Trying to paint a GIANT wall with a robot
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I moved into a new shop with some massive blank walls. I thought I would break in the new space by building a robot to paint a huge mural for me. Hope you like it!
Chihuahua on cheeseburgers by William Hundley. More things on cheeseburgers:
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    Stuff Made Here

    Shoutout to everyone who helps to supports these projects on Patreon. The community that has formed over there is pretty amazing! If you'd like to chip in and get access to some behind the scenes stuff, check out

    • M A
      M A

      Bro can you make something useful? I think you mihjt be able to give the world seething awesome and useful

    • alexlightningbmx

      shane why did you write very handsom engieneer

    • MeBeTheDB

      *_THE MISSUZ gives Grrrrrrr-eat Glare-!_* lol D.A.

    • Paul W Hudson Gaming
      Paul W Hudson Gaming

      The fire alarm might've been less of a hassle if you stuck some of those reflective balls on the corners. That way you can always know where it is relative to the paint brush

    • Ryan Bradley
      Ryan Bradley

      This is essentially how CMYK 4 color process printing works. Original image resolution, DPI, and angle of the dots play a major role. Your image has a moire pattern. To improve or eliminate that pattern use the following angles. 22.5 for Yellow (Y) 67.5 for Magenta (M) 7.5 for Cyan (C) 37.5 for Black (K) Maybe you explain this at some point in the video but I was too impatient for the results and skipped ahead. Nice job!

  • LockPickingLawyer

    That’s a really cool project… but my simple lizard brain was way more enamored by the kiwico lockbox. I might have to pick that up for my son. Congratulations on the successful move and the coming addition to your family.


      69 replies poggers

    • Bar Harel
      Bar Harel

      @Dave077 make sure it's not a fluke

    • Abhinav Sriram
      Abhinav Sriram

      "my simple lizard brain...." _proceed to pick the most secure bank vault door_

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin


    • Laced

      Love seeing this man is still alive and doing his own thing!

  • Con

    Unbelievable how much maths, physics, and engineering knowledge this guy has. Never seen anyone so smart. The work ethic is unmatched too. Every video is so complex in every way from the planning, machining, software development and construction. There’s many things I’ve not said what this guy does in all his video and I love how it all comes together for something silly yet so much thought and effort has gone into it. Best channel on ITmores by far in my eyes.

    • Con

      @NPC lol. Thanks for the correction

    • NPC

      I think you meant physics but the idea of him having a bunch of psychics locked away somewhere to do his bidding entertains me more

    • tobiasha93

      It's also crazy that he is doing everything by himself. Even just one of the steps he does is already pretty impressive but he does all of them. I'm always amazed when he goes through his problem solving process and shows he is doing the manual work AND software development.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    This guy builds things in a tone that it is “super sketchy” then proceeds to surpass all of our expectations

    • KingCosworth

      It works well, people love sketchy genius. Like the astronauts who had to welfare up a CO2 scrubber with tape and a jacket.

  • Wordsmythologic

    Btw, the K in CMYK stands for Key, refering to the Key plate in printing which is the plate that printed linework; typically in black.

    • Wordsmythologic

      @Matthew Aaa Glad to provide the trivia!

    • Matthew Aaa
      Matthew Aaa

      Awesome, I always thought it was the only thing differentiating it from “Blue” which shares a lot of the same letters. Reduce confusion. Good stuff


    I would like to offer to be you're intern. I am 36 years old with a successful ITmores channel, and I'm completely humbled by your work. Bahahah. Great job dude.


      You are intern

  • Chris Cochrane
    Chris Cochrane

    "If at first you don't succeed, reduce your expectations until you're a success" 🤣 this is the best thing I've heard in ages

    • LiderAsstro

      You just do what's best to achieve your goal.. that's the idea.. if you have to lover the bar a little bit you should'nt ignore that if it the best choice at that time

    • Alphα aka KC Meddl aka Doofahkiin
      Alphα aka KC Meddl aka Doofahkiin

      This guy has seen me studying

    • Paille-Boy

      And then you end up doing nothing

    • TheLemming

      If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving might not be for you

    • JayPixx77

      @Bryan Yurasits if you're a perfectionist and living by this "motto" you're just lying you yourself

  • S L
    S L

    Shane I dont know exactly how to tell you this. But your a freaking Legend. Your mind just works in a way all of us normal people will never understand, but wish like hell we could. Thanks for all these projects you come up with and all your hard work to complete them no matter how many plan b's or little tweaks here and there it takes.

  • Taylor Mooney
    Taylor Mooney

    This was incredible to watch, mad respect for the many skills you’ve mastered. I know zero about the art world and was mesmerized the entire video. Thank you for sharing!

  • The Finest Sake
    The Finest Sake

    Having studied art, and having been an "artist", I can confirm that this is art. Of the highest order - This is art.

    • The almighty Creator Ink!sans
      The almighty Creator Ink!sans


  • S Donsk
    S Donsk

    The interaction with you and your wife is hilarious. My kids love the channel, even if we don’t understand half of what you’re saying.

  • Jamie Windsor
    Jamie Windsor

    K stands for Key. A key plate in printing is the plate that holds the most information, and therefore is used at 'main' plate. This is usually black, but it can sometimes be other colours.

    • I_Ate_The_Cake

      @Seb Ski That's what I thought!

    • h00d b0ii
      h00d b0ii

      @Gottenhimfella *neo-Latin

    • Bendegúz Fehér
      Bendegúz Fehér

      @volker.kreutzer wunderbar

    • volker.kreutzer

      @Bendegúz Fehér German actually. The Romans didn’t know the difference between potassium and sodium, so there was no true Latin word for potassium or Kalium yet. Kalium as an element was first described in 1797 by a German chemist in Berlin.

  • Ghost Sniper
    Ghost Sniper

    Came for the robot stayed for the science, good stuff!

  • Jake Berard
    Jake Berard

    As a Xerox color production field technician I tip my hat to you sir. Your color theory is spot on. Well done.

  • Nico Burns
    Nico Burns

    If you want to do something useful with those CMYK inks, then you could consider making an open source inkjet printer. I realise this is a super hard thing to do, but the world could really use one!

    • Cesh

      Excellent Idea!

  • KGaming

    Stuff made here: Making a robot paint is challenging HP: am I a joke to you?

  • Plasma Channel
    Plasma Channel

    "Doctors hate him!" God I love this internet gold. Such an impressive video, and process you used!

    • Svndwich

      @Priyesh Tiwary and that’s the only education you have in it. Elementary. Try out that ego irl

    • Priyesh Tiwary
      Priyesh Tiwary

      That's elementary knowledge in printing industry.

  • LoneWolf38

    13:21 I appreciate the subtle "match your picture to art screen" with your wife on it. Had me laughing quite a bit gotta be honest.

  • Shreesh Chhabbi
    Shreesh Chhabbi

    I love your projects. How about using one or more drones? In that case, the project can be used by everyone.

  • Ken T
    Ken T

    "Why didn't you do it of our dog?" The abrupt silence after that statement made this video so much better than it already is LOL

  • Josh Mellon
    Josh Mellon

    Oh, I just love this. I'm a machine nut, and I think this is just too cool man! The counter weights that keep the gantry from swinging are my favorite. It's 6:48 and 27° outside, but I'm going outside to my shop shed.......

  • Akshit Singh
    Akshit Singh

    Can we all agree that he's one of the best engineers in the entire youtube community

    • Inside Interpreting
      Inside Interpreting

      Him, Mark Rober and Destin.

    • Aha Ha
      Aha Ha

      @John W. Lennon To be more precise Shane is more geeky and his technical abilities are far greater - which makes more than up for a weaker narrative.

    • 200% SMUG
      200% SMUG

      @Gus Alverte Who knows maybe one of the improvised gadgets he makes solves a real problem in a real industry. We just don't know yet. Many of the greatest inventions were accidental or they were failures for their original intended application but worked somewhere else.

    • 200% SMUG
      200% SMUG

      @John W. Lennon I disagree I like Shane's storytelling and apt use of memes.

    • Baldski

      @imho Colin is not an engineer he's more of a mechanic

  • Mike Riccardi
    Mike Riccardi

    Washers and dryers are awesome, but how come there’s no folding machine? Laundry comes in all shapes and sizes, so a folding machine would need to be pretty complicated, it could be a fun project Either way, thanks for all the hard work you put into these videos! They always make my day :))

  • Randy

    Love your channel, and your wife is awesome. I’d love to see a compilation of just her reactions and jokes. I love the dynamic you both have.

  • matt meadows
    matt meadows

    Man your a genius. Watching this I literally am just lost at how much you put into this. It’s amazing work. I’m late to the party but LPL is who got me in here!

  • Spiggens Engineering
    Spiggens Engineering

    Your dedication to quality really shows! Also, congratulations on the upcoming baby!

  • JL2579

    I am again utterly impressed. What impresses me the most is your absolutely insane pace with these projects - normally I would expect each of your projects to take at least 6 months, with 3 people and at least 10 update videos. Instead you release a completed project every month (okay, this time two months, but including a complete moving!!!) How do you manage to be so fast and efficient at it? Are you actually doing everything yourself or are you getting some help with stuff? In any case, its mindblowing.

    • CS Hobo
      CS Hobo

      @The Last Knight "you would be surprised how poverty can motivate people." what are you even talking about? All of the laziest and least motivated people I've met are dirt poor. And comparing this guy with several million $$ of equipment and probably tens of millions of $$ in his bank account to "poverty" is ridiculous.

    • JL2579

      @JLJoe_ The world is so big yet so small! thank you :)

    • Sigma Male Rules
      Sigma Male Rules

      @Major Chungus good to hear that chungus, thanks for sharing

    • Major Chungus
      Major Chungus

      @Sigma Male Rules Alot of wives suck the energy out of your soul. That's why I got divorced and remarried a doctor that allows me to build an airplane etc.

  • Goran Berbic
    Goran Berbic

    thats cool as dude , i really enjoy your videos , i like how you explain all the processes fail or win , great job man keep it up

  • Matthew Barry Hart
    Matthew Barry Hart

    Your channel is so very inspiring and encouraging! I’ve been teaching middle school students music and theatre for over 20 years and so much of what you have to share is exactly what young minds need to hear. Keep it up!!!

  • Troy O'Dell
    Troy O'Dell

    I love this channel and I love your wife as well she is so funny!! Please keep this channel up and running it's amazing!!

  • James DelGuercio
    James DelGuercio

    Dude you are such an inspiration, i want to make things so badly and I never step up and try, you are helping me get to that point

  • Escher Babcock
    Escher Babcock

    The “hey it’s me, Destin” killed me😂 love the content you both put out and can’t get enough of the casual brilliance you both put out into the world. Thank you.

    • Ethan Nelson
      Ethan Nelson

      @Cuthbert Allgood i gave a short description of what was said, there was more to it

    • Cuthbert Allgood
      Cuthbert Allgood

      @Ethan Nelson Honestly, I find people spewing rage in reaction to bible verses more annoying and head-shaking than the bible verses. Just ignore it and move on.

    • Ethan Nelson
      Ethan Nelson

      @Joel Balsters it was a dude repeatedly reciting bible verses

    • Emanuel Frias Núñez
      Emanuel Frias Núñez

      @Ethan Nelson Calm down ..

    • Joel Balsters
      Joel Balsters

      @Ethan Nelson wtf happened here

  • MagWolf11

    Ive been wanting to do a dumbed down version of this for wall sized engravings, like multi 8x4 sheets of mdf. Clearly a single 8x4 cut area mill would be ideal but I dont have that kind of horizontal real estate. For soft materials with shallow cuts I suspect a router mounted on your device with a basic z axis would work.

  • Everton Almeida
    Everton Almeida

    Bro amazing, all that knowledge being applied is so satisfying to watch

  • skuzlebut82

    I've watched this specific build, probably 5 times now. It's said that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I feel that that statement extends to art, as well. There are 'large' format printers. What you create is absolutely nothing less than an, 'Enormous format printer.' If you could, and I've no doubt you could, make the entire device more mobile, you could 'print,' pictures on the sides of most any structure. As it stands, to you, it's a tremendous project but it has the potential to be a very sought after service.

  • haigosounds

    This is amazing. What I like about you is your ability to take action and continue 'til the end.

  • DoodleChaos

    We must connect Janksy to a livestream and let the chat choose the pixels

    • D3rp5qu1d

      sounds like r/place

    • AJ Niebler
      AJ Niebler

      @ILYES unless you can pay $2 to overwrite a color

    • AJ Niebler
      AJ Niebler

      $1 a color

    • Q

      @Pfaeff LMAO

  • Nazarickt yt
    Nazarickt yt

    I work for a printing company that manufacturers paper and film packing. The ink process is so amazing on how few colors can create an image.

  • Diamond Gaming
    Diamond Gaming

    I’m so sorry, I forgot to sun but I’m subbed now! Love the effort you put into the videos and you are such an amazing person

  • Dwaraganathan Rengasamy
    Dwaraganathan Rengasamy

    Totally loving your videos ❤️ Good to see them as an engineering undergraduate...

  • Axel

    All your videos are great, but this, this is magical!

  • Oran Laster
    Oran Laster

    “Remember kids, if at first you don’t succeed - reduce your expectations until you get to the point that you’re a success!” Loved it.

    • linjix

      @200% SMUG life is truly unexpected

    • 200% SMUG
      200% SMUG

      @linjix Never though I'd see harem anime used as a metaphor for overcoming engineering challenges.

    • Taylor T
      Taylor T

      @linjix haha thats so unrelateable to the general public but yes.

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      @linjix i got them all just by looking at them what you on about? I just walked through the town and got 12 demon girls, 4 goblin girls, 16 elfs, 9 mahou girls, 1 aho girl, 10 fairies, a unicorn shapeshifter girl, 6 cat girls and a big tittie witch. I got them all instantly because im that powerful and handsome.

  • Sam thompson
    Sam thompson are absolutely amazing!! this is by far my favorite channel and you are super talented!!! your brain operates super uniquely

  • Eti the Spirit // Xan the Dragon
    Eti the Spirit // Xan the Dragon

    "What is art anyway?" First thing in my mind: "This is art. When you hear the buzzer, stare at the art."

  • Wilbur Jaywright
    Wilbur Jaywright

    We all know you’re in this together. You cannot hide your collaboration with your hubby, Mrs. producer, and we love it!

  • Mathis Druelle
    Mathis Druelle

    Man I really love your videos and your sponsor is awesome! Definitely checking this out and sending love from France!

  • Hamid ElDarwich
    Hamid ElDarwich

    He was a lead engineer at Form Labs so he was literally designing complicated 3D printers. One of the best channels on ITmores

    • Da'Vion Archie
      Da'Vion Archie

      @Violet Weaver not at all. They were pointing out the fact that this machine is very much in the work field of his as he has designed/built machines that print

    • Sam

      @Violet Weaver good reply to the comment above: '...and you do all this by yourself?!'

    • Sebbe

      @Violet Weaver Incase you're blind he wrote He was a lead engineer at Form Labs so he was literally designing complicated 3D printers. One of the best channels on ITmores

  • Henri Kuusisto
    Henri Kuusisto

    That fine positionning with cameras is a really neat idea! I just might incorporate that with some of my desings.Thanks dude!!

  • mcshafty1

    Dude, no promises that I'll stay to the end. No idea how I found your clip. But, It's an interesting clip and you seem like an intelligent, innovative and very decent person. It's very inspiring to watch you synergise existing old school ideas with newer technologies. Thanks

  • CaptainSandwich

    Your videos are so dope man! :))) Keep it up! You guys together are so funny!

  • Dcwizzy Productions
    Dcwizzy Productions

    I was amazed I wasn’t subscribed because his videos stay on my feed all the time cause this type of stuff is all I watch 😄

  • Et_Cetera

    The reason black is "K" in CMYK is that K actually stands for Key, which is actually any dark color. We usually use black because it is neutral but you can change it to basically any dark enough color and get different looks!

    • Nick Sayers
      Nick Sayers

      @Peter Holley Khaki?

    • RIRIU

      i thought it stands for Kcalb

    • Mostly Penny Cat
      Mostly Penny Cat

      @busi magen They would physically mask off part of the film with an opaque black board, expose once, rewind, reverse the mat to the other side and then expose again. Then you develop and find out if it worked.

    • Christopher Bedford
      Christopher Bedford

      @Andrew Bergamann OK so you only needed to say "I have no sense of humour" and we would all understand. No need to get quite so aggressive about it.

    • Timinator62

      The "K" is used because once the "Scientists" started looking at Light, Color and Vision they needed to label the Properties, RBG is for transmitted Colors, CMYK is Reflected Color (the B is already used so they chose K and also defined that it is the last Color Component...keeping with the Last Letter of the word theme. ) there's also another way to define Colors and that's LAB ( L*a*b* ) < this is actually how Photoshop calculates Color and then displays RGB to your Monitor and outputs CMYK to your Printer.

  • Jason

    😂 “painting this wall will take 2 days to paint so let’s make a machine that will take a month to make” PRICELESS!!!

  • Potato Boi
    Potato Boi

    so amazing!!! i give my full respect to you :D

  • Jon Smiths
    Jon Smiths

    If “Mr.Stuff” made a t shirt with his wall art as a graphic I’d totally buy it!

  • Jacob

    Truly incredible, great work as always

  • Trucks Trees Toys
    Trucks Trees Toys

    The K in CMYK actually stands for “Key,” as in “Key Color” or “Key Plate,” and yes, black ink is typically used as the Key. Potassium is derived from the English "potash" or "pot ashes" because it is found in caustic potash (KOH). The symbol K derives from the Latin kalium via the Arabic qali for alkali.

    • Bill Vigus
      Bill Vigus

      @Trucks Trees Toys very cool thank you 😊

    • Trucks Trees Toys
      Trucks Trees Toys

      @Bill Vigus In traditional color separations, the Key Plate is the plate that holds the most detail in the image, and the remaining plates (usually Cyan, Magenta & Yellow) are carefully keyed, or aligned, with the Key Plate (usually Black). This process of aligning the color separation plates to the Key Plate is known as Registration. To assist in this process, every plate will have a set of registration marks on it that must be aligned perfectly, or the resulting image will appear out of focus or blurry. When this happens, we'll often say that the image is “out of register.”

    • Billiam May
      Billiam May

      Thank you information breath

    • Lando Fortericho
      Lando Fortericho

      ignore all these uncultured swines that don't appreciate knowledge. Thank you for this information. I get to learn something new today !

    • Sauvenil

      @Scrubs It's a badge of honor ;)

  • Caleb H
    Caleb H

    I love this so much Lol as soon as I saw the blue lines on the wall I was like "omg he's actually doing the laser eyes." This is so great. I love your ingenuity. & congrats on the move to the new place!

  • joe rodgers
    joe rodgers

    Celebrating knowledge and application of sciences! More of this please! Thankyou for this!

  • HiddenMjolnir

    I wonder how engineers think. I never in a million years would've thought of a double gantry system.

  • Neceros

    came out amazing looking. even robots have unique art, won't ever get that picture in the same way even if by the same robot

  • marsgizmo

    Amazing project! 👏😎

    • Daometh

      sooo.... you buyin it?

    • Divo Van schijndel
      Divo Van schijndel


    • Skeleton00O89


    • JanTec

      Hi Adrian! Loved the video too.

    • cornholios hintern
      cornholios hintern

      You her lol

  • Mindrest

    I usually skip the promotional videos but you are just amazing. I wish I had the dedication you do. I can't seem to find inspiration :(

  • Light DRGN20
    Light DRGN20

    Honestly, it's a really cool art style. It would be nice to have some public murals painted this way, but that would be difficult.

  • Tyler Nass
    Tyler Nass

    For a second there I was scared you were gonna try to paint the wall with rgb instead of cmyk Also, for anyone curious, K stands for key.

  • David Larsen
    David Larsen

    Very impressive for a single engineer to design, build, test, and run such a complex machine in two months with such brilliant results.

  • David S.
    David S.

    "If at first you don't succeed, lower your expectations" is actually good advice. People tend to set the bar too high. Then they quit, thinking they aren't good enough. You have to learn to walk before you can run.

    • lesley wall
      lesley wall

      It is a form of Epicureanism. (Epicureanism is a system of philosophy based on the teachings of Epicurus, founded around 307 B.C. It teaches that the greatest good is to seek modest pleasures in order to attain a state of tranquillity, freedom from fear ("ataraxia") and absence from bodily pain ("aponia"). Therefore, if reaching your expectations causes you fear and pain, then lower your expectations in order to regain a state of tranquillity.

    • Александр Болбат
      Александр Болбат

      People don't achieve what they wanted so they pretend they wanted what they achieved. C:

    • Brian Wagner
      Brian Wagner

      I always have high expectations for the things I make, I just call it winging it instead when I need to lower them :)

  • Peter Clausen
    Peter Clausen

    7:10 - Hey bro! We heard you like gantries, so we put a gantry on a gantry, so you can gantry while you gantry 😎 Also, nice to see you again! And congrats on the new place, and your coming child :-) Oh and Janksy!

  • Nithin

    it would look great to see it do vector art

  • kingofkards11

    I love how by the time he finished making this work he could've finished painting; because I would've done the same thing

  • Trent J Benson
    Trent J Benson

    Awesome videos!! And congrats on the baby bump! 🥳

  • RamadaArtist

    "I realize I meant to have these imperfections all along." Spoken like a true artist.

    • Jojoplays

      „We don‘t make mistakes, we just make happy accidents“

    • Lizlodude

      "It's not a bug, it's a feature"

  • Fernando I
    Fernando I

    This was so amazing! I am really glad it worked!

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S

    There’s already wall printers you can purchase. Some awesome videos of them in action, super high resolution also 👌🏼👌🏼 but this is awesome! His wife is super pretty when she’s smiling and not scowling lol

  • biscuitfourre

    Amazing work, as always !

  • Ben

    i wish i could like this video more than once lol. so much knowledge and humor and expertise packed into one youtube video

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Proud to support on Patreon.

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      What are you doing here

    • Abigor Anathema
      Abigor Anathema

      You seem like a really good dude Destin. Glad to support both you and stuff made here!

    • Brian Battaglia
      Brian Battaglia

      Thanks for introducing me to this channel.

    • Alan Mackie
      Alan Mackie

      Is that what you've named your truck?

  • KiloTon

    Very cool! Great job man! I want to buy a painting made by you now.

  • Banana_Sam

    Your videos are amazing, they helped me decide to become a mechanical engineer

    • sathvick hk
      sathvick hk

      Mate please don't

  • Huy Le
    Huy Le

    You’re a great engineer!