World's most powerful bat goes boom. Made on my new Tormach 24r
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I made a baseball bat that (pretty much) always hits home runs. It uses explosive charges to put an enormous amount of power into your swing. In this video I show how I designed it and all the unexpected trials and tribulations of getting something like this to work. It turned out to be really hard but the end result is so much fun I can't complain. I don't think it's possible to use this bat and not grin.
I built this with the new Tormach 24r check it out:
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Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake kit:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:

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  • Erik Inc
    Erik Inc

    The way he casually says “alright, let’s redesign and remake everything” shows the dedication he puts into his videos

    • Martin Alvarado
      Martin Alvarado

      Erik Inc it shows the money he has to enjoy life

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt

      @RamadaArtist He basically says it himself: he failed because the conditions of his test were not comparable with the conditions in the final device. So please tell me what the merrit was in blowing the final device up instead of finding the same mistake in the simulation he staged before (had he managed to simulate the conditions correctly)? Also just because there are different ways of defining success and failure and sometimes failure can be bent into a success, it does not mean that failure does not exist or always has a merrit. Which seems to be what the sellers of this "the real treasure is the friends we made along the way" BS want to sell above.

    • RamadaArtist

      @Herr Schmidt I'm not sure in what world you live in that people just casually have access to physics simulators that can reliably calculate yield strength for various, and sometimes non-homogenous, materials; but if you could direct me to where I could find that software I'd be hugely appreciative. You're proposing he do what? Take all the design specifications, which he had to make anyway for the CNC machines, and put them through a supercomputer to find out if some wood might break when explosions happen? I'm almost 100% positive that whatever simulators that do exist and can handle this kind of complex composite physics interaction, would take *significantly* longer to compute than simply having the machines churn the pieces out and testing it by hand. This is exactly why the concept of "rapid prototyping" exists, and it's a strategy that most "successful" innovators and businesses regularly implement. If the thing you want to build or design is any less complex than, say, rocket science, it's usually cheaper and quicker to just make a mock-up almost version of the thing and see how that works. This is especially true when you're working with tools like CNC machines, because part of the process of building your prototype will be finding out how viable it is to *actually* produce it at scale. Like, in electrical engineering, you can design an ideal circuit to your hearts content, but when it actually comes to printing microchips, the physical realities of the material demand that it take a certain shape, and you'll only know how easy it is to produce it in large quantity if you actually do a test production. For high end semiconductors, like the kind that go into multicore CPUs and $10,000 graphics cards and, you know, actual super computers, you may only have a production yield of something like 25%. Most of the chips will "fail" to some degree, because actually printing them is a delicate process taking place at a microscopic scale and a lot of things can go wrong. But this is why Intel has ten dozen different offerings in whatever their current generation of CPU production is, because some of those "failed" chips will still work, but with fewer active cores, or at a lower processing frequency, and so they get sold as second and third tier products. Further, the notion of "success" to begin with is much more nebulous and intractable than you seem to think. For example, the AIM-54 Phoenix missile is considered to be one of the most "successful" long range air-to-air interception weapons ever fielded by the US military. On paper, it's perfect for what it was designed for, which is to let a Navy fighter shoot down a half dozen nuclear bombers from 200 kilometers away. In testing, it regularly outperformed any existing long range air-to-air missile. As it was built, the *only* platform which can actually use the AIM-54 is the F-14 Tomcat. Of all the other things that the Navy and the Airforce fly, only the F-14 had the proper avionics to use the AIM-54, and when the F-14 was retired the AIM-54 went with it. Which means, despite being in service for 30 years in the US military, the AIM-54 has never actually scored a kill for a Navy fighter. It was never, "successfully" used by the United States. It was actually fired in combat by US forces a handful of times, but it only ever saw use against other fighters, which weren't the intended target, and none of them scored kills. The US in total made about 4500 of these missiles (at half a million dollars each,) and over the span of 30 years, had exactly zero successful kills in live combat. For something that was deemed to be a "success," the AIM-54 was mostly two billion dollars worth of wasted potential, because the thing that it was "successful" at, turned out to not actually be the kind of threat air-to-air fighters would be encountering. Oh, other than the fact that the US sold a few hundred of the missiles along with some modified F-14s to Iran, back before the Islamic Revolution. Since the Revolution, Iran has actually used the AIM-54 somewhat regularly, notably during its war with Iraq. So, this design, while conceptually successful, in implementation, was only ever used to effect by enemies of the people who built it in the first place, and was otherwise just three decades and billions of dollars worth of busy work. So the definition of successful appears to me, not as readily objective as you seem to want it to be. Success always has to be defined within some context, but only the most narrow of perspectives allow clearly delineated "succeed" and "fail" states. If one looks at any effort through a broader lens, and recognizes its relation to the encompassing network of systems that every actual decision is made with, you start to see that there are connections of a profound amount of "failed" attempts, by other people, or coming from a different approach, that will inevitably contribute to any actual function of success.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt

      @RamadaArtist True. A fail state depends on the chosen approach. But in a trial and error method the fail state is not the error. So succeeding without failing within the context of the method is absolutely possible. In this case it would have saved time to test the material using the expected force in a simulation rather than finishing all final parts. But only when considering the final device. For the video it made sense to have it fail in a spectacular way. So very obviously the idea of failure - and therefore wasted time - depends very much on the context. Which is why those absolute statements about "the way being the goal" and shit like that are absolutely pointless and derive from the minds of people who need a simpleton's excuse for wasting time and ressources.

    • RamadaArtist

      @Herr Schmidt Failure and failed attempts to produce something are only wasted time if they don't contribute to net outcome. If you fail at something 100 times, but when you succeed it yields a ten thousand fold positive outcome, then all of the failed attempts are worthwhile in generating the successful one. Always being successful is only possible in disciplines that are already well established and have highly structured parameters. Any attempt to do something innovative, or creative at all, to produce something new, is almost inevitably strewn with failure. If you aren't failing at least some of the time, you either aren't pushing yourself to the extent of your potential, or you're doing something that is functionally mundane. Failure is way of learning limits, and it's helpful in determining the scope of a project or creation; if certain attempts fail, generally they fail for a reason, and critical analysis of that yields insight into how to improve or into refining the intention of whatever you're after. Failure is only wasted time if you don't have the ability to think critically about what and how that failure happened. You need to analyze unsuccessful attempts to determine more precisely what success is, and should, look like.

  • Darren Kumka
    Darren Kumka

    "Want to play baseball?" "Sure, just let me reload my bat"

    • P0werman1

      Would like but at 444

    • Eisen Krähe
      Eisen Krähe

      Loved the "Maker shoots wife with bat?"

  • 22Gunslinger

    Imagine if you saw a fight going down with weapons, and suddenly one guy starts RELOADING his bat, you know stuff is going down.

    • Relentless_Shotgun

      @Gortalla yikers, thanks for the heads-up

    • Gortalla

      @Relentless_Shotgun oh that’s from rwby, I would recommend not going to find the fandom or show, they both suck, a lot

    • Relentless_Shotgun

      sounds like the one blender weapon i saw that is a gun, a scythe and a halberd at the same time if someone knows what fandom that thing comes from please enlighten me

  • AndrewDeLong

    This guy at a gun shop: "I need some 556" Gunshop owner: "Ah, what are ya carrying?" This guy: "Custom Louisville Slugger"

    • Magic Sasafras
      Magic Sasafras

      @Sen That is absolutely a thing in the fallout universe

    • Sen

      Anyone else get fallout vibes from this?

    • chrisPtoast

      Ah yes the "Slugger" that'll $15 bucks

    • Dharak Colossus
      Dharak Colossus

      Thats a badass name for a shotgun, maybe

  • C Dee
    C Dee

    "I googled until I found someone who said bats used to be maede out of pine." hahahahahahaha

    • G  T  R
      G T R

      @Giratus 25 ?

    • Giratus 25
      Giratus 25

      @misguidedsaint 3 ?

    • misguidedsaint 3
      misguidedsaint 3

      @Geoff Press ?

    • Yoboi SlurkyDurk
      Yoboi SlurkyDurk


  • Jabrils

    Dude your builds are insane.

    • † Ranger for Jesus †
      † Ranger for Jesus †

      He should build a Golf Club. Go all Happy Gilmore.

    • 𝑀𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑎


    • Esteeven Cepeda
      Esteeven Cepeda


    • mdrzn

      And the dedication to it! This video took months at least, from receiving the equipment to building everything twice.. but the result it's amazing. Can't wait to see v2.

    • Touta Farel
      Touta Farel


  • Andrew Douglas
    Andrew Douglas

    awesome. would love to see this on a juiced baseball, or official Rawlings gameball - I think the storebought practice balls you're using have much more hollow cores and rubber skin for safe casual play, but a tightly wound string core in a leather ball could clear the trees I imagine!

  • TRASHremade

    "Tacticle reload!" "But you have a bat?" "*reloads*"

    • VoltisArt

      Tacticle: Army balls?

    • Haon Bruh
      Haon Bruh

      @Gunsmith gaming op

    • CalTheUntitled

      A melee weapon with ammo. Interesting.

    • Zim

      Haha casey

  • wissal zaher
    wissal zaher

    as a mechanical engineering student, you inspire me more than my professors. I wish I can be your intern or assistant or even better, adopt me.

  • Breeze Posts Cringe
    Breeze Posts Cringe

    Notice how he said “This looks survivable” like it’s a bad thing.

    • 4t

      @KeyboardWrecker yes they do

    • KeyboardWrecker

      Dead people don't sue

  • 3D Printing Nerd
    3D Printing Nerd

    That was AWESOME. I really want to see this coupled with the Smarter Every Day home run machine. :)

    • Agustín Amenabar
      Agustín Amenabar

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B

    That's amazing! Love the CNC wood router. I've got one too, though way smaller. Hope to see more videos using that sweet new toy.


    I am incredibly jealous of the machines you have. Man I wish I had a garage I could put stuff like that in.

  • kcpth

    I love your contents. I wish I had a fraction of your geniuses

  • Chaman Sw Odisha
    Chaman Sw Odisha

    Lots of efforts put in into these videos🔥

  • tehnoobestworld

    Imagine you break into this dude’s house and hear “I like your cut G” and he explodes your head with a bunt

    • Baby Cat
      Baby Cat

      @first name lastname “oh sorry that was a foul” -Socks

    • Baby Cat
      Baby Cat

      When you go to a massage place that cracks your neck and they snap your neck with scp 173

    • first name lastname
      first name lastname


    • ratoncito

      The last thing you hear is the taco bell ringing and at that moment you know it's all over.

    • Alex Gorell
      Alex Gorell


  • Yourgirlkeepcolin

    That’s definitely a home protection device 😂

  • udunn0jb

    Just found this channel. You’re awesome man. Im kind of a jack of all trades myself but you’re another level. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Sam Schmidt
    Sam Schmidt

    You’re an absolutely brilliant individual. Thank you for making these videos. They are amazing.

  • srikrishna jujjavarapu
    srikrishna jujjavarapu

    Hey I'd really low to know the science/physics/mechanics involved all of your projects. I have been watching your vids non-stop for the past couple of days. Thank you!

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Awesome. We should hang out.

    • The HumblePanda
      The HumblePanda

      I managed to not hit a home run. I just hit the ball with the handle instead.

    • misguidedsaint 3
      misguidedsaint 3

      The beginning of a legendary friendship

    • O Albuquerque
      O Albuquerque


    • Shawn 9
      Shawn 9

      What if you three and mark rober did a collab

    • Demiurge

      Combine it with the supersonic baseball cannon and make the worlds highest level game

  • Not Too Bad Dad Disc Golf
    Not Too Bad Dad Disc Golf

    It amazes me how smart you are. I can't even imagine being able to make something like that!

  • Jose Cunha
    Jose Cunha

    Saw your redesigned metal contraption and the high speed footage with SamrterEveryDay. You guys rock. What a great workshop. Subscribed and looking forward to your future endeavors.

  • WJS

    Seems like a great example of something that's extremely simple in principle, but actually developing it to withstand the energies involved is something else.

  • Dreadbull

    What an amazing skill set this guy has!

  • Cocoa

    This man is literally the definition of “work smarter, not harder”

    • Trolling Them Softly
      Trolling Them Softly

      Having actually watched the video, I'm inclined to disagree. This video was an example of an exercise in futility.

    • Erick Robles
      Erick Robles

      Except at this point it is probably easier to just hit the ball harder

    • Cocoa

      @Lance Cyber lol

    • Lance Cyber
      Lance Cyber

      Looked up the definition and this guy wasn't in here. You mean, "figuratively" ?

    • Lance Cyber
      Lance Cyber

      "Literally" No. False. Wrong.

  • Erikku Blade
    Erikku Blade

    I feel like if this man played D&D, he’d play an Artificer every time

  • Camille Chrétien
    Camille Chrétien

    Just discovered your channel. You are incredible man !

  • Kim Olsson
    Kim Olsson

    Love that you made a shelf for it. Nice display for a cool creation.

  • Tim Does Stuff
    Tim Does Stuff

    You're doing crazy stuff, but you just sound so matter of fact - I love it. Thank you for your content.

  • robby

    Surprised you felt safe enough to test that without a flak jacket on. Imagine just one screw flying out at 2500 fps.

    • Goodboy Things
      Goodboy Things

      @ryzyble you didn't say thank you :(

    • Noah RA
      Noah RA

      Bro I'm stupid. I read fps as frames per second until I read these comments. Even as an american, metric is so much better.

    • Fungalchamber

      That's a fast computer

    • tools


    • Gooseman

      ryzyble’s feet per second, in airsoft or real firearms you measure the speed of the projectile in feet per second l

  • Jeff Akkerman
    Jeff Akkerman

    I love the tactical crocs for fending off a home intruder. Seriously love your videos and humor.

  • Mike Malloy
    Mike Malloy

    That was fun to tag along on your experiment. Thank you so much for sharing with us. :)

  • IT-kone

    I had an idea now when I was rewatching these - how about making a "pump action bat"? No need to have full 3-4 blanks power, just one blank would be enough, but with rapid deployment. It'd also be cool if you could perfect the blank powered axe. Something like that might be kinda fun and useful when dealing with big, tough logs, although I do realize that it'd be devastating if a swing misses and hits your leg...

  • Stephan E
    Stephan E

    I always wondered how people can afford those incredible expensive machines xD im a million years away to buy one of those

  • Jared Duddie
    Jared Duddie

    Imagine going to the park and seeing a man hit dingers off a tee with a wooden bat with the worst batting stance

    • Skeleton War
      Skeleton War

      @行屍走肉 I know exactly 0 people who have ever held a bat (for sports purposes) in their life.

    • james peck
      james peck


    • Zancrus

      @Michael McCoy Yeah the grip he had on the bat made me want to cry.

    • 行屍走肉

      I gotta imagine he has at least _one_ friend that can swing a bat right? Maybe growing up in Boston I know a disproportionate amount of baseball lovers but I feel like everyone has one friend that could demonstrate this bad boy better.

    • Datsoon

      @kegpdc As a golfer I can attest to that

  • James Arneson
    James Arneson

    You know I just started watching your videos and they are great. Tonight my 5 year old son and are watching this one and he also liked it. Thanks!

  • Enss C.
    Enss C.

    ... i would so enjoy to go such a path... but my excuse: i miss the knowledge, the tools and everything else for that i guess Its so amazing that u do all that by yourself... coding.. designing... cutting and everything else Thanks for making us see everything step by step

  • Heartwing

    This is what’s great about guys! The level of commitment and skill is incredible.... YES, this lady wants to see what happens with 3!!!

  • Alicia Baumgartner
    Alicia Baumgartner

    5:25 Mass in grams, speed in mph, distance in feet, inches and millimetres, volume in millilitres, area in mm^2... **clenches fists and sweats profusely**

    • Leaf Finite
      Leaf Finite

      @The Black Baron the "imperial system" is a bunch of units designed specifically for one scenario mushed together and slightly standardized by the us govt. For instance the pica, a unit equal to 1/6 of an inch, initially seems stupid, but it existed for use in print shops long before it was incorporated into the system and standardized to exactly 1/6 of an inch. Whereas the metric system was designed all at once. Your "drink mathmatician" comment is a pretty unfair comparison imo.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands

      @The Black Baron it doesn't really matter these days. You can input it all in a computer and it will handle it just fine.

    • Vincent Guttmann
      Vincent Guttmann

      Have you ever heard of an intersystem volumetric area flow rate? Something like "cubic foot per square meter second".

    • Exo TRRC
      Exo TRRC

      @The Black Baron wait no I'm stupid

    • The Black Baron
      The Black Baron

      The metric system is better, especially for scientific purposes. Also it hasn't been made by a drink mathematician rolling dive for values.

  • Caleb Myers
    Caleb Myers

    The most American sport finally found a way to incorporate guns. Ladies and gents we have reached peak Merica... Beautiful

    • Melting Colors That Don’t Blend
      Melting Colors That Don’t Blend

      @a diamond sword oh yeah

    • a diamond sword
      a diamond sword

      @Melting Colors That Don’t Blend hmm I wonder why

    • Melting Colors That Don’t Blend
      Melting Colors That Don’t Blend

      I mean baseball isn’t that American anymore. I more so think about Japan when talking about baseball

    • MayumiBun

      @Samantha Blaisdell y'all say this shit then wear confederate flags lmao

  • Mason Hawn
    Mason Hawn

    That is definitely incredible home defense for a bat.

  • Bob's Wood Stuff
    Bob's Wood Stuff

    Very cool invention and entertaining video. While some older bats were made out of pine, they were probably made out of pine with tighter growth rings and no knots.

  • GhostLink92

    When you finally get the extended mag mod for your bat.

  • Erik Truedson
    Erik Truedson

    Obviously the engineering is insane but the video editing skills are impressive as well

  • Delsmarto

    "Let me know if you're interested in a redesign wh-" YES, you can do like 10 videos with this bat.

    • LCSpartan

      @Devils Advocate and we can call it.....batman

    • Ammar Alamer
      Ammar Alamer

      Yeah, he can milk it to get those sweet sweet views, just like every other ITmoresr. But hey, I'm not complaining.

    • Sniper Fox
      Sniper Fox


    • The New York Beers
      The New York Beers

      Change the shape of the impact point to get some backspin and you’ll easily break the record with 2.

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones

      We need more super bat

  • Andrew Avati
    Andrew Avati

    Is it safe to keep touching/tapping the end of that thing? But I'm still super impressed. You're a better engineer than I.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    Watching the bat explode the way it did reminds me of my dad explaining to me that you should never close your hand and light a firecracker unless if you want your fingers to be severed. That wood is suppressing the cartridge and potential explosion very well, but once there is an actual explosion no matter how small the explosion is wood is clearly out matched when compared to steel. Does that have to do with elastic and inelastic collisions? Could it be that wood is a better choice than metal when hitting a ball but is terrible when making a super bat? Would compressed air be a safer bet than using a mini-explosion? Could a bat that has the same mechanics work better with compressed air and actually push out the sweet spot faster??? I don’t know because I’m not that smart nor do I have the space and money for that...but some people do and I wish there was a way I could ask them and see if it is possible to see it.

  • Rgz macc
    Rgz macc

    Found one of your videos and can't stop watching all of them. So BADASS!

  • what ever
    what ever

    this man is living my inventor dream life. except i never had the creativity, dedication nor expertise to make it happen. i only had the fantasy.

  • Tyler Norville
    Tyler Norville

    Someone watching across the street: wow. He’s pretty good.

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum

      And every time he hits the ball, at that exact same moment, somewhere in the neighborhood there is a shooting. Bizarre!

    • freds garage
      freds garage


    • Tyler Norville
      Tyler Norville


    • Hehehehalandon

      Little did they now he is hacking


    10:53 was the million dollar shot and well worth viewing by me great job and great mind and keep moving forward.

  • Satan

    I really wanna see this bat being tactically reloaded

  • C Ғerretjans
    C Ғerretjans

    What a life, beatifull wife, amazing machinnes, inventing wherever ☺️! Every men's dream.

  • Richard

    Man that’s truly amazing what you can make !! Wish i had better math grades... knowing this makes math way more interesting!! 😂

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    This is my new fav channel. A cool geek with a sense of humor and a wicked imagination. Love it! Also, can relate to the daily wife challenges on acquiring more crap.

  • Birthday_Cakeman

    I'm very curious to see what would happen if you made the bat out of iron wood instead of pine since iron would is such much denser than pine. I realize that also means it would be much heavier but still it would be interesting to see how that compared to the pressure of the shells.

  • Garth Rapp
    Garth Rapp

    As a life long baseball player, I need this in my life lol

  • specific78

    You need to get that bat into a major league ball park for more “testing” immediately 😂😂

  • Hacksmith

    That was awesome! We've got an 1100 on it's way soon, can't wait to get it set up!

    • Volt Bolt
      Volt Bolt


    • Rogue R34P3R
      Rogue R34P3R

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    • Unequivocallyy

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      Yuval Damti

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  • Philly Halifax
    Philly Halifax

    Love this, did u try a more rectangular "Sweet spot" i think it might stop deflections mayhaps.

  • habanerat

    I appreciate the warning at the end but I have to say that building a shelf doesn't look too dangerous! ; )

  • Paul Pease
    Paul Pease

    Glad you survived! I didn’t want to watch a video on what happens when a several inch long sliver of wood encounters a femoral artery 😬

  • Josh Whelan
    Josh Whelan

    This is awesome. Would be incredible if a true mlb Power hitter would be willing to try it to see how far they could get. I'm aware that's highly unlikely. Just saying.

  • mrmaxmondays

    Redesign for three shells and get in contact with a professional ball player, that’d be insanely incredible

    • Bad Pitt
      Bad Pitt

      Idiots work on smart phones and rockets. Stuff like this is what we need.

    • Yasthebosstv


    • KetkuFIN

      Why not four?

    • Marcel Mos
      Marcel Mos

      I think he meant in a competition his bat vs prof player

    • Slatt_Oscar

      I doubt they will let a professional player because its possible they could get hurt

  • IGNSkeletons

    I would love to watch you get an actual MLB player to hit the ball with your special bat

  • SolarSavage

    Wise i had a friend as smart as you growing up ! at 60 now and retried coal miner with little school i still had some great ideals but not knowing just how to make them i just left it alone but i still have a very good ideal in the back of my mind

  • JammastaJ23

    I would love to see like an ex pro use it. If you have 100+ mph exit velo already with this it would get ridiculous. E.g. Eric sim.

  • AnabolTi

    Making the surface area bigger would help with the range, the force would he split up and would propell the ball instead of a hole in it

  • Space

    What’s disturbing me is the fact that THIS GUY ISNT AT 1 MILLION SUBS YET! His content is too good

    • AK Gmail
      AK Gmail

      Look at his sub count now..

    • William Apodaca
      William Apodaca

      He's gunna get ATF'd

    • Morgan Freeman
      Morgan Freeman

      @Vincent Guttmann Yep 150K Subscribers more in the last 30 days !

    • Space

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  • Huzzir Zakaria
    Huzzir Zakaria

    Wow man, took u from day to the blackness of night just to get it inside! A sheer determination, kudos bro!!!! 😲 BtW, just subscribed as you suggested.

  • Drew P
    Drew P

    Dude you are a genius and an inspiration

  • Alex

    That wall mount made it perfect!

  • brianmcrock

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  • Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP
    Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP

    Stuff Made Here: "Do *not* try to recreate what I did here." 99% of viewers: "We couldn't if we wanted to. Can't afford it."

    • Redux Omega
      Redux Omega

      Uh oh, I wonder how the other 1% responded.

    • Mo Money Stunts and Builds
      Mo Money Stunts and Builds

      @Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP you know there's no proper .27 cal baseball bat? You want to make something like this? Do the math if you dont wanna lose fingers, this is research and development... not instruction.

    • Backup

      Justin Carawan He said the machines he had were a huge mess so he got the one with better dust collection. Just made the project way easier I guess

    • Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP
      Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP

      @Jessie Kowalchuk Then explain that intro where ge and his wife were talking about him not needing something for this project, then him struggling to get it in his shop.

    • Jessie Kowalchuk
      Jessie Kowalchuk

      @Justin Carawan - CarawanCo.PuzzleProductions CCPP theres nothing hes made here that cant be made on a simple mill and lathe anything less gets youi to thAt imorovized garbage territory but a simple lathe and mill and this could be done you dont need a cnc and you do t have to make yor own bat either you could buy a bat and put the hardware i to it lol also you need not hVe a fancy bat design like his either vise drill press bat bole some plates on either side boles bolted together and so o. Like

  • Find Green
    Find Green

    Awesome! This thing could have been a unique weapon in a video game like Fallout or in a post-apocalyptic movie from a charismatic antagonist who called it Brainteaser! 🤪👌😆

  • Dunky's Channel
    Dunky's Channel

    You’re not getting as much force into the ball as you might think. When the explosives detonate, a lot of the force goes back into the swinging bat and slows the swing down, which you will undoubtedly be able to feel. What you’re getting is a swing that’s effectively just a little more powerful than your own…which you could likely achieve yourself with good training.

  • Chraven Stow
    Chraven Stow

    i seriously think you should make a metal version of this bat, if perfected it would be perfect for home defense and sports for those that arent good at it or can't swing at all, if you could somehow make it so you can load the blanks without it being blown apart during use that would be interesting as well

  • Sk8 N8
    Sk8 N8

    Just imagine if he actually knew how to swing a baseball bat

  • ayJaoMa

    Yes V2 would be great. But make sure to use “Official Major League” Rawlings baseballs with V2. The MLB balls are much more expensive, but they travel much further than the cheaper balls.

    • Imrahil

      @Pablo Arroyo you mean tougher. Hard breaks. There's a reason to use something like birch. "The Oak breaks where the Willow just bends in the wind." And birch is one of the toughest woods. True, there's a few tropical hard woods that come close or even surpass it. But not many.

    • Pablo Arroyo
      Pablo Arroyo

      Also, using a harder wood type would likely make the bat way more durable.

    • Imrahil

      At a certain point anything becomes expensive. That point is usually where you're using explosives to accelerate a baseball.

    • Nick Hadfield
      Nick Hadfield

      @Moose Baseball Club Highlights nobody said they were expensive. Just "more expensive" - that is to say, they cost more. It's like saying being sick and saying "I'm feeling better today than I was yesterday" - doesn't mean I'm feeling good, just less bad. Sorry to go on, I just want to help. ESL classes don't always cover some of the subtleties of language!

    • Da Leen
      Da Leen

      How to miss a point 101, taught by@Moose Baseball Club Highlights