ease up on the little lady.

    • Minipop 103
      Minipop 103


    • David Atkinson
      David Atkinson

      @David sup

    • David Atkinson
      David Atkinson

      @johnny onthespot except that's not witty or original

  • Daniel Gebert
    Daniel Gebert

    You both are the best. Thanks for this.

  • Lee Kosiewski
    Lee Kosiewski

    The quality of your content has improved exponentially. I binged the entire play list this weekend and I can't wait for more.

  • Walker Kemp
    Walker Kemp

    I would love to see a pump action mechanism integrated into this where you pull and push on the handle and it loads more blanks from a magazine into the chamber

  • ZesPak

    I know it's a repeat joke but the "you know we have a daughter" and her reaction face just got me this time XD.

  • Chandler Evans
    Chandler Evans

    Dude your wife really makes all the videos with her dry humor and side-eye! This is just elevating your videos! Really hope she enjoyed being included

    • Nothin

      @Roger Everett they both have an awesome dry humor .. its pretty incredible haha!

    • Roger Everett
      Roger Everett

      Amen, she is a comedic natural! kudos!!

    • Chandler Evans
      Chandler Evans

      @Loago Zambe “this may be the best thing I ever made!” Her “we have a daughter” And she speaks volumes with the look as she says that omgggg

    • Loago Zambe
      Loago Zambe

      Yeah she's great

  • Orbnotacus

    Please more of this. Axe, golf club, tennis racket, foot (to kick soccer ball), EVERYTHING, lol.

  • Irish Ninja
    Irish Ninja

    imagine being friends with this guy during the zombie apocalypse 😂

  • Jude V.
    Jude V.

    dude, i got chills thinking about the baseball... going, and staying in after being hit by the bat. jesus thats amazing.

  • Laerendor

    I'm not an engineer but I think an automatic (on impact) is interesting but there's a delay where you lose power. I wonder what results you'd get if you set off the explosion with a trigger at the same time of the impact. If the world falls into anarchy send me one of those bats or axes.

  • Slade366

    I love how he started making videos not even showing his face, then showing his face a bit, then his wife a bit, and now as a full-on power-couple throughout.

    • Nathan

      @Conan Takuya lol, I just saw his same reply copy/pasted on a few diff comments 😂

    • Taylor B
      Taylor B

      @Made In Texas 3D there’s probably a transaction fee associated, leaving him with less than $5 and if he set it to $3, perhaps he’d only get like .50 or $1 .. idk just speculating

    • Conan Takuya
      Conan Takuya

      @Nathan Maybe he like the Slade366 XD

    • Nathan

      @Made In Texas 3D bro why you putting this in peoples replies?

  • Kyros L
    Kyros L

    This axe looks remarkably similar to the Storm breaker.

  • NuclearCloud9

    When you make it able to reload itself then I'll be impressed.

  • Sabizos

    The fact your baseball bat has its own exhaust is so awesome

  • Derek Music
    Derek Music

    Definitely earned my subscription love the dry humor

  • Sumedh Vangara
    Sumedh Vangara

    Dad: "Go play baseball with the neighbor." The neighbor:

    • Spaz is Spaz
      Spaz is Spaz